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3dmodels40.03D model parsers (graphics, lgpl, library)capsjac
AspectAG490.0Attribute Grammars in the form of an EDSL (development, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
AutoForms70.0GUI library based upon generic programming (SYB3) (gui, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
Blobs80.0Diagram editor (graphics, lgpl, library, program)AlanZimmerman
CBOR60.0Encode/Decode values to/from CBOR (data, lgpl, library)KyleMurphy
Cardinality80.0Measure container capacity. Use it to safely change container. (data, lgpl, library)AndreySisoyev
ChristmasTree160.0Alternative approach of 'read' that composes grammars instead of parsers. (lgpl, library, parsing)DoaitseSwierstra, MarcosViera
ConfigFileTH40.0Template haskell for reading ConfigFiles. (lgpl, library, parsing, template-haskell)VilleTirronen
DSTM60.0A framework for using STM within distributed systems (distributed-computing, lgpl, library, program)FrankKupke
DecisionTree100.0A very simple implementation of decision trees for discrete attributes. (algorithms, lgpl, library, pattern-classification)AdrianNeumann
DynamicTimeWarp10.0Dynamic time warping of sequences. (data, lgpl, library, program)zombiecalypse
Etage280.0A general data-flow framework (ai, control, lgpl, library)MitarMilutinovic
Etage-Graph110.0Data-flow based graph algorithms (data-structures, lgpl, library, program)MitarMilutinovic
FpMLv5320.0A binding for the Financial Products Markup Language (v5.3) (financial, lgpl, library, xml)MalcolmWallace
HDBC-mysql570.0MySQL driver for HDBC (database, lgpl, library)BryanOSullivan, ChrisWaterson, ryantm
HROOT320.0Haskell binding to the ROOT data analysis framework (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-core50.0Haskell binding to ROOT Core modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-graf60.0Haskell binding to ROOT Graf modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-hist70.0Haskell binding to ROOT Hist modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-io60.0Haskell binding to ROOT IO modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-math50.0Haskell binding to ROOT Math modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-tree20.0Haskell binding to ROOT Tree modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HSH440.0Library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs (lgpl, library, system)JohnGoerzen
HTF920.0The Haskell Test Framework (lgpl, library, program, testing)DavidLeuschner, GwernBranwen, StefanWehr
HaXml950.0Utilities for manipulating XML documents (lgpl, library, program, text, xml)MalcolmWallace
HarmTrace-Base90.0Parsing and unambiguously representing musical chords. (lgpl, library, music)BasDeHaas, JosePedroMagalhaes
INblobs50.0Editor and interpreter for Interaction Nets (compilers-interpreters, lgpl, program)MiguelVilaca
IrrHaskell80.0Haskell FRP binding to the Irrlicht game engine. (ffi, game-engine, graphics, lgpl, library)EwenCochran, MaciejBaranski
Lambdaya60.0Library for RedPitaya (lgpl, library, system)ralu
MASMGen52.0Generate MASM code from haskell (development, lgpl, library)petercommand
MetaHDBC50.0Statically checked database access (database, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
MusicBrainz-libdiscid60.0Binding to libdiscid by MusicBrainz (audio, ffi, lgpl, library, sound)AndreTwupack
NMap40.0A transparent nested Map structure (data, lgpl, library)ACastello
NXT310.0A Haskell interface to Lego Mindstorms NXT (lgpl, library, program, robotics)MitarMilutinovic
Numbers130.0An assortment of number theoretic functions (algorithms, lgpl, library, number-theory)AdrianNeumann
PCLT (deprecated)30.0Extension to Show: templating, catalogizing, languages, parameters, etc. (deprecated, lgpl, library, text)AndreySisoyev
PCLT-DB (deprecated)40.0An addon to PCLT package: enchance PCLT catalog with PostgreSQL powers. (database, deprecated, lgpl, library)AndreySisoyev
PTQ490.0An implementation of Montague's PTQ. (lgpl, natural-language-processing, program)MasahiroSakai
Printf-TH30.0 (lgpl, library, utils)MarcWeber
PriorityChansConverger40.0Read single output from an array of inputs - channels with priorities (concurrency, lgpl, library)AndreySisoyev
SNet10.0Declarative coördination language for streaming networks. (language, lgpl, library)MerijnVerstraaten
SWMMoutGetMB40.0A parser for SWMM 5 binary .OUT files (environment, hydrology, lgpl, library, water)siddhanathan
SessionLogger30.0Easy Loggingframework (lgpl, library, logging)GeroKriependorf
StringUtils210.0String manipulation utilities (lgpl, library, text)CIX_68
