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AC-Angle220.0Angles in degrees and radians. (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)AndrewCoppin
AC-Boolean320.0Handle Boolean values generatically. (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)AndrewCoppin
AC-Colour760.0Efficient RGB colour types. (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)AndrewCoppin
AC-HalfInteger220.0Efficient half-integer type. (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)AndrewCoppin
AC-Terminal120.0Trivial wrapper over ansi-terminal. (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)AndrewCoppin
AC-Vector650.0Efficient geometric vectors and transformations. (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)AndrewCoppin
AC-Vector-Fancy310.0Fancy type-system stuff for AC-Vector (bsd3, data, graphics, library, math, numerical)AndrewCoppin
AERN-Basics80.0foundational type classes for approximating exact real numbers (bsd3, data, library, math, program)MichalKonecny
AERN-Net130.0Compositional lazy dataflow networks for exact real number computation (bsd3, distributed-computing, library, math)MichalKonecny
AERN-Real670.0arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, library, math)MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Double100.0arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, library, math, program)MichalKonecny
AERN-Real-Interval70.0arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic (bsd3, data, library, math)MichalKonecny
AERN-RnToRm350.0polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) approximating exact real functions (bsd3, data, library, math)MichalKonecny
AERN-RnToRm-Plot220.0GL plotting of polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) (bsd3, data, library, math)MichalKonecny
ApproxFun-hs50.0Function approximation (bsd3, library, math)DominicSteinitz
Baggins140.0Tools for self-assembly (gpl, library, math)pmeunier
BerlekampAlgorithm30.0Factorization of polynomials over finite field (bsd3, library, math)AbdelwahebMiled
Cartesian210.0Coordinate systems (library, math, mit)SwiftsNamesake
ContextAlgebra160.0Implementation of the context algebra. (bsd3, math, program)jhahn
DP80.0Pragmatic framework for dynamic programming (algorithms, bsd3, library, math, natural-language-processing)SashaRush
Data-Angle140.0Geometric angles (bsd3, data, library, math)deadmanswitch
Decimal1210.0Decimal numbers with variable precision (bsd3, library, math)PaulJohnson
DifferenceLogic120.0A theory solver for conjunctions of literals in difference logic (bsd3, library, math)dillonhuff
Dist340.0A Haskell library for probability distributions (library, math, mit)wyager
DistanceTransform80.0Distance transform function. (bsd3, library, math)AnthonyCowley
Eq (deprecated)290.0Render math formula in ASCII, and perform some simplifications (bsd3, deprecated, language, math, program)VincentBerthoux
EqualitySolver130.0A theory solver for conjunctions of literals in the theory of uninterpreted functions with equality (bsd3, library, math)dillonhuff
FirstOrderTheory90.0Grammar and typeclass for first order theories (bsd3, library, math)dillonhuff
GaussQuadIntegration110.0Non-adaptive Gaussian quadrature for numeric integraton (bsd3, library, math)GrigorySarnitsky
GeomPredicates80.0Geometric predicates (bsd3, library, math)NealAlexander
GeomPredicates-SSE60.0Geometric predicates (Intel SSE) (bsd3, library, math)NealAlexander
HERA70.0 (bsd3, library, math)LukePalmer
HROOT830.0Haskell binding to the ROOT data analysis framework (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-core140.0Haskell binding to ROOT Core modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-graf140.0Haskell binding to ROOT Graf modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-hist110.0Haskell binding to ROOT Hist modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-io130.0Haskell binding to ROOT IO modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-math140.0Haskell binding to ROOT Math modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HROOT-tree90.0Haskell binding to ROOT Tree modules (graphics, lgpl, library, math, numerical, statistics)IanWooKim
HaskellForMaths1180.0Combinatorics, group theory, commutative algebra, non-commutative algebra (bsd3, library, math)DavidAmos
HaskellLM150.0Pure Haskell implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm (gpl, library, math)KietLam
HerbiePlugin90.0automatically improve your code's numeric stability (bsd3, library, math)MikeIzbicki
Homology120.0Compute the homology of a chain complex (gpl, library, math)DamekDavis
HsASA140.0A haskell interface to Lester Ingber's adaptive simulating annealing code (bsd3, library, math)DonaldStewart, MalcolmWallace
Kalman (deprecated in favor of kalman)120.0A slightly extended Kalman filter (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)DominicSteinitz
LargeCardinalHierarchy100.0A transfinite cardinal arithmetic library including all known large cardinals (library, math, mathematics, maths, set-theory)Stephen_E_A_Britton
Lattices300.0A library for lattices (gpl, library, math)BartCoppens
Logic70.0Logic (library, math, mit)gogotanaka
MeanShift80.0Mean shift algorithm (bsd3, library, math)VilleTirronen
Modulo150.0Modular arithmetic via Numeric-Prelude (gpl, library, math)NikolayMurzin
Monocle170.0Symbolic computations in strict monoidal categories with LaTeX output. (bsd3, library, math)OsmanBineev
NTRU130.0NTRU Cryptography (cryptography, gpl, library, math)mikewest
NearContextAlgebra100.0Context Algebra of near (bsd3, math, program)jhahn
Noise290.0A Haskell coherent noise generator based on libnoise (bsd3, graphics, library, math, noise)HugoGomes
NumberSieves170.0Number Theoretic Sieves: primes, factorization, and Euler's Totient (bsd3, library, math)LeonSmith
NumberTheory200.0A library for number theoretic computations, written in Haskell. (gpl, library, math)cfredric
Operads300.0Groebner basis computation for Operads. (bsd3, library, math)MikaelVejdemoJohansson
Ordinals160.0Ordinal arithmetic (bsd3, library, math)KiYungAhn
Paillier130.0a simple Paillier cryptosystem (bsd3, library, math)onemouth
ParserFunction (deprecated in favor of attoparsec)320.0Parse and evaluate mathematical expressions. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, parsing)EnzoHaussecker
ProxN80.0Proximity sets in N dimensions (bsd3, library, math)AndrasSlemmer
RANSAC180.0The RANSAC algorithm for parameter estimation. (bsd3, library, math, numerical)AnthonyCowley
SG80.0Small geometry library for dealing with vectors and collision detection (bsd3, data, library, math)NeilBrown
