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FpMLv53150.01A binding for the Financial Products Markup Language (v5.3) (financial, library, xml)2012-06-190.1MalcolmWallace
HXQ330.01A Compiler from XQuery to Haskell (bsd3, library, xml)2016-01-070.20.1LeonidasFegaras
HaXPath50.00An XPath-generating embedded domain specific language. (bsd3, library, xml)2023-03-
HaXml1350.053Utilities for manipulating XML documents (lgpl, library, program, text, xml)2023-07-131.25.13JensPetersen, MalcolmWallace, phadej
X260.01A light-weight XML library (library, text, xml)2019-11-
XMLParser222.251A library to parse xml (gpl, library, xml)2019-05-
atom-conduit440.02Streaming parser/renderer for the Atom 1.0 standard (RFC 4287). (conduit, library, public-domain, xml)2020-12-
aws-sdk-xml-unordered80.01The xml parser for aws-sdk package (bsd3, library, xml)2014-08-060.3.1ShoheiYasutake
c14n400.01Bindings to the c14n implementation in libxml. (library, mit, xml)2023-07-
cmathml320.01Data model, parser, serialiser and transformations for Content MathML 3 (bsd3, library, program, xml)2012-04-010.1AndrewMiller
composite-xml30.00RecXML Type (composite, data, library, mit, xml)2022-07-
concrete-relaxng-parser30.01A parser driven by a standard RELAX NG schema with concrete syntax extensions. (parsing, program, xml)2012-08-230.1.1MarioBlazevic
dom-parser580.01Simple monadic DOM parser (library, mit, xml)2024-01-303.2.0AlekseyUymanov, mniip, typeable
dtd-text130.02Parse and render XML DTDs (bsd3, data, library, parsing, text, xml)2014-01-, M15K
dtd-types290.03Basic types for representing XML DTDs (bsd3, data, library, text, xml)2018-11-, M15K
expat-enumerator (deprecated)50.01Enumerator-based API for Expat (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2010-12-
fadno-xml220.02XML/XSD combinators/schemas/codegen (bsd2, library, music, xml)2024-01-201.2.1spopejoy
fast-tagsoup280.03Fast parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML/XML documents (bsd3, library, xml)2017-07-041.0.14VladimirShabanov
fast-tagsoup-utf8-only110.01Fast parser for tagsoup package (bsd3, library, xml)2013-12-111.0.5MikhailKuddah
flight-kml30.01Parsing of pilot tracklogs dumped as KML. (data, flight, geography, gps, kml, library, mpl, parsing, xml)2018-09-111.0.1philderbeast
formlets (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors)210.06Formlets implemented in Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)2010-12-220.8ChrisEidhof, DougBeardsley
formlets-hsp (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors-hsp)40.02HSP support for Formlets (bsd3, deprecated, library, text, user-interfaces, web, xml)2010-10-182.3.1JeremyShaw
generic-xml30.01Marshalling Haskell values to/from XML (bsd3, library, xml)2007-07-100.1ShaeErisson
generic-xmlpickler160.03Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using GHC Generics (bsd3, data, library, xml)2019-11-, ErikHesselink
google-mail-filters40.01Write GMail filters and output to importable XML (bsd3, data, library, web, xml)2016-03-310.0.1.2LiyangHu
hexml620.03XML subset DOM parser (bsd3, library, xml)2018-09-100.3.4NeilMitchell
hexpat1070.027XML parser/formatter based on expat (bsd3, library, xml)2017-06-210.20.13EvanMartin, StephenBlackheath
hexpat-iteratee70.01Chunked XML parsing using iteratees (bsd3, library, xml)2010-06-040.6StephenBlackheath
hexpat-lens210.01Lenses for Hexpat. (library, mit, xml)2020-06-170.1.9JosephAbrahamson, OliverCharles
hexpat-pickle270.04XML picklers based on hexpat, source-code-similar to those of the HXT package (bsd3, library, xml)2012-04-270.6StephenBlackheath
hexpat-pickle-generic (deprecated)90.01Picklers for de/serialising Generic data types to and from XML (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, xml)2013-10-280.1.7BrendanHay
hexpat-tagsoup110.02Parse (possibly malformed) HTML to hexpat tree (bsd3, library, xml)2011-05-060.1StephenBlackheath
hextream300.00Streaming-friendly XML parsers (library, parsing, xml)2021-02-
html-parse-util80.00Utility functions for working with html-parse (bsd3, library, text, xml)2023-06-290.2.3TonyZorman
html-tokenizer180.01An "attoparsec"-based HTML tokenizer (html, library, mit, parsing, xml)2018-02-050.6.4NikitaVolkov
hw-xml442.01XML parser based on succinct data structures. (bsd3, data, data-structures, library, program, succinct-data-structures, xml)2024-01-, haskellworks