SybWidget100.0Library which aids constructing generic (SYB3-based) widgets (gui, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
SyntaxMacros (deprecated in favor of murder)80.0Syntax Macros in the form of an EDSL (deprecated, development, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
TTTAS170.0Typed Transformations of Typed Abstract Syntax (language, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
TestExplode20.0Generates testcases from program-snippets (lgpl, library, testing)hjg
WebBits-Html60.0JavaScript analysis tools (language, lgpl, library)ArjunGuha
WxGeneric130.0Generic (SYB3) construction of wxHaskell widgets (gui, lgpl, library)MadsLindstroem
X11-xft640.0Bindings to the Xft, X Free Type interface library, and some Xrender parts (graphics, lgpl, library)ClemensFruhwirth
XMMS60.0XMMS2 client library. (lgpl, library, network, sound)EvgeniyVodolazskiy
YamlReference390.0YAML reference implementation (lgpl, library, program, text)OrenBenKiki
affection150.0A simple Game Engine using SDL (game, lgpl, library)nek0
alure20.0A Haskell binding for ALURE (lgpl, library, sound)CarlJoachimSvenn
arxiv40.0A client for the Arxiv API (api, arxiv, lgpl, library, network, networkapi)TobiasSchoofs
asic20.0Action Script Instrumentation Compiler (compilers-interpreters, lgpl, program)ArieMiddelkoop
asil20.0Action Script Instrumentation Library (compilers-interpreters, lgpl, library)ArieMiddelkoop
augeas290.0A Haskell FFI wrapper for the Augeas API (lgpl, library, program, system)JudeNagurney
awesomium20.0High-level Awesomium bindings. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)MaksymilianOwsianny
awesomium-glut10.0Utilities for using Awesomium with GLUT. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)MaksymilianOwsianny
awesomium-raw20.0Low-level Awesomium bindings. (graphics, lgpl, library, web)MaksymilianOwsianny
babl60.0Haskell bindings to BABL library. (graphics, lgpl, library)nek0
bf-cata50.0 (development, lgpl, library)ArieMiddelkoop
bidispec50.0Specification of generators and parsers (data, lgpl, library)DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
bidispec-extras30.0Extra helper functions for bidirectional specifications (data, lgpl, library)StefanWehr
billboard-parser50.0A parser for the Billboard chord dataset (lgpl, library, music, program)BasDeHaas
billeksah-forms10.0Leksah library (graphics, lgpl, library)JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-main10.0Leksah plugin base (control, lgpl, program)JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-main-static10.0Leksah plugin base (control, lgpl, program)JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-pane30.0Leksah library (graphics, lgpl, library)JuergenNicklischFranken
billeksah-services10.0Leksah library (control, lgpl, library)JuergenNicklischFranken
binary-indexed-tree20.0Binary Indexed Trees (a.k.a. Fenwick Trees). (data, lgpl, library)MaxwellSayles
bindings-bfd100.0Bindings for libbfd, a library of the GNU `binutils' (development, ffi, lgpl, library)MichaelNelson
bindings-gts90.0Low level bindings supporting GTS, the GNU Triangulated Surface Library (ffi, lgpl, library)JoelCrisp
bindings-hamlib20.0Hamlib bindings for Haskell (ffi, lgpl, library, program)RickyElrod
bindings-sane50.0FFI bindings to libsane (ffi, lgpl, library)ClintAdams
bindings-sipc30.0Low level bindings to SIPC. (lgpl, library, program, security)JustinEthier
bio400.0A bioinformatics library (bioinformatics, lgpl, library)GwernBranwen, KetilMalde
biocore80.0A bioinformatics library (bioinformatics, lgpl, library)KetilMalde
biofastq40.0A library for reading FASTQ files (bioinformatics, lgpl, library)KetilMalde
biopsl80.0Library and executables for working with PSL files (bioinformatics, lgpl, library, program)KetilMalde
biosff130.0Library and executables for working with SFF files (bioinformatics, lgpl, library)KetilMalde
blastxml80.0Library for reading Blast XML output (bioinformatics, lgpl, library)KetilMalde
btree-concurrent50.0A backend agnostic, concurrent BTree (data-structures, lgpl, library)JohanBrinch
cal3d30.0Haskell binding to the Cal3D animation library. (animation, graphics, lgpl, library)GregoryWeber
cal3d-opengl40.0OpenGL rendering for the Cal3D animation library (animation, graphics, lgpl, library)GregoryWeber