SGplus130.0(updated) Small geometry library for dealing with vectors and collision detection (bsd3, data, library, math)donomii
Smooth30.0A tiny, lazy SMT solver (bsd3, library, math)dillonhuff
TeX-my-math250.0Render general Haskell math to LaTeX. Or: math typesetting with high signal-to-noise–ratio. (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
Vec520.0Fixed-length lists and low-dimensional linear algebra. (bsd3, data, library, math)ScottDillard
Vec-Boolean250.0Provides Boolean instances for the Vec package (bsd3, data, library, math)TobiasBexelius
Vec-OpenGLRaw110.0Instances and functions to interoperate Vec and OpenGL. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)ChristopherLaneHinson
Vec-Transform320.0This package is obsolete (bsd3, graphics, library, math)TobiasBexelius
WeberLogic160.0Logic interpreter (bsd3, library, math, program)cameronbwhite
Xorshift128Plus90.0Pure haskell implementation of xorshift128plus random number generator. (library, math, public-domain)hkanai
ZEBEDDE (deprecated)220.0Polymer growth simulation method (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)hackrilege
accelerate-arithmetic150.0Linear algebra and interpolation using the Accelerate framework (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
accelerate-blas480.0Numeric Linear Algebra in Accelerate (bsd3, library, math)TrevorMcDonell
accelerate-cublas110.0Basic Linear Algebra using native CUBLAS library (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, program)HenningThielemann
accelerate-cufft130.0Accelerate frontend to the CUFFT library (Fourier transform) (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
accelerate-fftw80.0Accelerate frontend to the FFTW library (Fourier transform) (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
accelerate-fourier110.0Fast Fourier transform and convolution using the Accelerate framework (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
accelerate-fourier-benchmark90.0Compare different implementations of the Fast Fourier Transform (bsd3, math, program)HenningThielemann
accelerate-typelits72.0a typesafe way encode accelerate matrices and vectors (library, math)epsilonhalbe
ad2622.5Automatic Differentiation (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
aern2-mp160.0Multi-precision floats via MPFR (bsd3, library, math)MichalKonecny
aern2-real130.0Exact real numbers via Cauchy sequences and MPFR (bsd3, library, math, program)MichalKonecny
algebra930.0Constructive abstract algebra (algebra, bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett, HiromiIshii, WolfgangJeltsch
algebraic100.0General linear algebra structures. (algebra, bsd3, library, math)danilo2, Korri, MarcinMikolajczyk
algebraic-classes400.0Conversions between algebraic classes and F-algebras. (bsd3, data, generics, library, math)SjoerdVisscher
antimirov80.0Define the language containment (=subtyping) relation on regulare expressions. (gpl, language, library, math, program)RickKaudewitz
apportionment71.25Round a set of numbers while maintaining its sum (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
arb-fft80.0Pure Haskell arbitrary length FFT library (bsd3, library, math, program)IanRoss
arithmatic130.0do things with numbers (bsd3, library, math)AlanHawkins
arithmoi1090.0Efficient basic number-theoretic functions. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)CarterSchonwald, DanielFischer, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim
bayes-stack70.0Framework for inferring generative probabilistic models with Gibbs sampling (bsd3, library, math)BenGamari
bed-and-breakfast300.0Efficient Matrix operations in 100% Haskell. (library, linear-algebra, math, mit, numeric)JulianFleischer
besout70.0Extended GCD of polynomials over F_p[x] (bsd3, library, math)AbdelwahebMiled
bindings-mpdecimal (deprecated in favor of deka)80.0bindings to mpdecimal library (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)OmariNorman
bindings-saga-cmd70.0Wrapping saga_cmd (gpl, library, math, program)michelk
blas (deprecated in favor of hblas)200.0Bindings to the BLAS library (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)CarterSchonwald
blas-hs90.0Low-level Haskell bindings to Blas. (library, math, mit)Rufflewind
boolsimplifier150.0Simplification tools for simple propositional formulas. (bsd3, language, library, math)GershomBazerman
braid70.0Types and functions to work with braids and Khovanov homology. (bsd3, library, math, program)saltza
buffon50.0An implementation of Buffon machines. (bsd2, library, math)DerekElkins
burst-detection40.0Burst detection algorithms (benchmark, gpl, library, math)AlexanderVershilov
caffegraph62.0 (bsd3, library, math)ajtulloch
calculator372.0A calculator repl, with variables, functions & Mathematica like dynamic plots. (gpl, math, program)sumitsahrawat
caldims10.0Calculation tool and library supporting units (gpl, library, math, program)RickKaudewitz
calendar-recycling70.0List years with the same calendars (bsd3, math, program)HenningThielemann
casadi-bindings540.0mid-level bindings to CasADi (lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-control (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)10.0low level bindings to casadi-control (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-core240.0autogenerated low level bindings to casadi (lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-internal140.0low level bindings to CasADi (lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-ipopt-interface (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)60.0low level bindings to casadi-ipopt_interface (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
casadi-bindings-snopt-interface (deprecated in favor of casadi-bindings-core)30.0low level bindings to casadi-snopt_interface (deprecated, lgpl, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
cash40.0the Computer Algebra SHell (bsd3, computer-algebra, library, math)ChrisBrown
casui10.0Equation Manipulator (math, mit, program)EtienneLaurin
category-traced70.0Traced monoidal categories (bsd3, library, math)MatthewFarkasDyck
cayley-dickson180.0Complex numbers, quaternions, octonions, sedenions, etc. (algebra, library, math, mit)lmj
cf122.0Exact real arithmetic using continued fractions (library, math, mit)mvr
clac80.0Simple CLI RPN calculator (gpl, math, program)alexander
clif70.0A Clifford algebra number type for Haskell (algebra, benchmark, library, math, mit)maaleske
clifford220.0A Clifford algebra library (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, numerical, program)spacekitteh
closure40.0Depth- and breadth-first set closures (library, math, mit)JosephAbrahamson
