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ADPfusion430.0Efficient, high-level dynamic programming. (algorithms, bioinformatics, bsd3, data-structures, formal-languages, library)ChristianHoener
ADPfusionSet40.0Dynamic programming for Set data structures. (algorithms, bioinformatics, bsd3, data-structures, formal-languages, library)ChristianHoener
Adaptive110.0Library for incremental computing. (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)DustinDeWeese, MagnusCarlsson, PeterJonsson
AlanDeniseEricLauren50.0Find the minimal subset/submap satisfying some property. (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library)EchoNolan
AlignmentAlgorithms120.0Collection of alignment algorithms (algorithms, bioinformatics, data-structures, gpl, library, linguistics)ChristianHoener
Binpack190.0Common bin-packing heuristics. (algorithms, bsd3, heuristics, library)BjoernBrandenburg, DavidFeng
DP50.0Pragmatic framework for dynamic programming (algorithms, bsd3, library, math, natural-language-processing)SashaRush
DecisionTree100.0A very simple implementation of decision trees for discrete attributes. (algorithms, lgpl, library, pattern-classification)AdrianNeumann
Diff2250.0O(ND) diff algorithm in haskell. (algorithms, bsd3, library)SterlingClover
DifferentialEvolution50.0Global optimization using Differential Evolution (algorithms, library, mit, numerical, optimization)VilleTirronen
DimensionalHash170.0An n-dimensional hash using Morton numbers. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library)GhassenHamrouni
GA70.0Genetic algorithm library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation)KennethHoste
GraphSCC430.0Tarjan's algorithm for computing the strongly connected components of a graph. (algorithms, bsd3, library)IavorDiatchki
Graphalyze450.0Graph-Theoretic Analysis library. (algorithms, graphs, library)IvanMiljenovic
HMM50.0A hidden markov model library (algorithms, bsd3, data-mining, library, machine-learning)MikeIzbicki
Hungarian-Munkres80.0A Linear Sum Assignment Problem (LSAP) solver (algorithms, benchmark, gpl, library)kaizhang
KMP60.0Knuth–Morris–Pratt string searching algorithm (algorithms, bsd3, library)CindyLinz
LinearSplit90.0Partition the sequence of items to the subsequences in the order given (algorithms, bsd3, library)VitaliyRukavishnikov
ListTree150.0Trees and monadic trees expressed as monadic lists where the underlying monad is a list (algorithms, bsd3, library)YairChuchem
Munkres40.0Munkres' assignment algorithm (hungarian method) (algorithms, bsd3, library)BalazsKomuves
Munkres-simple20.0Simple and typesafe layer over the Munkres package. (algorithms, bsd3, library)ScrambledEggs
Numbers130.0An assortment of number theoretic functions (algorithms, lgpl, library, number-theory)AdrianNeumann
PropLogic80.0Propositional Logic (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic, program)DavidFox
TrieMap550.0Automatic type inference of generalized tries with Template Haskell. (algorithms, bsd3, library)LouisWasserman
adp-multi60.0ADP for multiple context-free languages (algorithms, bioinformatics, bsd3, data-structures, library)MaikRiechert
adp-multi-monadiccp60.0Subword construction in adp-multi using monadiccp (algorithms, bioinformatics, bsd3, data-structures, library)MaikRiechert
aeson-diff460.0Extract and apply patches to JSON documents. (algorithms, bsd3, json, library, program, web)ThomasSutton
algebraic-graphs142.5A library for algebraic graph construction and transformation (algebra, algorithms, benchmark, data-structures, graphs, library, mit)snowleopard
arithmoi640.0Efficient basic number-theoretic functions. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)CarterSchonwald, DanielFischer, HerbertValerioRiedel, Bodigrim
binary-search200.0Binary and exponential searches (algorithms, bsd3, library)RossPaterson, TakayukiMuranushi
bordacount180.0Implementation of the Borda count election method. (algorithms, bsd3, library)hverr
cmaes130.0CMA-ES wrapper in Haskell (algorithms, library, numerical, optimization)TakayukiMuranushi
concorde30.0Simple interface to the Concorde solver for the Traveling Salesperson Problem (algorithms, bsd3, library)KeeganMcAllister
concurrent-sa60.0Concurrent simulated annealing system. (algorithms, bsd3, concurrency, library)LouisWasserman
cubicspline72.0Natural cubic spline interpolation. (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)GershomBazerman
dgim60.0Implementation of DGIM algorithm (algorithms, data, library, mit)musically_ut