casadi-bindings480.0mid-level bindings to CasADi (lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-control (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)20.0low level bindings to casadi-control (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-core210.0autogenerated low level bindings to casadi (lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-internal120.0low level bindings to CasADi (lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-ipopt-interface (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)30.0low level bindings to casadi-ipopt_interface (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-snopt-interface (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)20.0low level bindings to casadi-snopt_interface (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
charsetdetect70.0Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector (lgpl, library, text)MaxBolingbroke
charsetdetect-ae300.0Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector (lgpl, library, text)Artyom
chunks30.0Simple template library with static safety (lgpl, library, text)MatthewSackman
chunky (deprecated)10.0Human-readable storage of text/binary objects. (codec, deprecated, lgpl, library, program)PhilippHausmann
clocked40.0timer functionality to clock IO commands (concurrency, lgpl, library)SoenkeHahn
clutterhs20.0Bindings to the Clutter animation library (gui, lgpl, library)MatthewArsenault
codec-rpm410.0A library for manipulating RPM files (distribution, lgpl, library)clumens
colock30.0thread-friendly file locks that don't block the entire program (lgpl, library, system)LukasMai
console-prompt40.0console user prompts (lgpl, library, system)jlamothe
cpphs12890.0A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor. (development, lgpl, library, program)MalcolmWallace
csp72.0Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver. (ai, constraints, control, failure, lgpl, library, monads)AndreiBarbu
dash-haskell130.0Convert package Haddock to Dash docsets (IDE docs) (documentation, lgpl, program)jfeltz, johnfeltz
data-dispersal50.0Space-efficient and privacy-preserving data dispersal algorithms. (cryptography, data, lgpl, library)PeterRobinson
delta70.0A library for detecting file changes (data, lgpl, library, program)muzzle
dice-entropy-conduit50.0Cryptographically secure n-sided dice via rejection sampling. (cryptography, data, lgpl, library)PeterRobinson
dynobud90.0your dynamic optimization buddy (lgpl, library, science)GregHorn
env-locale70.0A (non-forking) interface to the current locale (lgpl, library, system)ongyerth
epoll110.0epoll bindings (lgpl, library, system)ToralfWittner
expand10.0Extensible Pandoc (lgpl, library, text)MarcosViera
fernet30.0Generate and verify HMAC-based authentication tokens. (authentication, lgpl, library, web)rvl
fix-parser-simple60.0Simple fix-expression parser (lgpl, library, parser)MatthewFarkasDyck
fixfile92.0File-backed recursive data structures. (data, lgpl, library)rev_null
fixhs60.0FIX (co)parser (lgpl, library, parsing, program, protocol, text)ArvinMoezzi
friday220.0A functional image processing library for Haskell. (graphics, lgpl, library)RaphaelJavaux, ThomasDuBuisson
friday-devil50.0Uses the DevIL C library to read and write images from and to files and memory buffers. (graphics, lgpl, library)RaphaelJavaux
ftphs240.0FTP Client and Server Library (lgpl, library, network)JohnGoerzen
future-resource30.0realtime resource handling with manual concurrency (control, lgpl, library)capsjac
gconf320.0Binding to the GNOME configuration database system. (lgpl, library, system)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gegl110.0Haskell bindings to GEGL library (graphics, lgpl, library)nek0
gender40.0Identify a persons gender by their first name (language, lgpl, library, program)KraniumGikos
generic-tree (deprecated in favor of free)60.0Generic Tree data type (data-structures, deprecated, lgpl, library)MatthewFarkasDyck
gi-atk710.0Atk bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-cairo730.0Cairo bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gdk720.0Gdk bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gdkpixbuf730.0GdkPixbuf bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gdkx11150.0GdkX11 bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)
gi-ggit340.0libgit2-glib bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gio1010.0Gio bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-girepository330.0GIRepository (gobject-introspection) bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-glib980.0GLib bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gobject940.0GObject bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gst330.0GStreamer bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gstaudio270.0GStreamerAudio bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gstbase370.0GStreamerBase bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gstpbutils110.0GStreamer Plugins Base Utils bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gsttag100.0GStreamer Tag bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gstvideo290.0GStreamerVideo bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gtk770.0Gtk bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gtk-hs460.0A wrapper for gi-gtk, adding a few more idiomatic API parts on top (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie, inaki