clumpiness120.0Calculate the clumpiness of leaf properties in a tree (gpl, library, math)GregorySchwartz
clustering132.0High performance clustering algorithms (benchmark, library, math, mit)kaizhang
cmath160.0A binding to the standard C math library (bsd3, library, math)DonaldStewart
coincident-root-loci100.0Equivariant CSM classes of coincident root loci (bsd3, library, math)BalazsKomuves
combinat450.0Generate and manipulate various combinatorial objects. (bsd3, library, math)BalazsKomuves
combinat-diagrams120.0Graphical representations for various combinatorial objects (bsd3, library, math)BalazsKomuves
combinatorics (deprecated in favor of exact-combinatorics)90.0Efficient computation of common combinatoric functions. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, statistics)WrenThornton
commutative120.0Commutative binary operations. (data, library, math, mit)athanclark
complex-generic160.0complex numbers with non-mandatory RealFloat (bsd3, library, math)ClaudeHeilandAllen
complex-integrate80.0A simple integration function to integrate a complex-valued complex functions (library, math, public-domain)MarkSafronov
computational-algebra372.0Well-kinded computational algebra library, currently supporting Groebner basis. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)HiromiIshii
computational-geometry1130.0Collection of algorithms in Computational Geometry. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)MaksymilianOwsianny
conjugateGradient150.0Sparse matrix linear-equation solver (bsd3, library, math)LeventErkok
constructible50.0Exact computation with constructible real numbers (bsd3, library, math)AndersKaseorg
constructive-algebra170.0A library of constructive algebra. (algebra, bsd3, library, math)AndersMortberg
continued-fraction170.0Types and functions for working with continued fractions in Haskell (bsd3, library, math)vmchale
continued-fractions160.0Continued fractions. (library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
converge130.0Limit operations for converging sequences (library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
cplex-hs92.0high-level CPLEX interface (bsd3, library, math)stefanjhlk
crf-chain150.0First-order, linear-chain conditional random fields (bsd3, library, math)JakubWaszczuk
crf-chain1-constrained110.0First-order, constrained, linear-chain conditional random fields (bsd3, library, math)JakubWaszczuk
crf-chain2-generic60.0Second-order, generic, constrained, linear conditional random fields (bsd3, library, math)JakubWaszczuk
cubicspline72.0Natural cubic spline interpolation. (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)GershomBazerman
curve25519120.0Fast implementations of the curve25519 elliptic curve primitives. (bsd3, library, math)AdamWick
cyclotomic210.0A subfield of the complex numbers for exact calculation. (gpl, library, math)ScottWalck
data-category480.0Category theory (bsd3, library, math)SjoerdVisscher
data-interval600.0Interval datatype, interval arithmetic and interval-based containers (bsd3, data, library, math)MasahiroSakai
data-nat80.0data Nat = Zero | Succ Nat (bsd3, data, library, math)GaborLehel
decimal-literals100.0Preprocessing decimal literals more or less as they are (instead of via fractions) (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
declarative210.0DIY Markov Chains. (library, math, mit)JaredTobin
deeplearning-hs90.0Deep Learning in Haskell (library, math, mit, program)ajtulloch
deka120.0Decimal floating point arithmetic (bsd3, library, math)OmariNorman
deka-tests30.0Tests for deka, decimal floating point arithmetic (bsd3, library, math, program)OmariNorman
derivation-trees60.0Typeset Derivation Trees via MetaPost (gpl, graphics, library, math)JeanPhilippeBernardy
dfrac90.0A package for precise decimal arithmatic using rationals. (library, math, mit)georgerogers42
diagrams-solve9440.0Pure Haskell solver routines used by diagrams (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey, cchalmers
digamma (deprecated in favor of math-functions)100.0A (deprecated) implementation of the digamma function (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)BenGamari
dimensional672.5Statically checked physical dimensions, using Type Families and Data Kinds. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, physics)BjornBuckwalter, dmcclean
dimensional-tf (deprecated in favor of dimensional)210.0Statically checked physical dimensions, implemented using type families. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, physics)BjornBuckwalter
dimensions460.0Safe type-level dimensionality for multidimensional data. (bsd3, geometry, library, math)achirkin
diophantine120.0A quadratic diophantine equation solving library. (gpl, library, math)joejev
directed-cubical70.0Finite directed cubical complexes and associated algorithms (bsd3, library, math)mmisamore
distribution202.0Finite discrete probability distributions. (apache, library, math)RomainEdelmann
distribution-plot50.0Easily plot distributions from the distribution package.. (apache, library, math)RomainEdelmann
dozenal50.0A Haskell library for using Dozenal (Duodecimal - Base 12) numbers. (gpl, library, math)siddhanathan
dsp230.0Haskell Digital Signal Processing (gpl, library, math, sound)HenningThielemann
dumb-cas210.0A computer “algebra” system that knows nothing about algebra, at the core. (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
dvda (deprecated in favor of dynobud)180.0Efficient automatic differentiation and code generation (bsd3, deprecated, library, math, numerical)GregHorn
dyckword250.0A library for working with binary Dyck words. (bsd3, library, math)arbelos
ease130.0Robert Penner's easing equations (bsd3, game, library, math)fresheyeball
easyplot310.0A tiny plotting library, utilizes gnuplot for plotting. (graphics, library, math, mit, plotting)JulianFleischer
easytensor440.0Pure, type-indexed haskell vector, matrix, and tensor library. (bsd3, geometry, library, math)achirkin
eigen312.0Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers). (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, data, library, math, numeric, statistics)OlegSidorkin
equational-reasoning541.5Proof assistant for Haskell using DataKinds & PolyKinds (bsd3, library, math)HiromiIshii
erf16120.0The error function, erf, and related functions. (bsd3, library, math)LennartAugustsson
erf-native80.0Native Haskell implementation of the interface from the erf package (gpl, library, math)JamesCook
estimator180.0State-space estimation algorithms such as Kalman Filters (bsd3, library, math, numerical, statistics)AdamFoltzer, JameySharp
euler190.0Mathematics utilities for Haskell (benchmark, library, math, mit)decomputed
