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Hish110.0 (bsd3, command-line, console, library, program, shell)jaiyalas
Win32-console30.0Binding to the Win32 console API (bsd3, console, library, user-interfaces)siracusa
argparser80.0Command line parsing framework for console applications (bsd3, console, library)sbergot
buffer-pipe50.0Read from stdin and write to stdout in large blocks (bsd3, console, program)HenningThielemann
cltw40.0Command line Twitter utility (bsd3, console, program, utils)DinoMorelli
cmdargs17622.0Command line argument processing (bsd3, console, library)NeilMitchell
cmdargs-browser70.0Helper to enter cmdargs command lines using a web browser (bsd3, console, program)NeilMitchell
cmdtheline100.0Declarative command-line option parsing and documentation library. (console, library, mit)EliFrey
configuration-tools252.0Tools for specifying and parsing configurations (configuration, console, library, mit)larsk
console-program312.0Interpret the command line and a config file as commands and options (bsd3, console, library, system)AriePeterson
credentials-cli60.0Secure Credentials Administration (aws, console, network, program, security)BrendanHay
csv-to-qif60.0A small program that will read csv files and create qif files (bsd3, console, program, text)palo
cutter40.0Cut files according to a position list (bsd3, console, program)HenningThielemann
dapi10.0Prints a series of dates (bsd3, console, program)OmariNorman
docopt162.25A command-line interface parser that will make you smile (console, library, mit)ryanartecona
epub-tools260.0Command line utilities for working with epub files (application, bsd3, console, program)DinoMorelli
epubname (deprecated in favor of epub-tools)80.0Rename epub ebook files based on meta information (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program)DinoMorelli
equal-files150.0Shell command for finding equal files (console, gpl, program)HenningThielemann
follower30.0Follow Tweets anonymously (application, console, gpl, program, web)EmreBasar
garepinoh40.0reverse prefix notation calculator and calculation library (console, library, math, program, public-domain, tools)MekeorMelire
getopt-generics360.0Create command line interfaces with ease (bsd3, console, library, system)SoenkeHahn, qoelet
ginsu130.0Ginsu Gale Client (console, mit, network, program)DylanSimon
givegif30.0CLI Giphy search tool with previews in iTerm 2 (bsd3, console, library, program)passy
group-by-date100.0Shell command for grouping files by dates into folders (bsd3, console, program)HenningThielemann
hable70.0customizable pretty printer library for tables (console, library, public-domain)MekeorMelire
hascal140.0tiny calculator library and command-line program (console, gpl, library, math, parsing, program, tools, utility, utils)DagOdenhall, MekeorMelire
haskdeep30.0Computes and audits file hashes. (bsd3, console, cryptography, program, system)MauroTaraborelli
haskell-awk70.0Transform text from the command-line using Haskell expressions. (apache, console, library, program)MarioPastorelli, gelisam
hello140.0Hello World, an example package (bsd3, console, program, text)SimonMarlow
hflags170.0Command line flag parser, very similar to Google's gflags (apache, console, library)GergelyRisko, MihalyBarasz
historian40.0Extract the interesting bits from shell history (bsd3, console, program)MaxRabkin
hledger1592.5Command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool (benchmark, console, finance, gpl, library, program)SimonMichael
hledger-diff230.0Compares the transactions in two ledger files. (console, finance, gpl, program)gebner
hledger-iadd510.0A terminal UI as drop-in replacement for hledger add (bsd3, console, finance, library, program)hpdeifel
hledger-ui770.0Curses-style user interface for the hledger accounting tool (console, finance, gpl)SimonMichael
hranker50.0Basic utility for ranking a list of items (bsd3, console, program)RobinGreen
hscrtmpl100.0Haskell shell script template (application, console, program, scripting)DinoMorelli
hscurses-fish-ex60.0hscurses swimming fish example (bsd3, console, development, education, help, program, user-interfaces)DinoMorelli
hskeleton60.0Skeleton for new Haskell programs (bsd3, console, library)RobinGreen