gi-gtkosxapplication240.0GtkosxApplication bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-gtksource530.0GtkSource bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-javascriptcore1210.0JavaScriptCore bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-notify350.0Libnotify bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-ostree410.0OSTree bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-pango740.0Pango bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-pangocairo290.0PangoCairo bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-poppler310.0Poppler bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-secret130.0Libsecret bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-soup720.0Libsoup bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-vte400.0Vte bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-webkit470.0WebKit bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-webkit2530.0WebKit2 bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-webkit2webextension350.0WebKit2-WebExtension bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)inaki
gi-xlib150.0xlib bindings (bindings, lgpl, library)
gio1650.0Binding to GIO (lgpl, library, system)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
glade200.0Binding to the glade library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
glib2380.0Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs. (lgpl, library, system)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
grammar-combinators190.0A parsing library of context-free grammar combinators. (lgpl, library, parsing)DominiqueDevriese
graph-matchings102.0An implementation of algorithms for matchings in graphs (data-structures, graphs, lgpl, library)eberlm
gstreamer150.0Binding to the GStreamer open source multimedia framework. (lgpl, library, media)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtk1490.0Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtk-largeTreeStore30.0Large TreeStore support for gtk2hs (data-structures, graphics, lgpl, library)rakatan
gtk-mac-integration160.0Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
gtk-serialized-event50.0GTK+ Serialized event. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart
gtk-traymanager180.0A wrapper around the eggtraymanager library for Linux system trays (graphics, lgpl, library)TristanRavitch
gtk2hs-rpn100.0Adds a module to gtk2hs allowing layouts to be defined using reverse polish notation. (gui, lgpl, library)MauricioAntunes
gtk31072.5Binding to the Gtk+ 3 graphical user interface library (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
gtk3-mac-integration150.0Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
gtkglext130.0Binding to the GTK+ OpenGL Extension (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtkimageview50.0Binding to the GtkImageView library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart
gtksourceview2360.0Binding to the GtkSourceView library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
gtksourceview3190.0Binding to the GtkSourceView library. (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
hBDD30.0An abstraction layer for BDD libraries (data, lgpl, library)PeterGammie
hBDD-CMUBDD20.0An FFI binding to CMU/Long's BDD library (data, lgpl, library)PeterGammie
hBDD-CUDD30.0An FFI binding to the CUDD library (data, lgpl, library)PeterGammie
hCsound170.0interface to CSound API (lgpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
hack-handler-epoll100.0hack handler implementation using epoll (lgpl, library, web)ToralfWittner
happindicator40.0Binding to the appindicator library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndrewMiller
happindicator340.0Binding to the appindicator library. (gui, lgpl, library)mlacorte
haroonga90.0Low level bindings for Groonga. (ffi, lgpl, library)cosmo0920
haroonga-httpd20.0Yet another Groonga http server. (lgpl, program, web)cosmo0920
haskell-gi910.0Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries (development, lgpl, library, program)inaki
