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THEff190.0TH implementation of effects. (bsd3, control, effect, library, th)kolodeznydiver
cprng-aes-effect90.0Run random effect using cprng-aes, a crypto pseudo number generator. (crypto, effect, library, mit)ibotty
crypto-random-effect260.0A random effect using crypto-random (crypto, effect, library, mit)ibotty
effin470.0A Typeable-free implementation of extensible effects (bsd3, control, effect, library)AnthonyVandikas
extensible-effects962.25An Alternative to Monad Transformers (control, effect, library, mit)BenFoppa, RomanCheplyaka, shergill
log-effect80.0An extensible log effect using extensible-effects (control, effect, library, logging, mit)ibotty
mysql-effect30.0An extensible mysql effect using extensible-effects and mysql-simple (database, effect, library, mit)ibotty
random-eff20.0A simple random generator library for extensible-effects (bsd3, control, effect, library)HiromiIshii
random-effin20.0A simple random generator library for effin (bsd3, control, effect, library)HiromiIshii
resource-effect20.0A port of the package 'resourcet' for extensible effects. (bsd3, control, effect, library)ClarkGaebel
system-random-effect120.0Random number generation for extensible effects. (benchmark, bsd3, effect, library, system)ClarkGaebel