exact-combinatorics240.0Efficient exact computation of combinatoric functions. (bsd3, library, math, statistics)WrenThornton
exact-cover140.0Efficient exact cover solver. (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)arthur
exact-real252.0Exact real arithmetic (benchmark, library, math, mit)jophish
exact-real-positional130.0Framework for Exact Real Arithmetic in the Positional Number System (bsd3, library, math)grlks
exp-pairs170.0Linear programming over exponent pairs (gpl, library, math)Bodigrim
explicit-determinant40.0explicit computation of determinant of small matrices (gpl, library, math)JohannesWaldmann
expressions141.5Expressions and Formulae a la carte (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)jakubdaniel
expressions-z380.0Encode and Decode expressions from Z3 ASTs (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)jakubdaniel
extended-categories50.0Extended Categories (bsd3, library, math)ian_mi
extended-reals490.0Extension of real numbers with positive/negative infinities (bsd3, library, math)MasahiroSakai
factory320.0Rational arithmetic in an irrational world. (gpl, library, math, number-theory, program)AlistairWard, LennartAugustsson
fad70.0Forward Automatic Differentiation. (bsd3, library, math)BjornBuckwalter
fadno-braids320.0Braid representations in Haskell (algebra, bsd2, data, library, math)spopejoy
fast-math730.0Non IEEE-754 compliant compile-time floating-point optimisations (bsd3, library, math, numeric)LiyangHu, MikeIzbicki
fft450.0Bindings to the FFTW library. (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann, JedBrown
fftwRaw130.0Low level bindings to FFTW. (bsd3, library, math)adamwalker
find-clumpiness580.0Find the clumpiness of labels in a tree (gpl, library, math, program)GregorySchwartz
finite-field500.0Finite Fields (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)MasahiroSakai
fixed-point (deprecated)130.0Binary fixed-point arithmetic (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)JakeMcArthur
fixed-point-vector (deprecated)30.0Unbox instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)JakeMcArthur
fixed-point-vector-space (deprecated)30.0vector-space instances for the fixed-point package (data, deprecated, game, library, math, mit, numerical)JakeMcArthur
fixed-precision100.0Fixed Precision Arithmetic (bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett
fixedprec380.0A fixed-precision real number type (bsd3, data, library, math)PeterSelinger
fizz-buzz160.0Functional Fizz/Buzz (bsd3, library, math)AlanHawkins
flat-mcmc220.0Painless general-purpose sampling. (library, math, mit)JaredTobin
foldl-statistics212.0Statistical functions from the statistics package implemented as Folds. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, statistics)AlexMason
fpnla70.0A library for NLA operations (bsd3, library, math)mblanco
fpnla-examples20.0Example implementations for FPNLA library (bsd3, library, math, parallelism)mblanco
fptest50.0IEEE754r floating point conformance tests (bsd3, math, program)jrp
fractals50.0A collection of useful fractal curve encoders (bsd3, library, math)sdekker
free-functors600.0Free functors, adjoint to functors that forget class constraints. (bsd3, data, library, math)SjoerdVisscher
free-vector-spaces150.0Instantiate the classes from the vector-space package with types from linear (bsd3, library, math)leftaroundabout
function-instances-algebra60.0Instances of the Algebra.* classes for functions (bsd3, library, math)TobiasBrandt
game-probability60.0Simple probability library for dice rolls, card games and similar (bsd3, library, math)NeilBrown
gamma190.0Gamma function and related functions. (library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
garepinoh80.0reverse prefix notation calculator and calculation library (console, library, math, program, public-domain, tools)MekeorMelire
geocalc70.0Libary for calculating distances between two coordinates in WSG84 (bsd3, library, math)GeroKriependorf
geom2d90.0package for geometry in euklidean 2d space (gpl, library, math)seppeljordan
ghc-typelits-presburger130.0Presburger Arithmetic Solver for GHC Type-level natural numbers. (bsd3, library, math, type-system)HiromiIshii
glasso80.0Graphical Lasso algorithm (bsd3, library, math)kaizhang
glicko200.0Glicko-2 implementation in Haskell. (gpl, library, math)rprecenth
glpk-hs370.0Comprehensive GLPK linear programming bindings (bsd3, library, math)JeanPhilippeBernardy, LouisWasserman
gnuplot810.02D and 3D plots using gnuplot (bsd3, graphics, library, math)HenningThielemann
goal-core30.0Core imports for Geometric Optimization Libraries. (bsd3, library, math, program)alex404
goal-geometry10.0Scientific computing on geometric objects (bsd3, library, math, program)alex404
goal-probability10.0Manifolds of probability distributions (bsd3, library, math, program)alex404
goal-simulation20.0Mealy based simulation tools (bsd3, library, math, program)alex404
gray-extended140.0Gray encoding schemes (bsd3, library, math)AmyDeBuitleir
grid660.0Tools for working with regular grids (graphs, lattices). (bsd3, library, math)AmyDeBuitleir
groups12510.0Haskell 98 groups (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)NathanVanDoorn
gsl-random450.0Bindings the the GSL random number generation facilities. (bsd3, library, math)PatrickPerry
gsl-random-fu60.0Instances for using gsl-random with random-fu (library, math, public-domain)JamesCook
gutenberg-fibonaccis120.0The first 1001 Fibonacci numbers, retrieved from the Gutenberg Project. (algorithms, gpl, library, math, numeric, numerical)JustinHanekom
hR60.0R bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math)DylanSimon
hTensor220.0Multidimensional arrays and simple tensor computations. (bsd3, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
haar90.0Haar wavelet transforms (bsd3, library, math)AmyDeBuitleir
hahp80.0Analytic Hierarchy Process (agpl, library, math, program)taeradan, jpierre03
hascal230.0tiny calculator library and command-line program (console, gpl, library, math, parsing, program, tools, utility, utils)DagOdenhall, MekeorMelire
haskell-eigen-util50.0Some utility functions for haskell-eigen library (algebra, bsd3, library, math)dilawars
haskell-igraph150.0Imcomplete igraph bindings (library, math, mit)kaizhang
haskell-mpfr32.0Correctly-rounded arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic (lgpl, library, math, numeric)ilist
hbayes130.0Bayesian Networks (bsd3, library, math)alpheccar
hblas142.0Human friendly BLAS and Lapack bindings for Haskell. (bsd3, library, math)CarterSchonwald
hcg-minus80.0haskell cg (minus) (bsd3, library, math)RohanDrape
