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attoparsec-time140.04Attoparsec parsers of time (attoparsec, library, mit, parsers, time)2021-12-131.0.3NikitaVolkov
bookhound-format40.00Parsers for usual data formats (library, parsers)2023-05-
definitive-parser10.03A parser combinator library for the Definitive framework (library, parsers)2014-11-112.1MarcCoiffier
headed-megaparsec530.02More informative parser (library, megaparsec, mit, parsers, parsing)2023-03-
matrix-market-attoparsec112.03Parsing and serialization functions for the NIST Matrix Market format (bsd2, library, parsers)2020-01-
nmis-parser20.01NMIS file parser (bsd3, library, parsers, text)2018-11-
ping-parser-attoparsec10.01Attoparsec parsers of ping utility (apache, attoparsec, library, parsers, program)2017-09-
tahoe-chk60.00The Tahoe-LAFS' Content-Hash-Key (CHK) cryptographic protocol. (bsd3, cryptography, library, parsers, program, security)2023-08-
tahoe-directory40.00Tahoe-LAFS directory-like abstraction for collections of data objects. (bsd3, cryptography, library, parsers, security)2023-08-
tahoe-ssk40.00An implementation of the Tahoe-LAFS SSK cryptographic protocols (bsd3, cryptography, library, parsers, program, security)2023-08-