hspresent80.0A terminal presentation tool (bsd3, console, library, program)EvanKlitzke
hsprocess (deprecated in favor of haskell-awk)20.0The Haskell Stream Processor command line utility (console, deprecated, gpl, library, program)MarioPastorelli
hunch30.0CSS-like syntax for file system manipulation. (console, mit, program)loganbraga
hunp50.0Unpacker tool with DWIM (console, gpl, program, utils)DenizDogan
hunt-server-cli10.0A Command line Interface for the Hunt server. (console, mit, program)alexbiehl
husky120.0A simple command line calculator. (console, gpl, program)MarkusDittrich
internetmarke60.0Shell command for constructing custom stamps for German Post (console, gpl, graphics, program)HenningThielemann
ip6addr280.0Commandline tool to generate IPv6 address text representations (bsd3, console, network, program)MichelBoucey
itemfield190.0A brick Widget for selectable summary of many elements on a terminal (bsd3, console, graphics, library)KevinQuick
matchers160.0Text matchers (bsd3, console, library)OmariNorman
mbox-utility70.0List contents of an mbox file containing e-mails (bsd3, console, program)HenningThielemann
mdo40.0Command-line tool to run a command on each of the items. (bsd3, console, program)AudreyTang
misfortune110.0fortune-mod clone (console, game, library, program, public-domain)JamesCook
multiarg330.0Command lines for options that take multiple arguments (bsd3, console, library, parsing)OmariNorman
no-buffering-workaround10.0Workaround for GHC bug #2189. (apache, console, library)arotenberg
only370.0A grep-like tool for filtering on words or lines. (console, gpl, program)AndrewRobbins
opn50.0Open files or URLs using associated programs. (application, bsd3, console, program)AndersClaesson
options100.0A powerful and easy-to-use command-line option parser. (console, library, mit)JohnMillikin
options-time60.0Command-line option types for dates and times. (console, library, mit)JohnMillikin
parse-help10.0generate command line arguments from a --help output (bsd3, console, library)GregWeber
parseargs420.0Full-featured command-line argument parsing library. (bsd3, console, library, program)BartonMassey
pasty40.0A simple command line pasting utility (console, gpl, program)MarkusDittrich
pb20.0pastebin command line application (application, bsd3, console, network, program, utils)DominikPicheta
penny110.0Extensible double-entry accounting system (bsd3, console, finance, library)OmariNorman
penny-bin (deprecated in favor of penny)130.0Deprecated - use penny package instead (bsd3, console, deprecated, finance)OmariNorman
penny-lib (deprecated in favor of penny)140.0Deprecated - use penny package instead (bsd3, console, deprecated, finance)OmariNorman
photoname170.0Rename photo image files based on EXIF shoot date (application, bsd3, console, program)DinoMorelli
pwstore-cli80.0Command line interface for the pwstore library (console, cryptography, gpl, program)RobertHelgesson
readline480.0An interface to the GNU readline library (console, gpl, library)JanStolarek
runghc90.0runghc replacement for fast repeated runs (console, gpl, program)MikeZuser
spelling-suggest150.0Spelling suggestion tool with library and command-line interfaces. (bsd3, console, library, program, text)BartonMassey, GregWeber
structured-cli740.0Application library for building interactive console CLIs (bsd3, console, library, program)erick
termplot10.0Plot time series in your terminal using commands stdout (console, mit, program)jimenezrick
themplate70.0Project templating tool (application, bsd3, console, development, program, template)BennoFuenfstueck
thimk (deprecated in favor of spelling-suggest)50.0Command-line spelling word suggestion tool (application, bsd3, console, deprecated, program, text)BartonMassey
timecalc50.0 (console, mit, program)ChrisEidhof
tkhs240.0Simple Presentation Utility (bsd3, console)YusakuHashimoto
toilet40.0Manage the toilet queue at the IMO (console, gpl, program)HenningThielemann
txt-sushi150.0The SQL link in your *NIX chain (bsd3, console, database, library, program)KeithSheppard
uniq-deep40.0uniq-deep (console, program, public-domain)ncaq
ztail120.0Multi-file, colored, filtered log tailer. (bsd3, console, program, system)DylanSimon