hcg-minus-cairo60.0haskell cg (minus) (cairo rendering) (bsd3, library, math)RohanDrape
hdr-histogram40.0Haskell implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histograms (benchmark, gpl, library, math, statistics)joshbohde
hgeometric110.0A geometric library with bindings to GPC. (library, math, mit)DonaldStewart, GwernBranwen, MarcoSilva
hieraclus140.0Automated clustering of arbitrary elements in Haskell. (bsd3, clustering, library, math, statistics)PhilippPribbernow
hirt50.0Calculates IRT 2PL and 3PL models (bsd3, math, program)IvanLabath
hlbfgsb50.0Haskell binding to L-BFGS-B version 3.0 (bsd3, library, math)IvanLabath
hmatrix2962.5Numeric Linear Algebra (bsd3, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
hmatrix-banded60.0HMatrix interface to LAPACK functions for banded matrices (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
hmatrix-glpk260.0Linear Programming based on GLPK (gpl, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
hmatrix-gsl360.0Numerical computation (gpl, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
hmatrix-gsl-stats810.0GSL Statistics interface (bsd3, ffi, library, math, statistics)VivianMcPhail
hmatrix-mmap100.0Memory map Vector from disk into memory efficiently (bsd3, library, math, system)AlanFalloon
hmatrix-morpheus282.0Low-level machine learning auxiliary functions. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)aignatyev17
hmatrix-nipals90.0NIPALS method for Principal Components Analysis on large data-sets. (lgpl, library, math)AlanFalloon
hmatrix-quadprogpp110.0Bindings to the QuadProg++ quadratic programming library (bsd3, library, math)AkioTakano
hmatrix-repa170.0Adaptors for interoperability between hmatrix and repa (bsd3, data, library, math)VivianMcPhail
hmatrix-special190.0Interface to GSL special functions (gpl, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
hmatrix-static90.0hmatrix with vector and matrix sizes encoded in types (gpl, library, math)ReinerPope
hmatrix-svdlibc190.0SVDLIBC bindings for HMatrix (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)BenGamari
hmatrix-syntax70.0MATLAB-like syntax for hmatrix vectors and matrices (gpl, library, math)ReinerPope
hmatrix-tests180.0Tests for hmatrix (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)AlbertoRuiz
hmm-hmatrix60.0Hidden Markov Models using HMatrix primitives (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
hmpfr602.0Haskell binding to the MPFR library (bsd3, data, library, math)AlesBizjak, MichalKonecny
homeomorphic80.0Homeomorphic Embedding Test (bsd3, library, math)NeilMitchell
hopfield-networks82.0Hopfield Networks for unsupervised learning in Haskell (library, math, mit, program)ajtulloch
hops300.0Handy Operations on Power Series (bsd3, library, math, program)AndersClaesson
hps-kmeans40.0A nice implementation of the k-Means algorithm. (algorithms, clustering, data-mining, gpl, library, math, pattern-recognition, statistics)RodrigoGadea
hsignal470.0Signal processing and EEG data analysis (bsd3, library, math)VivianMcPhail
hsilop80.0RPN calculator (math, mit, program)rnhmjoj
hstatistics440.0Statistics (bsd3, library, math, statistics)VivianMcPhail
ieee (deprecated in favor of ieee754)230.0Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)PatrickPerry
ieee75426782.0Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers (bsd3, library, math)PatrickPerry
integer-logarithms119810.0Integer logarithms. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)phadej
interpolation150.0piecewise linear and cubic Hermite interpolation (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
intervals9862.0Interval Arithmetic (bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
ipopt-hs190.0haskell binding to ipopt and nlopt including automatic differentiation (bsd3, library, math, numeric, optimisation)AdamVogt
ireal151.5Real numbers and intervals with relatively efficient exact arithmetic. (bsd3, data, library, math)sydow
irt170.0Item Response Theory functions for use in computerized adaptive testing (bsd3, library, math)ElliotRobinson
iter-stats40.0iteratees for statistical processing (bsd3, library, math)JohnLato
jacobi-roots110.0Roots of two shifted Jacobi polynomials (Legendre and Radau) to double precision (bsd3, library, math)GregHorn
jalaali60.0Convert Jalaali and Gregorian calendar systems to each other (benchmark, library, math, mit)behrang
jalla100.0Higher level functions for linear algebra. Wraps BLAS and LAPACKE. (gpl, library, math)ChristianGosch
kalman80.0Kalman and particle filters and smoothers (library, math, mit)DominicSteinitz
kmeans-vector130.0An implementation of the kmeans clustering algorithm based on the vector package (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, program)AlpMestanogullari
knead-arithmetic20.0Linear algebra and interpolation using LLVM JIT (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
knots20.0Khovanov homology computations (library, math, mit, program)maltem
ks-test60.0Kolmogorov distribution and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. (library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
l-bfgs-b80.0Bindings to L-BFGS-B, Fortran code for limited-memory quasi-Newton bound-constrained optimization (bsd3, library, math)GardSpreemann
lagrangian160.0Solve Lagrange multiplier problems (bsd3, library, math)JonathanFischoff, pash
lattices1102.0Fine-grained library for constructing and manipulating lattices (bsd3, library, math)MaxBolingbroke, phadej
lazysplines72.0Differential solving with lazy splines (bsd3, library, math)GershomBazerman
levmar380.0An implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm (bsd3, library, math, numerical)BasVanDijk, RoelVanDijk
lfst110.0L-Fuzzy Set Theory implementation in Haskell (gpl, library, math)claudiogreco
libroman272.0Use Roman Numerals as a Numeric Datatype (sort of) (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical)ahakki
lin-alg120.0Low-dimensional matrices and vectors for graphics and physics (bsd3, library, math)JasonDagit
linda130.0LINear Discriminant Analysis (bsd3, library, math, statistics)LennartSchmitt
linear14832.5Linear Algebra (algebra, bsd3, library, math)AnthonyCowley, EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
linear-accelerate640.0Lifting linear vector spaces into Accelerate (algebra, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, math, parallelism)EdwardKmett, TrevorMcDonell, ryanglscott
linear-algebra-cblas60.0A linear algebra library with bindings to BLAS and LAPACK (bsd3, library, math, program)CarterSchonwald
linear-circuit40.0Compute resistance of linear electrical circuits (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