haskell-gi-base1120.0Foundation for libraries generated by haskell-gi (development, lgpl, library)inaki
haskell-menu50.0A simple menu system for Haskell programs (lgpl, library, system)jlamothe
haskell-mpfr22.0Correctly-rounded arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic (lgpl, library, math, numeric)ilist
haskoon40.0Web Application Abstraction (lgpl, library, web)DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
haskoon-httpspec20.0Integrating HttpSpec with Haskoon (lgpl, library, web)StefanWehr
haskoon-salvia20.0Integrating HttpSpec with Haskoon (lgpl, library, web)StefanWehr
hbb50.0Haskell Busy Bee, a backend for text editors. (development, lgpl, program)wolfch
hinstaller130.0Installer wrapper for Haskell applications (lgpl, library, system)GwernBranwen, MatthewSackman
hlibBladeRF100.0Haskell binding to libBladeRF SDR library (ffi, lgpl, library)eocallaghan
hmatrix-nipals60.0NIPALS method for Principal Components Analysis on large data-sets. (lgpl, library, math)AlanFalloon
hquantlib230.0HQuantLib is a port of essencial parts of QuantLib to Haskell (finance, lgpl, library, program)PavelRyzhov
hsConfigure50.0By using this package, you can make application configurable. (lgpl, library, unclassified)YoshikuniJujo
hsSqlite3150.0Sqlite3 bindings (database, lgpl, library)EvgenyJukov, MauricioAntunes
hscamwire70.0Haskell bindings to IIDC1394 cameras, via Camwire (lgpl, library, system)AdamBergmark, FrederickRoss
hscolour7540.0Colourise Haskell code. (language, lgpl, library, program)DonaldStewart, MalcolmWallace
hscurses440.0NCurses bindings for Haskell (lgpl, library, user-interface)AndreaVezzosi, BertramFelgenhauer, DinoMorelli, GwernBranwen, StefanWehr
hsdns260.0Asynchronous DNS Resolver (foreign, lgpl, library, network)GwernBranwen, PeterSimons
hsgnutls40.0Library wrapping the GnuTLS API. (lgpl, library, network)AustinSeipp, GwernBranwen
hsgnutls-yj (deprecated)20.0Library wrapping the GnuTLS API. (deprecated, lgpl, library, network)YoshikuniJujo
hslogger4j (deprecated in favor of hslogger)50.0DEPRECATED hslogger handlers for log4j's XMLLayout (deprecated, interfaces, lgpl, library)BjornBuckwalter
hsndfile270.0Haskell bindings for libsndfile (data, lgpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsndfile-storablevector50.0Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.StorableVector interface) (data, lgpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsndfile-vector90.0Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.Vector interface) (data, lgpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsseccomp40.0Haskell bindings to libseccomp (lgpl, library, system)teh
hsshellscript130.0Haskell for Unix shell scripting tasks (lgpl, library, system)VolkerWysk
httpspec50.0Specification of HTTP request/response generators and parsers (data, lgpl, library, web)DavidLeuschner, StefanWehr
hxthelper20.0Helper functions for HXT (lgpl, library, xml)StefanWehr
ibus-hs50.0A simple uncomplete ibus api (lgpl, library, system)ongyerth
ige-mac-integration (deprecated in favor of gtk3-mac-integration)60.0Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library. (deprecated, graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
implicit-logging40.0A logging framework built around implicit parameters. (control, lgpl, library)rev_null
ip2location30.0IP2Location Haskell package for IP geolocation. (development, lgpl, library)ip2location
iso3166-country-codes260.0A datatype for ISO 3166 country codes (data, lgpl, library)JonFairbairn
lambdaya-bus20.0Fpga bus core and serialization for RedPitaya (lgpl, library, system)ralu
libhbb100.0Backend for text editors to provide better Haskell editing support. (development, lgpl, library, program)wolfch
libsystemd-daemon30.0Haskell bindings for libsystemd-daemon. (lgpl, library, system)CedricStaub
libtagc60.0Binding to TagLib C library. (audio, lgpl, library)AndyStewart
linux-blkid70.0Linux libblkid (lgpl, library, system)NicolaSquartini
lio-simple80.0LIO support for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, program, web)DeianStefan
lvmrun20.0The Lazy Virtual Machine (LVM) Runtime System. (compilers-interpreters, lgpl, program)JurriaanHage
mancala40.0Simple mancala game. (game, lgpl, program)JulianaLucena
midi-simple40.0A simple and fast library for working with MIDI messages (benchmark, lgpl, library, sound)tsahyt
mikmod110.0MikMod bindings (lgpl, library, sound)evanrinehart
mime-directory100.0A library for parsing/printing the text/directory mime type. (lgpl, library, text)MathieuBoespflug
miniplex80.0simple 1-to-N interprocess communication (lgpl, library, program, system)LukasMai
