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SCalendar (deprecated in favor of scalendar)321.25This is a library for handling calendars and resource availability based on the "top-nodes algorithm" and set operations. (deprecated, library, mit, time)2017-09-11sebasHack
attoparsec-time910.0Attoparsec parsers of time (attoparsec, library, mit, parsers, time)2017-08-28NikitaVolkov
bank-holiday-usa220.0A library for determining US bank holidays (library, mit, time)2016-01-21tippenein
distance-of-time190.0Generate readable distances between times. (library, mit, time)2017-02-06joshuaclayton
ebeats210.0Time in ebeats (bsd3, library, time)2012-02-23BrianLewis
haskell-time-range140.0Some useful wrappers and functions for building time ranges (bsd3, lenses, library, time)2017-04-04schalmers
herf-time210.0haskell time manipulation in a 'kerf like' style. (bsd3, kerf, library, time)2016-01-22scottmurphy09
hodatime90.0A fully featured date/time library based on Nodatime (bsd3, data, library, time)2017-09-15jason_j
hora570.0date time (library, public-domain, system, time)2016-12-16procione
hourglass3800.0simple performant time related library (bsd3, library, time)2018-02-04VincentHanquez
hourglass-fuzzy-parsing130.0A small library for parsing more human friendly date/time formats. (bsd3, library, parsing, time)2015-07-24TannerDoshier
human-readable-duration400.0Provide duration helper (benchmark, bsd3, library, time)2016-07-15yogsototh
iso8601-time560.0Convert to/from the ISO 8601 time format (library, mit, time)2015-08-19AndrasSlemmer, NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
japanese-holidays70.0Japanese holidays utility (bsd3, library, time)2017-06-20cohei
leapseconds60.0 (bsd3, library, time)2016-11-20AshleyYakeley
ntp-control100.0Client library for NTP control messaging (bsd3, library, network, time)2014-03-03GracjanPolak, MagnusCarlsson
o-clock300.0Type-safe time library. (library, mit, program, time)2018-02-11int_index, shersh, vrom911
rdtsc-enolan140.0Binding to sources of high-efficiency, high-precision, monotonically increasing relative time. (bsd3, foreign-binding, library, time)2012-10-11EchoNolan
rfc3339330.0Parse and display time according to RFC3339 (deprecated) (bsd3, library, time, web)2015-04-11HugoGomes
scalendar301.75A library for handling calendars and resource availability over time. (calendar, library, mit, time)2017-10-03stackbuilders, sestrella, sebasHack
tai100.0Support library to enable TAI usage on systems with time kept in UTC. (bsd3, library, system, time)2017-04-26davean
tiempo280.0Specify time intervals in different units (secs, mins, hours, etc.) (data, library, mit, time)2015-09-01RomanGonzalez
time9402.0A time library (bsd3, library, time)2018-01-25AshleyYakeley, DonaldStewart, IanLynagh
time-cache130.0Cache current time and formatted time text (library, public-domain, system, time)2016-03-15akrasner
time-exts800.0Yet another time library (bsd3, library, time)2017-11-28EnzoHaussecker
time-http340.0Parse and format HTTP/1.1 Date and Time strings (library, public-domain, time, web)2012-01-03MasatakeDaimon
time-out150.0Timers, timeouts, alarms, monadic wrappers (control, library, monad, public-domain, time, timeout)2016-05-30akrasner
time-patterns620.0Patterns for recurring events. (bsd3, data, library, time)2017-01-13jfmueller
time-qq160.0Quasi-quoter for UTCTime times (bsd3, library, quasiquotes, time)2017-06-07ChristianMarie
timemap570.0A mutable hashmap, implicitly indexed by UTCTime. (bsd3, data, library, time)2017-11-24athanclark
timerep600.0Parse and display time according to some RFCs (RFC3339, RFC2822, RFC822) (bsd3, library, parser, text, time, web)2016-07-06HugoGomes, koral
timezone-unix60.0 (bsd3, library, time)2016-11-25AshleyYakeley
utc320.0A pragmatic time and date library. (data, library, mit, parsing, time)2015-06-17LarsPetersen
workdays170.0Workday calculations (library, mit, time)2016-11-17jsl, jpvillaisaza, stackbuilders