hxt1280.099A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell. (library, mit, xml)2021-03-, UweSchmidt
hxt-binary30.02Serialisation and deserialisation of HXT XmlTrees. (library, xml)2010-03-100.0.2UweSchmidt
hxt-cache120.02Cache for HXT XML Documents and other binary data (library, xml)2016-10-
hxt-css140.01CSS selectors for HXT (bsd3, html, library, xml)2016-08-
hxt-curl180.03LibCurl interface for HXT (library, xml)2015-02-
hxt-expat250.02Expat parser for HXT (library, xml)2012-01-129.1.1UweSchmidt
hxt-extras230.03Extra functions for HXT (bsd3, library, xml)2011-09-110.4.1ThomasDuBuisson, TonyMorris
hxt-filter70.03A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell (Filter variant). (library, xml)2010-03-158.4.2UweSchmidt
hxt-http260.02Interface to native Haskell HTTP package HTTP (library, mit, xml)2015-02-
hxt-pickle-utils120.03Utility functions for using HXT picklers. (bsd3, library, xml)2015-04-, ErikHesselink
hxt-relaxng370.02The HXT RelaxNG validator (library, mit, xml)2015-02-
hxt-tagsoup180.03TagSoup parser for HXT (library, xml)2016-09-169.1.4UweSchmidt
hxt-xpath430.07The XPath modules for HXT. (library, xml)2015-02-
hxt-xslt180.01The XSLT modules for HXT. (library, xml)2015-02-
hxthelper30.02Helper functions for HXT (library, xml)2010-10-050.2.2StefanWehr
invertible-hxt340.02invertible transformer instances for HXT Picklers (bsd3, composition, library, xml)2017-03-070.1DylanSimon
islink210.01Check if an HTML element is a link (bsd3, html, library, xml)2014-10-
keylayouts240.00Tools for macOS .keylayout files (configuration, library, mit, xml)2020-12-
libxml440.04Binding to libxml2 (bsd3, library, xml)2008-06-180.1.1DavidHimmelstrup, DonaldStewart
libxml-enumerator (deprecated)100.01Enumerator-based API for libXML's SAX interface (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2011-04-060.5JohnMillikin
libxml-sax400.05Bindings for the libXML2 SAX interface (foreign, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)2014-02-150.7.5StephenWeber
libxslt30.01Binding to libxslt (bsd3, foreign-binding, library, text, xml)2009-09-130.1
musicxml40.02MusicXML format encoded as Haskell type and functions of reading and writting. (bsd3, library, music, text, xml)2009-08-040.1.2SamuelSilva
opml-conduit390.01Streaming parser/renderer for the OPML 2.0 format. (conduit, library, public-domain, text, xml)2020-08-
parsec-tagsoup100.01Parsec parsers for Tagsoup tag streams (library, public-domain, xml)2011-12-300.1PepeIborra
plist80.01Generate and parse Mac OS X property list format (bsd3, library, xml)2015-02-260.0.6YurasShumovich
polysoup310.06Online XML parsing with polyparse and tagsoup (bsd3, library, xml)2020-03-090.6.4JakubWaszczuk
property-list180.03Apple property list parser (data, library, parsing, public-domain, xml)2015-06-
pugixml70.01pugixml binding. (library, mit, text, xml)2016-11-050.3.3NeilMitchell, HirotomoMoriwaki
pxsl-tools180.01Parsimonious XML Shorthand Language--to-XML compiler (program, xml)2008-08-251.0.1TomMoertel
quickcheck-relaxng40.01Generate RelaxNG-constrained XML documents for QuickCheck (hxt, library, public-domain, quickcheck, relaxng, test, xml)2014-05-210.0.2AudreyTang
regular-xmlpickler (deprecated in favor of generic-xmlpickler)60.04Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using Regular. (bsd3, data, deprecated, library, xml)2014-04-040.2AdamBergmark, ErikHesselink
rss-conduit590.01Streaming parser/renderer for the RSS standard. (conduit, library, public-domain, xml)2020-11-
selectors50.01CSS Selectors for DOM traversal (bsd3, library, xml)2013-12-
sxml250.01A SXML-parser (library, public-domain, text, xml)2017-01-
symantic-atom20.00Library for reading and writing Atom. (gpl, library, text, xml)2020-08-
symantic-xml40.01Library for reading, validating and writing XML. (gpl, library, text, xml)2020-08-
tagchup470.03alternative package for processing of tag soups (library, xml)2023-01-
tagsoup2272.594Parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML/XML documents (bsd3, library, xml)2019-05-010.14.8NeilMitchell
tagsoup-ht (deprecated in favor of tagchup)30.02alternative parser for the tagsoup package (deprecated, library, program, xml)2009-03-040.3HenningThielemann
tagsoup-megaparsec62.01A Tag token parser and Tag specific parsing combinators (bsd3, library, xml)2016-08-
text-xml-generic20.01Serialize Data to XML (strings). (library, xml)2010-06-140.1.1OscarFinnsson