linear-grammar220.0A simple grammar for building linear equations and inclusive inequalities. (algebra, bsd3, library, math)athanclark
linear-vect50.0A low-dimensional linear algebra library, operating on the Num typeclass (bsd3, library, math)capsjac
linearEqSolver100.0Use SMT solvers to solve linear systems over integers and rationals (bsd3, library, math, smt)LeventErkok
linearmap-category170.0Native, complete, matrix-free linear algebra. (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
logfloat520.0Log-domain floating point numbers (bsd3, data, library, math, natural-language-processing, statistics)WrenThornton
logic-TPTP410.0Import, export etc. for TPTP, a syntax for first-order logic (codec, gpl, library, math, theorem-provers)DanielSchuessler, KiYungAhn
magico60.0Compute solutions for Magico puzzle (bsd3, math, program)HenningThielemann
magma140.0magma is an algebraic structure consisting a set together with an binary operation. (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)KatsutoshiItoh
manifold-random100.0Sampling random points on general manifolds. (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
manifolds200.0Coordinate-free hypersurfaces (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
manifolds-core150.0The basic classes for the manifolds hierarchy. (gpl, library, math)leftaroundabout
math-functions25330.0Special functions and Chebyshev polynomials (bsd3, library, math, numeric)AlexeyKhudyakov, BryanOSullivan
mathexpr160.0Parse and evaluate math expressions with variables and functions (gpl, library, math)mdibaiee
mathflow120.0Dependently typed tensorflow modeler (bsd3, library, math)junjihashimoto
matlab50.0Matlab bindings and interface (bsd3, foreign, library, math)DylanSimon, bmsherman
matrix2000.0A native implementation of matrix operations. (benchmark, bsd3, library, math)DanielDiaz
matrix-market80.0Read and write NIST Matrix Market files (bsd3, library, math, system)PatrickPerry
matrix-market-pure80.0Pure and composable reader and writer of the Matrix Market format. (bsd3, library, math)SergeyAstanin
maxent170.0Compute Maximum Entropy Distributions (bsd3, library, math)JonathanFischoff, pash
mcl80.0Bindings to mcl, a generic and fast pairing-based cryptography library (benchmark, bsd3, crypto, library, math)arybczak
mcmc-samplers50.0Combinators for MCMC sampling (bsd3, library, machine-learning, math, numeric, statistics)pravnar, z
mcmc-types150.0Common types for sampling. (library, math, mit, numeric)JaredTobin
mdp90.0Tools for solving Markov Decision Processes. (algorithms, library, math, mit, program)prsteele
mersenne-random210.0Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers using a SIMD Fast Mersenne Twister (bsd3, library, math, system)DonaldStewart
mersenne-random-pure645270.0Generate high quality pseudorandom numbers purely using a Mersenne Twister (bsd3, library, math, system)BenGamari, DonaldStewart
mfsolve742.0Equation solver and calculator à la metafont (bsd3, library, math)KristofBastiaensen
miniball100.0Bindings to Miniball, a smallest enclosing ball library (gpl, library, math)GardSpreemann
mixed-strategies20.0Find optimal mixed strategies for two-player games (library, math, mit, program)BartonMassey
mixed-types-num390.0Alternative Prelude with numeric and logic expressions typed bottom-up (bsd3, library, math)MichalKonecny
mltool152.0Machine Learning Toolbox (bsd3, library, math)aignatyev, aignatyev17
modular-arithmetic212.0A type for integers modulo some constant. (bsd3, library, math)TikhonJelvis
monad-lrs90.0a monad to calculate linear recursive sequence (bsd3, library, math)BinJin
monoidplus50.0Extra classes/functions about monoids (data, library, math, public-domain)AaronBlack
monoids (deprecated in favor of reducers)260.0Deprecated: Use 'reducers' (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, math, numerical)DanielWagner, EdwardKmett
monte-carlo330.0A monad and transformer for Monte Carlo calculations. (bsd3, library, math)PatrickPerry
ms70.0metric spaces (bsd2, library, math)RickyElrod
multiset-comb270.0Combinatorial algorithms over multisets (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey
mwc-probability330.0Sampling function-based probability distributions. (library, math, mit)JaredTobin
mwc-random29132.0Fast, high quality pseudo random number generation (bsd3, library, math, statistics)AlexeyKhudyakov, BryanOSullivan
mwc-random-monad222.0Monadic interface for mwc-random (bsd3, library, math, statistics)AlexeyKhudyakov
nat100.0Lazy binary natural numbers (bsd3, data, library, math)JanChristiansen
natural-numbers750.0Natural numbers (bsd3, data, library, math)WolfgangJeltsch
network-topic-models10.0A few network topic model implementations for bayes-stack (bsd3, math, program)BenGamari
nimber100.0Finite nimber arithmetic (bsd3, library, math)AndersKaseorg, PatrickHurst
noether80.0Math in Haskell. (benchmark, library, math, mit, program)mrkgnao
non-negative1100.0Non-negative numbers (gpl, library, math)HenningThielemann
nonlinear-optimization180.0Various iterative algorithms for optimization of nonlinear functions. (gpl, library, math)FelipeLessa
nonlinear-optimization-ad90.0Wrapper of nonlinear-optimization package for using with AD package (algorithms, gpl, library, math, optimisation, optimization)MasahiroSakai
normaldistribution480.0Minimum fuss normally distributed random values. (bsd3, library, math, statistics)BjornBuckwalter
np-extras240.0NumericPrelude extras (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey
np-linear130.0Linear algebra for the numeric-prelude framework (bsd3, library, math)AriePeterson
number90.0A library for real numbers (library, math, mit)rnhmjoj
numbers802.0Various number types (bsd3, data, library, math)CarterSchonwald, DanBurton, DanielWagner, JohnWiegley, LennartAugustsson, RichardSmith, RussellOConnor
numeric-extras160.0Useful tools from the C standard library (bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett, EricMertens
numeric-ode90.0Ode solvers (bsd3, library, math, program)DominicSteinitz
numeric-prelude392.0An experimental alternative hierarchy of numeric type classes (bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
numeric-quest130.0Math and quantum mechanics (gpl, library, math)HenningThielemann
numeric-tools110.0Collection of numerical tools for integration, differentiation etc. (bsd3, library, math, numerical)AlexeyKhudyakov
numericpeano70.0Peano numbers with attendant bells and whistles. (apache, library, math)jtapolczai, jtapolczai2
numtype150.0Type-level (low cardinality) integers. (bsd3, library, math)BjornBuckwalter