dom-lt90.0The Lengauer-Tarjan graph dominators algorithm. (algorithms, bsd3, graphs, library)MattMorrow
dtw100.0(Fast) Dynamic Time Warping (algorithms, data-mining, library, machine-learning, mit)fho
edit-distance6320.0Levenshtein and restricted Damerau-Levenshtein edit distances (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library)MaxBolingbroke, phadej
edit-distance-vector70.0Calculate edit distances and edit scripts between vectors. (algorithms, bsd3, data, data-structures, library)ThomasSutton
eigen252.0Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers). (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, data, library, math, numeric, statistics)OlegSidorkin
epanet-haskell50.0Haskell binding for EPANET (algorithms, gpl, hydraulics, library)psibi
equivalence1560.0Maintaining an equivalence relation implemented as union-find using STT. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library)PatrickBahr
ersatz302.0A monad for expressing SAT or QSAT problems using observable sharing. (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
ersatz-toysat30.0toysat driver as backend for ersatz (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic)MasahiroSakai
exact-cover40.0Efficient exact cover solver. (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)arthur
fibonacci120.0Fast computation of Fibonacci numbers. (algorithms, bsd3, library, numerical)SebastianFischer
funsat170.0A modern DPLL-style SAT solver (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)DenisBueno
garsia-wachs80.0A Functional Implementation of the Garsia-Wachs Algorithm (algorithms, bsd3, library)NicolasPouillard
genprog60.0Genetic programming library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation)JanSnajder
graph-generators72.0Functions for generating structured or random FGL graphs (algorithms, apache, graphs, library, program)ulikoehler
graphs280.0A simple monadic graph library (algorithms, bsd3, data-structures, graphs, library)EdwardKmett
gutenberg-fibonaccis100.0The first 1001 Fibonacci numbers, retrieved from the Gutenberg Project. (algorithms, gpl, library, math, numeric, numerical)JustinHanekom
heapsort20.0Heapsort of MArrays as a demo of imperative programming (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)BartonMassey
hgal120.0library for computation automorphism group and canonical labelling of a graph (algorithms, data-structures, gpl, library)JeanPhilippeBernardy
hlcm50.0Fast algorithm for mining closed frequent itemsets (algorithms, bsd3, data-mining, library, program)AlexandreTermier
hmm120.0A hidden markov model library (algorithms, bsd3, data-mining, library, machine-learning)MaxRabkin, MikeIzbicki
hps-kmeans20.0A nice implementation of the k-Means algorithm. (algorithms, clustering, data-mining, gpl, library, math, pattern-recognition, statistics)RodrigoGadea
htn40.0resolver using htn algorithm (algorithms, bsd3, library)uj
incremental-sat-solver220.0Simple, Incremental SAT Solving as a Library (algorithms, bsd3, library)SebastianFischer
infinite-search80.0Exhaustively searchable infinite sets. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library, monads, search)LukePalmer
integer-logarithms33240.0Integer logarithms. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)phadej
iproute7570.0IP Routing Table (algorithms, bsd3, library, network)KazuYamamoto
kmeans102.0K-means clustering algorithm (algorithms, bsd3, clustering, data-mining, library)GershomBazerman, MaxRabkin
kmp-dfa60.0KMP algorithm implementation, based on Deterministic Finite State Automata (algorithms, bsd3, library)PaoloVeronelli
lca132.0O(log n) persistent on-line lowest common ancestor calculation without preprocessing (algorithms, bsd3, data-structures, library)EdwardKmett
learning-hmm150.0Yet another library for hidden Markov models (algorithms, library, machine-learning, mit, statistics)mnacamura
libgraph320.0Store and manipulate data in a graph. (algorithms, bsd3, data-structures, library)faddegon
majority50.0Boyer-Moore Majority Vote Algorithm (algorithms, library, public-domain)NisWegmann
markov-chain160.0Markov Chains for generating random sequences with a user definable behaviour. (algorithms, gpl, library)HenningThielemann
maximal-cliques52.0Enumerate all maximal cliques of a graph. (algorithms, bsd3, library)GershomBazerman
mdp40.0Tools for solving Markov Decision Processes. (algorithms, library, math, mit, program)prsteele