mnist-idx110.0Read and write IDX data that is used in e.g. the MNIST database. (data, lgpl, library)muzzle
monky130.0A system state collecting library and application (lgpl, library, program, system)ongyerth
mountpoints202.0list mount points (lgpl, library, system)JoeyHess
mtlparse160.0parse library using mtl package (lgpl, library, parsing)YoshikuniJujo
mtp (deprecated)30.0Bindings to libmtp (deprecated, lgpl, library, sound)JoachimFasting
murder80.0MUtually Recursive Definitions Explicitly Represented (development, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
nikepub90.0Command line utility publishes Nike+ runs on blogs and Twitter (lgpl, program, web)UweHoffmann
nntp110.0Library to connect to an NNTP Server (lgpl, library, network)MaciejPiechotka
nondeterminism82.0A monad and monad transformer for nondeterministic computations. (ai, constraints, control, failure, lgpl, library, monads)AndreiBarbu
notmuch-haskell40.0Binding for notmuch MUA library (email, foreign, lgpl, library, program)BartonMassey
oberon030.0Oberon0 Compiler (language, lgpl, library)MarcosViera
opengles112.0Functional interface for OpenGL 4.1+ and OpenGL ES 2.0+ (graphics, lgpl, library)capsjac
pango1830.0Binding to the Pango text rendering engine. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
patterns60.0Common patterns in message-oriented applications (lgpl, library, message-oriented-middleware, network, zeromq)TobiasSchoofs
persistent-map (deprecated in favor of tbox)140.0A thread-safe (STM) persistency interface for finite map types. (concurrency, deprecated, lgpl, library, middleware)PeterRobinson
polyparse13190.0A variety of alternative parser combinator libraries. (lgpl, library, parsing, text)MalcolmWallace
ports50.0The Haskell Ports Library (control, lgpl, library)DonaldStewart
progress-reporting30.0Functionality for reporting function progress. (control, lgpl, library)JeroenBransen
pulseaudio100.0A low-level (incomplete) wrapper around the pulseaudio client asynchronous api (lgpl, library, sound)ongyerth
qtah-cpp-qt5100.0Qt bindings for Haskell - C++ library (graphics, lgpl, library)khumba
qtah-examples110.0Example programs for Qtah Qt bindings (graphics, lgpl, program)khumba
qtah-generator120.0Generator for Qtah Qt bindings (graphics, lgpl, library, program)khumba
qtah-qt5100.0Qt bindings for Haskell (graphics, lgpl, library)khumba
quantum-arrow110.0An embedding of quantum computation as a Haskell arrow (control, lgpl, library)LukePalmer
qudb30.0Quite Useless DB (database, lgpl, program)JanStepien
quickcheck-assertions110.0HUnit like assertions for QuickCheck (lgpl, library, testing)AlekseyUymanov
rake30.0Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction (RAKE) (keyword-extractor, lgpl, library, natural-language-processing, nlp, rake)TobiasSchoofs
regexpr490.0regular expression like Perl/Ruby in Haskell (lgpl, library, text)YoshikuniJujo
repa-v4l230.0Provides high-level access to webcams. (graphics, lgpl, library, program)ChristianGosch
reversi40.0Text-only reversi (aka othelo) game (game, lgpl, program)GuilhermeCavalcanti
ruler-core20.0 (development, lgpl, program)ArieMiddelkoop
sat-micro-hs60.0A minimal SAT solver (algorithms, lgpl, program)DenisBueno
sbp850.0SwiftNav's SBP Library (lgpl, library, network, program)peddie, markfine, mookerji, ljbade
schedule-planner80.0Find the ideal lesson layout (convenience, data, lgpl, planning, program)justus
secret-sharing60.0Information-theoretic secure secret sharing (cryptography, lgpl, library)PeterRobinson
serial210.0POSIX serial port wrapper (lgpl, library, system)FrederickRoss, jmct
simple230.0A minimalist web framework for the WAI server interface (lgpl, library, program, web)AmitLevy
simple-postgresql-orm60.0Connector package for integrating postgresql-orm with the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, web)AmitLevy
simple-session132.0Cookie-based session management for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, web)AmitLevy
simple-templates90.0A basic template language for the Simple web framework (lgpl, library, web)AmitLevy
simpleargs50.0Provides a more flexible getArgs function with better error reporting. (lgpl, library, system)KetilMalde
soegtk80.0GUI functions as used in the book "The Haskell School of Expression". (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
state50.0Data.State (data, lgpl, library)EvgenyJukov, MauricioAntunes
statsd (deprecated in favor of ekg-statsd)20.0StatsD API. (deprecated, lgpl, library, network)mitchellwrosen
stepwise80.0 (development, lgpl, library)ArieMiddelkoop
