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HaMinitel130.0An Haskell library to drive the french Minitel through a serial port (gpl, library, terminal)2014-07-12zigazou
bhoogle2010.0Simple terminal GUI for local hoogle. (development, program, terminal)2018-08-16andrevdm
chiasma240.0tmux api (library, mit, terminal)2019-01-05tek
imj-base292.0Game engine with geometry, easing, animated text, delta rendering. (algorithms, animation, bsd3, game-engine, graphics, library, mathematics, optimisation, optimization, program, terminal, user-interface)2018-01-01OlivierSohn
imj-measure-stdout230.0An application to determine the maximum capacity of stdout buffer. (bsd3, console, program, terminal)2018-01-01OlivierSohn
pretty-terminal340.0Styling and coloring terminal output with ANSI escape sequences. (bsd3, library, program, terminal)2018-02-03loganmac
terminal300.0Portable terminal interaction library (bsd3, library, terminal)2019-02-10LarsPetersen
terminfo-hs810.0A pure-Haskell (no FFI) module for accessing terminfo databases (bsd3, library, system, terminal)2018-07-06BryanRichter