moo20.0Genetic algorithm library (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, optimisation, optimization)SergeyAstanin
natural-sort822.0User-friendly text collation (algorithms, bsd3, library)JohnMillikin
nonlinear-optimization-ad50.0Wrapper of nonlinear-optimization package for using with AD package (algorithms, gpl, library, math, optimisation, optimization)MasahiroSakai
palindromes160.0Finding palindromes in strings (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)JohanJeuring
patience160.0Patience diff and longest increasing subsequence (algorithms, bsd3, library, text)KeeganMcAllister
pell50.0Package to solve the Generalized Pell Equation. (algorithms, library, math, mit, number-theory)lbrunjes
pqueue-mtl (deprecated in favor of queuelike)160.0Fully encapsulated monad transformers with queuelike functionality. (algorithms, bsd3, deprecated, library, monads)LouisWasserman
presburger480.0A decision procedure for quantifier-free linear arithmetic. (algorithms, bsd3, library)IavorDiatchki
primes310.0Efficient, purely functional generation of prime numbers (algorithms, bsd3, library, numerical)SebastianFischer
primesieve290.0FFI bindings for the primesieve library. (algorithms, foreign, library, math, mit, number-theory, program)
qchas112.0A library for implementing Quantum Algorithms (algorithms, bsd3, library)23ars
quadratic-irrational80.0An implementation of quadratic irrationals (algorithms, data, library, math, mit)ion
queuelike230.0A library of queuelike data structures, both functional and stateful. (algorithms, bsd3, library)LouisWasserman
rangemin440.0Linear range-min algorithms. (algorithms, bsd3, library)LouisWasserman
raz20.0Random Access Zippers (algorithms, benchmark, library, mit)lyxia
rspp20.0A Rational Street Performer Protocol solver (algorithms, library, mit)AlexChapman
sat120.0CNF SATisfier (algorithms, gpl, program)AndriiZvorygin
sat-micro-hs60.0A minimal SAT solver (algorithms, lgpl, program)DenisBueno
satchmo-backends120.0driver for external satchmo backends (algorithms, gpl, library)JohannesWaldmann
satchmo-examples90.0examples that show how to use satchmo (algorithms, gpl, program)JohannesWaldmann
satchmo-funsat40.0funsat driver as backend for satchmo (algorithms, gpl, library)JohannesWaldmann
satchmo-toysat20.0toysat driver as backend for satchmo (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic)MasahiroSakai
seqalign110.0Sequence Alignment (algorithms, bsd3, library)rcallahan
set-cover160.0Solve exact set cover problems like Sudoku, 8 Queens, Soma Cube, Tetris Cube (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)HenningThielemann
sgd150.0Stochastic gradient descent (algorithms, bsd3, library, math)JakubWaszczuk
smartGroup120.0group strings or bytestrings by words in common (algorithms, bsd3, library)SamAnklesaria
spacefill30.0Generators for space-filling curves. (algorithms, library, public-domain)knz
stable-marriage50.0algorithms around stable marriage (algorithms, bsd3, library)KatsutoshiItoh
strips40.0resolver using strips algorithm (algorithms, bsd3, library)uj
svm-simple120.0Medium level, simplified, bindings to libsvm (ai, algorithms, bsd3, library, pattern-classification, support-vector-machine)VilleTirronen
teams90.0Graphical modeling tools for sequential teams (algorithms, gpl, library, stochastic-control)AdityaMahajan
text-metrics470.0Calculate various string metrics efficiently (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, library, text)mrkkrp
toysolver160.0Assorted decision procedures for SAT, Max-SAT, PB, MIP, etc (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, constraints, library, logic, optimisation, optimization, program, theorem-provers)MasahiroSakai
tsne110.0t-SNE (algorithms, lgpl, library, program)robagar
twentyseven30.0Rubik's cube solver (algorithms, library, mit, program)lyxia
unification-fd142.0Simple generic unification algorithms. (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, language, library, logic, unification)WrenThornton
union-find420.0Efficient union and equivalence testing of sets. (algorithms, bsd3, data, library)ThomasSchilling
union-find-array50.0union find data structure (algorithms, data, library, mit)BertramFelgenhauer, MartinAvanzini
wordsearch60.0A word search solver library and executable (algorithms, bsd3, library, program)ByronJohnson
yices-easy30.0Simple interface to the Yices SMT (SAT modulo theories) solver. (algorithms, bsd3, library, math, theorem-provers)KeeganMcAllister