stm-promise70.0Simple STM Promises for IO computations and external processes (concurrency, lgpl, library)DanRosen
stomp-conduit50.0Stompl Conduit Client (client, conduit, lgpl, library, message-oriented-middleware, network, stomp)TobiasSchoofs
stomp-patterns30.0Stompl MOM Stomp Patterns (client, lgpl, library, message-oriented-middleware, network, stomp)TobiasSchoofs
stomp-queue200.0Stompl Client Library (client, lgpl, library, message-oriented-middleware, network, stomp)TobiasSchoofs
stompl130.0Stomp Parser and Utilities (lgpl, library, message-oriented-middleware, network, parser, stomp)TobiasSchoofs
structural-induction150.0Instantiate structural induction schemas for algebraic data types (lgpl, library, logic, theorem-provers)DanRosen
swearjure20.0Clojure without alphanumerics. (language, lgpl, program)hyPiRion
swish940.0A semantic web toolkit. (lgpl, library, program, semantic-web)DouglasBurke, VasiliGalchin
taglib80.0Binding to TagLib (ID3 tag library) (lgpl, library, sound)BrandonBickford
tbox50.0Transactional variables and data structures with IO hooks (concurrency, data, lgpl, library)PeterRobinson
testpack (deprecated)230.0Test Utililty Pack for HUnit and QuickCheck (unmaintained) (deprecated, lgpl, library, testing)JohnGoerzen, PeterSimons
tie-knot30.0"Ties the knot" on a given set of structures that reference each other by keys. (data-structures, lgpl, library, recursion)PetrPudlak
time-recurrence162.0Generate recurring dates. (lgpl, library, system)ChrisHeller
timeout-with-results60.0Runs a time-limited computation alowing it to return intermediate results. (concurrency, lgpl, library)PetrPudlak
tracker (deprecated)30.0Client library for Tracker metadata database, indexer and search tool (deprecated, desktop, lgpl, library)WillThompson
tskiplist70.0A Skip List Implementation in Software Transactional Memory (STM) (concurrency, data, lgpl, library)PeterRobinson
tsne110.0t-SNE (algorithms, lgpl, library, program)robagar
twilight-stm80.0STM library with safe irrevocable I/O and inconsistency repair (concurrency, lgpl, library)AnnetteBieniusa
uni-events60.0Event handling for the uniform workbench (lgpl, library, uniform)ChristianMaeder
uni-graphs50.0Graphs (gui, lgpl, library)ChristianMaeder
uni-htk90.0Graphical User Interface for Haskell Programs (gui, lgpl, library)ChristianMaeder
uni-posixutil60.0Posix utilities for the uniform workbench (lgpl, library, uniform)ChristianMaeder
uni-reactor70.0Reactors for the uniform workbench (lgpl, library, uniform)ChristianMaeder
uni-uDrawGraph80.0Graphs binding (gui, lgpl, library)ChristianMaeder
uni-util120.0Utilities for the uniform workbench (lgpl, library, uniform)ChristianMaeder
unittyped10.0An extendable library for type-safe computations including units. (lgpl, library, math, physics)ThijsAlkemade
vacuum430.0Graph representation of the GHC heap (debug, ghc, lgpl, library)AustinSeipp, ConradParker, DonaldStewart, JohnLato, MattMorrow
vacuum-graphviz30.0A library for transforming vacuum graphs into GraphViz output (debug, ghc, lgpl, library)AustinSeipp
vcard120.0A library for parsing/printing vCards from/to various formats. (lgpl, library, text)MathieuBoespflug
vte280.0Binding to the VTE library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
vtegtk360.0Binding to the VTE library. (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
webkit510.0Binding to the Webkit library. (graphics, lgpl, library)AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
webkitgtk3250.0Binding to the Webkit library. (graphics, lgpl, library)HamishMackenzie
xine90.0Bindings to xine-lib (lgpl, library, media, sound)JoachimFasting
xmms2-client120.0An XMMS2 client library. (lgpl, library, sound)OlegBelozeorov
xmms2-client-glib130.0An XMMS2 client library — GLib integration. (lgpl, library, sound)OlegBelozeorov
xmonad-wallpaper70.0xmonad wallpaper extension (lgpl, library, system)yeyan
xorshift80.0Haskell implementation of the xorshift random generator. (lgpl, library, math)RobertClausecker
yaml2owl20.0Generate OWL schema from YAML syntax, and an RDFa template. (lgpl, program, semantic-web)LeifWarner
yjtools350.0some tools for Monad, List, Tuple and so on. (lgpl, library, unclassified)YoshikuniJujo
zeromq3-conduit10.0Conduit bindings for zeromq3-haskell (lgpl, library, network)NicolasTrangez
zeromq4-conduit30.0Conduit wrapper around zeromq4-haskell (lgpl, library, web)AndyGeorges
zmidi-score10.0Representing MIDI a simple score. (lgpl, library, music)BasDeHaas
zoom-cache-sndfile130.0Tools for generating zoom-cache-pcm files (lgpl, program, sound)ConradParker