numtype-dk680.0Type-level integers, using TypeNats, Data Kinds, and Closed Type Families. (bsd3, library, math)BjornBuckwalter, dmcclean
numtype-tf70.0Type-level (low cardinality) integers, implemented using type families. (bsd3, library, math)BjornBuckwalter
nurbs70.0NURBS (bsd3, geometry, library, linear-algebra, math)AlexandrRuchkin
oeis890.0Interface to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey, BrianLewis, niteria
optimization110.0Numerical optimization (bsd3, library, math)BenGamari
pareto60.0A library for cause-effect relationships. (bsd3, library, math)bwe
peano80.0Peano numbers (data, library, math)MatthewFarkasDyck
pell120.0Package to solve the Generalized Pell Equation. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)lbrunjes
permutation350.0A library for permutations and combinations. (bsd3, data-structures, library, math)PatrickPerry, spacekitteh
plot-gtk-ui200.0A quick way to use Mathematica like Manipulation abilities (gpl, library, math)sumitsahrawat
plot-lab (deprecated in favor of plot-gtk-ui, calculator)90.0A plotting tool with Mathematica like Manipulation abilities (deprecated, gpl, math, program)sumitsahrawat
poker-eval120.0Binding to libpoker-eval (library, math, public-domain)DavidHimmelstrup
polar70.0Complex numbers in polar form (bsd3, library, math)StefanKersten
polynom40.0Polynomial types and operations (library, math)MatthewFarkasDyck
polynomial332.0Polynomials (library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
polynomials-bernstein130.0A solver for systems of polynomial equations in bernstein form (gpl, library, math)JeanPhilippeBernardy, PierreEtienneMeunier
primesieve170.0FFI bindings for the primesieve library. (algorithms, foreign, library, math, mit, number-theory, program)sighingnow
probability680.0Probabilistic Functional Programming (bsd3, graphics, library, math, monads)HenningThielemann
probable1002.0Easy and reasonably efficient probabilistic programming and random generation (bsd3, library, math, statistics)AlpMestanogullari
pure-fft230.0Fast Fourier Transform (bsd3, library, math, numerical)MattMorrow
qd150.0double-double and quad-double number type via libqd (bsd3, library, math)ClaudeHeilandAllen
qd-vec60.0'Vec' instances for 'qd' types (bsd3, library, math)ClaudeHeilandAllen
qhull-simple70.0Simple bindings to Qhull, a library for computing convex hulls (bsd3, library, math)GardSpreemann
quadratic-irrational140.0An implementation of quadratic irrationals (algorithms, data, library, math, mit)ion
quantities330.0Unit conversion and manipulation library. (bsd3, data, library, math, physics, program)jdreaver
rad (deprecated in favor of ad)180.0Reverse Automatic Differentiation. (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)EdwardKmett
random-extras240.0Additional functions for random values. (bsd3, data, library, math)AristidBreitkreuz
random-fu780.0Random number generation (math, public-domain)DominicSteinitz, JamesCook
random-fu-multivariate90.0Multivariate distributions for random-fu (bsd3, library, math)DominicSteinitz
random-hypergeometric40.0Random variate generation from hypergeometric distributions (library, math, mit)srijs
random-source590.0Generic basis for random number generators (library, math, public-domain)DominicSteinitz, JamesCook
range-space170.0A Range type with vector-space instances (bsd3, library, math)JohnLato
ratio-int140.0Fast specialisation of Data.Ratio for Int. (bsd3, library, math)RaphaelJavaux
rclient50.0Haskell client for Rserve (bsd3, library, math, network, statistics)TomDoris
reduce-equations40.0Simplify a set of equations by removing redundancies (bsd3, library, math, program)chriswarbo
reducers8090.0Semigroups, specialized containers and a general map/reduce framework (bsd3, data, library, math, numerical, semigroups)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
regress60.0Linear and logistic regression through automatic differentiation (bsd3, library, math)AlpMestanogullari
resistor-cube90.0Compute total resistance of a cube of resistors (bsd3, math, program)HenningThielemann
rivers30.0Rivers are like Streams, but different. (bsd3, comonads, data, library, math)DrewDay
roots90.0Root-finding algorithms (1-dimensional) (library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
rounding (deprecated)50.0Explicit floating point rounding mode wrappers (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)EdwardKmett
rsagl-math20.0The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library: Mathematics (bsd3, library, math)ChristopherLaneHinson
ruff150.0relatively useful fractal functions (bsd3, library, math)ClaudeHeilandAllen
rvar610.0Random Variables (library, math, public-domain)DominicSteinitz, JamesCook
sampling150.0Sample values from collections. (benchmark, library, math, mit)JaredTobin
sbv4022.5SMT Based Verification: Symbolic Haskell theorem prover using SMT solving. (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)LeventErkok
sbvPlugin210.0Formally prove properties of Haskell programs using SBV/SMT (bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, symbolic-computation, theorem-provers)LeventErkok
science-constants80.0Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (chemistry, library, math, physics, science)cbou
science-constants-dimensional50.0Mathematical/physical/chemical constants (bsd3, chemistry, library, math, physics, science)cbou
sde-solver70.0Distributed SDE solver (bsd3, library, math, numerical)DavidNilsson
search52.0Infinite search in finite time with Hilbert's epsilon (bsd3, library, math, search, topology)EdwardKmett
semigroups145872.75Anything that associates (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, HerbertValerioRiedel, ryanglscott
semigroups-actions40.0Semigroups actions (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)PetrPudlak
semiring70.0Semirings, ring-like structures used for dynamic programming applications (bsd3, math, natural-language-processing)SashaRush
semiring-simple110.0A module for dealing with semirings. (bsd3, library, math)pharpend
set-cover230.0Solve exact set cover problems like Sudoku, 8 Queens, Soma Cube, Tetris Cube (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
sets190.0Ducktyped set interface for Haskell containers. (benchmark, data, library, math, mit)athanclark
sfmt50.0SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister(SFMT) binding. (bsd3, library, math, random)HirotomoMoriwaki
sgd200.0Stochastic gradient descent (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)JakubWaszczuk
sigma-ij110.0Thom polynomials of second order Thom-Boardman singularities (bsd3, library, math, program)BalazsKomuves