tinyXml80.00A fast DOM parser for a subset of XML (bsd3, library, program, xml)2017-01-
tofromxml40.01Reading and writing Haskell data from and to XML (bsd3, library, xml)2014-12-
twiml190.01TwiML library for Haskell (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)2018-05-
wraxml190.01Lazy wrapper to HaXML, HXT, TagSoup via custom XML tree structure (gpl, library, xml)2023-09-300.5HenningThielemann
wsdl60.01WSDL parsing in Haskell (gpl, library, xml)2016-01-
xeno830.07A fast event-based XML parser in pure Haskell (bsd3, library, parser, xml)2022-08-290.6ChrisDone, MichalGajda, ocramz
xhtml630.050An XHTML combinator library (bsd3, library, pretty-printer, web, xml)2023-07-213000.3.0.0BenGamari, BjornBringert, ChrisDornan, HerbertValerioRiedel, IanLynagh
xleb20.01A simple monadic language for parsing XML structures. (bsd3, library, xml)2017-10-190.1.0gdritter
xml2042.25101A simple XML library. (bsd3, library, text, xml)2015-02-231.3.14DonaldStewart, IavorDiatchki
xml-basic330.05Basics for XML/HTML representation and processing (bsd3, library, xml)2023-01-
xml-conduit3872.0121Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the conduit package. (conduit, library, mit, xml)2023-06-, koral
xml-conduit-decode40.01Historical cursors & decoding on top of xml-conduit. (library, mit, xml)2016-06-
xml-conduit-parse160.04Streaming XML parser based on conduits. (conduit, library, text, xml)2017-11-
xml-enumerator (deprecated in favor of xml-conduit)400.011Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the enumerator package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, xml)2012-01-
xml-enumerator-combinators20.01Parser combinators for xml-enumerator and compatible XML parsers. (bsd3, enumerator, library, xml)2011-04-060.1AristidBreitkreuz
xml-extractors190.02Extension to the xml package to extract data from parsed xml (bsd3, library, xml)2021-01-
xml-helpers300.02Some useful helper functions for the xml library. (bsd3, library, text, xml)2011-04-031.0.0AdamWick
xml-lens370.08Lenses, traversals, and prisms for xml-conduit (bsd3, library, xml)2022-05-150.3.1FumiakiKinoshita
xml-monad80.02Monadic extensions to the xml package. (bsd3, library, text, xml)2011-01-130.5AristidBreitkreuz
xml-optics340.01Optics for xml-conduit (bsd3, library, xml)2021-11-210.2.0Poscat
xml-picklers360.04XML picklers based on xml-types, ported from hexpat-pickle (bsd3, library, xml)2015-04-010.3.6PhilippBalzarek
xml-pipe140.03XML parser which uses simple-pipe (bsd3, library, xml)2014-08-
xml-query50.02A parser-agnostic declarative API for querying XML-documents (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2021-06-
xml-query-xml-conduit50.01A binding for the "xml-query" and "xml-conduit" libraries (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2016-04-040.3.1NikitaVolkov
xml-query-xml-types40.01An interpreter of "xml-query" queries for the "xml-types" documents (data, library, mit, parsing, xml)2016-04-040.4.1NikitaVolkov
xml-to-json300.01Library and command line tool for converting XML files to json (library, mit, program, web, xml)2015-03-302.0.1NoamLewis
xml-to-json-fast180.01Fast, light converter of xml to json capable of handling huge xml files (json, library, mit, program, web, xml)2015-03-302.0.0NoamLewis
xml-tydom-conduit40.01Typed XML encoding for an xml-conduit backend. (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)2017-02-
xml-tydom-core50.01Typed XML encoding (core library). (bsd3, library, text, web, xml)2017-02-
xml-types2020.064Basic types for representing XML (library, mit, text, xml)2020-07-130.3.8StephenWeber
xml2html240.03blaze-html instances for xml-conduit types (deprecated) (bsd3, library, xml)2012-08-200.2.0MichaelSnoyman
xmlbf580.07XML back and forth! Parser, renderer, ToXml, FromXml, fixpoints. (apache, library, text, xml)2022-12-080.7RenzoCarbonara
xmlbf-xeno600.02xeno backend support for the xmlbf library. (apache, library, text, xml)2022-12-080.2.2RenzoCarbonara
xmlbf-xmlhtml480.01xmlhtml backend support for the xmlbf library. (apache, html, library, text, xml)2022-12-080.2.2RenzoCarbonara
xmlgen650.04Fast XML generation library (bsd3, library, text, xml)2018-03-
xmlhtml660.029XML parser and renderer with HTML 5 quirks mode (bsd3, library, text, xml)2023-02-, DougBeardsley, GregoryCollins, JasperVanDerJeugt, imalsogreg, cydparser
xsd180.07XML Schema data structures (bsd3, library, xml)2021-07-220.6.2StefanWehr, ThomasDuBuisson, TonyMorris