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HUnit-Plus370.0A test framework building on HUnit. (bsd3, library, test, testing)2017-04-10emc2
arith-encode120.0A practical arithmetic encoding (aka Godel numbering) library. (bsd3, data, library, serialization, test, testing)2014-10-14emc2
chuchu520.0Behaviour Driven Development like Cucumber for Haskell (library, test)2014-04-06FelipeLessa, MarcoSilva
enumeration80.0A practical API for building recursive enumeration procedures and enumerating datatypes. (bsd3, data, library, serialization, test, testing)2014-10-16emc2
find-source-files60.0Initial project template from stack (library, mit, test)2016-12-05oisdk
fixie70.0Opininated testing framework for mtl style (spies, stubs, and mocks) (bsd3, library, test)2016-12-23jxv
hedgehog-gen-json410.0JSON generators for Hedgehog (library, mit, test)2018-05-09amrhassan
hlint-test60.0Run hlint in test suite (bsd3, library, program, test)2017-12-29yrid
hpc-tracer60.0Tracer with AJAX interface (bsd3, program, test, trace)2008-10-08AndyGill
hspec-structured-formatter130.0 (library, mit, test)2016-01-10flbulgarelli
http-test450.0Test framework for HTTP APIs (bsd3, library, program, test, web)2016-03-03glutamate
microspec210.0Tiny QuickCheck test library with minimal dependencies (bsd3, library, test, testing)2016-09-05TomMurphy
multivariant60.0Multivariant assignments generation language (bsd3, library, program, test)2017-01-31MZiatdinov
props120.0Reusable quickcheck properties (bsd3, library, test)2014-08-12AlecHeller
quickcheck-regex110.0Generate regex-constrained strings for QuickCheck (library, public-domain, quickcheck, regex, test)2014-05-20AudreyTang
quickcheck-relaxng70.0Generate RelaxNG-constrained XML documents for QuickCheck (hxt, library, public-domain, quickcheck, relaxng, test, xml)2014-05-21AudreyTang
quickcheck-string-random80.0Helper to build generators with Text.StringRandom (bsd3, library, test)2018-01-15hiratara
random-strings100.0Generate random strings with specific qualities (bsd3, library, program, test, text-)2016-07-26mikehat
serial-test-generators150.0Test your 'Aeson' 'Serialize' and 'Binary' instances for stability over time (library, mit, test)2014-12-23scottmurphy09
tasty-groundhog-converters50.0Tasty Tests for groundhog converters (bsd3, library, test)2016-03-18scottmurphy09
test-fixture432.25Test monadic side-effects (bsd3, library, test)2017-10-30jxv, lexi_lambda
test-karya240.0Testing framework. (bsd3, haskell, library, program, test)2018-06-09
testCom (deprecated in favor of doctest)150.0Write your tests in comments (deprecated, library, test)2017-10-31nobrakal