sign490.0Arithmetic over signs and sets of signs (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)MasahiroSakai
simd60.0simple interface to GHC's SIMD instructions (bsd3, library, math)MikeIzbicki
simple-smt3240.0A simple way to interact with an SMT solver process. (bsd3, library, math)IavorDiatchki
simple-vec3110.0Three-dimensional vectors of doubles with basic operations (benchmark, bsd3, library, math, numerical)DmitryDzhus
simplex-basic (deprecated)40.0Very basic simplex implementation. (algebra, bsd3, deprecated, library, math)athanclark
sloane490.0A command line interface to Sloane's OEIS. (bsd3, math, program)AndersClaesson
som592.0Self-Organising Maps. (bsd3, library, math)AmyDeBuitleir
sparse-lin-alg122.0Effective linear algebra on sparse matrices (bsd3, library, math)AlexeyAlekhin
spatial-math380.03d math including quaternions/euler angles/dcms and utility functions (bsd3, library, math)GregHorn
spe190.0Combinatorial species lite (bsd3, library, math)AndersClaesson
species1300.0Computational combinatorial species (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey
speedy-slice200.0Speedy slice sampling. (library, math, mit)JaredTobin
spline330.0A parallel implementation of the Sorokina/Zeilfelder spline scheme. (gpl, math, program)MichaelOrlitzky
splines90.0B-Splines, other splines, and NURBS. (benchmark, graphics, library, math, numerical, public-domain)JamesCook
spsa90.0Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation Optimization Algorithm (benchmark, library, math, mit, optimization)yanatan16
stable-maps110.0Heterogeneous maps keyed by StableNames (bsd3, library, math)EdwardKmett
staf110.0Numerical statistics for Foldable containers (library, math)lovasko
statistics19972.0A library of statistical types, data, and functions (bsd2, library, math, statistics)AlexeyKhudyakov, BryanOSullivan
statistics-dirichlet120.0Functions for working with Dirichlet densities and mixtures on vectors. (bsd3, library, math)FelipeLessa
statistics-fusion (deprecated in favor of statistics)110.0An implementation of high performance, minimal statistics functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)DonaldStewart
statistics-hypergeometric-genvar30.0Random variate generation from hypergeometric distributions (library, math, mit, statistics)srijs
statistics-linreg530.0Linear regression between two samples, based on the 'statistics' package. (library, math, mit, statistics)AlpMestanogullari
stats50.0command line statistics (gpl, math, program)cheecheeo
stochastic70.0Monadic composition of probabilistic functions and sampling. (gpl, library, math)chokboy
svm-light-utils160.0Parsers and formatters for the SVMlight input file format (bsd3, library, math)BenGamari
sym350.0Permutations, patterns, and statistics (bsd3, library, math)AndersClaesson
sym-plot60.0Plot permutations; an addition to the sym package (bsd3, library, math)AndersClaesson
symengine60.0SymEngine symbolic mathematics engine for Haskell (ffi, library, math, mit, symbolic-computation)bollu
symengine-hs70.0SymEngine symbolic mathematics engine for Haskell (ffi, library, math, mit, program, symbolic-computation)bollu
tau100.0Tau, the ratio between any circle's circumference and radius. (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey
tensor160.0A completely type-safe library for linear algebra (data, gpl, library, math)NicolaSquartini
terntup52.0a ternary library (bsd3, library, math)mcandre
th-cas100.0Compile-time CAS(Computer Algebra System) (library, math, mit, numeric)junjihashimoto
theta-functions80.0Theta-functions implemented as trigonometric series (library, math, public-domain)MarkSafronov
tilings60.0substitution tilings (bsd3, library, math)ClaudeHeilandAllen
tropical80.0A library for tropical mathematics. (bsd3, library, math)pharpend
turing-machines60.0A simple simulator for Turing machines (library, math, mit)jariazavalverde
turingMachine70.0An implementation of Turing Machine and Automaton (gpl, library, math)sanjorgek
type-natural522.0Type-level natural and proofs of their properties. (bsd3, library, math)HiromiIshii
type-settheory80.0Sets and functions-as-relations in the type system (bsd3, language, library, math, type-system)DanielSchuessler
uncertain110.0Manipulating numbers with inherent experimental/measurement uncertainty (bsd3, library, math)jle
units242.0A domain-specific type system for dimensional analysis (bsd3, library, math)RichardEisenberg
unittyped40.0An extendable library for type-safe computations including units. (lgpl, library, math, physics)ThijsAlkemade
variable-precision90.0variable-precision floating point (bsd3, library, math)ClaudeHeilandAllen
vect212.0A low-dimensional linear algebra library, tailored to computer graphics. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)BalazsKomuves
vect-floating (deprecated in favor of linear)60.0A low-dimensional linear algebra library, operating on the Floating typeclass (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)cdurham
vect-floating-accelerate (deprecated in favor of linear-accelerate)70.0Accelerate instances for vect-floating types (bsd3, deprecated, library, math)cdurham
vect-opengl60.0OpenGL support for the `vect' low-dimensional linear algebra library. (bsd3, graphics, library, math)BalazsKomuves
vector-fftw330.0A binding to the fftw library for one-dimensional vectors. (bsd3, library, math)BenGamari, JudahJacobson
vector-space5162.5Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives (bsd3, math)ConalElliott
vector-space-map110.0vector-space operations for finite maps using Data.Map (library, math, mit)ChristianConkle
vector-space-opengl70.0Instances of vector-space classes for OpenGL types (bsd3, graphics, library, math)AdamFoltzer
vector-space-points270.0A type for points, as distinct from vectors. (bsd3, library, math)BrentYorgey, RyanYates, jeffreyrosenbluth, bergey
vowpal-utils60.0Vowpal Wabbit utilities (bsd3, library, math)CarterSchonwald
wigner-symbols70.0CG coefficients and Wigner symbols. (benchmark, library, math, mit)Rufflewind
xorshift70.0Haskell implementation of the xorshift random generator. (lgpl, library, math)RobertClausecker
yices150.0Haskell programming interface to Yices SMT solver (bsd3, library, math)KiYungAhn
yices-easy10.0Simple interface to the Yices SMT (SAT modulo theories) solver. (algorithms, bsd3, library, math, theorem-provers)KeeganMcAllister
yices-painless80.0An embedded language for programming the Yices SMT solver (bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, theorem-provers)DonaldStewart
z3412.0Bindings for the Z3 Theorem Prover (bit-vectors, bsd3, formal-methods, library, math, smt, theorem-provers)IagoAbal