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HLogger (deprecated in favor of hlogger)190.0Simple, concurrent and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging, program)2011-03-02JonKristensen
SessionLogger120.0Easy Loggingframework (lgpl, library, logging)2011-07-06GeroKriependorf
co-log452.0Logging library (library, logging, mpl, program)2018-10-01shersh, vrom911
co-log-core440.0Logging library (library, logging, mpl)2018-10-01shersh, vrom911
df1270.0Type, render and parse the df1 hierarchical structured log format (bsd3, library, logging)2018-09-07RenzoCarbonara
di490.0Typeful hierarchical structured logging using di, mtl and df1. (bsd3, library, logging)2018-10-01RenzoCarbonara
di-core240.0Typeful hierarchical structured logging without monad towers. (bsd3, library, logging)2018-08-05RenzoCarbonara
di-df1150.0Write logs in the df1 format using the di logging framework (bsd3, library, logging)2018-05-08RenzoCarbonara
di-handle190.0IO support for file handles in di-core (bsd3, library, logging)2018-05-07RenzoCarbonara
di-monad510.0mtl flavoured typeful hierarchical structured logging for di-core. (bsd3, library, logging)2018-10-01RenzoCarbonara
graflog400.0Monadic correlated log events (bsd3, library, logging)2017-02-15marnold
greg-client120.0A scalable distributed logger with a high-precision global time axis. (bsd3, library, logging)2011-03-09EugeneKirpichov
hlogger (deprecated)120.0Simple, concurrent, extendable and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging)2011-04-12JonKristensen
hsmisc (deprecated)140.0A collection of miscellaneous modules (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging, monads, parsing)2015-06-29DinoMorelli
katip2460.0A structured logging framework. (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)2018-10-09MichaelXavier
katip-elasticsearch1000.0ElasticSearch scribe for the Katip logging framework. (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)2018-10-01MichaelXavier
katip-kafka100.0Katip scribe to send logs to Kafka (bsd3, library, logging)2018-04-28AlekseyUymanov
katip-rollbar130.0Katip scribe that logs to Rollbar (bsd3, library, logging)2018-02-19joneshf
katip-scalyr-scribe120.0A katip scribe for logging to json (bsd3, library, logging)2018-03-14reactormonk
located-monad-logger (deprecated in favor of monad-logger)140.0Location-aware logging without Template Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging)2017-06-08pavelkogan
log-effect670.0An extensible log effect using extensible-effects (control, effect, library, logging, mit)2018-10-02ibotty, sickmind
log-effect-syslog180.0Syslog functions for log-effect (bsd3, control, effect, library, logging, syslog)2018-05-10sickmind
log-warper680.0Flexible, configurable, monadic and pretty logging (library, logging, mit, program)2018-04-07Artyom, gromak, volhovm, shersh
log2json80.0Turn log file records into JSON. (json, library, logging, program, text, tools, utils)2012-11-02HaroldLee
monad-logger-json110.0JSON-friendly Logging APIs (library, logging, mit)2015-03-31MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
monad-logger-syslog170.0syslog output for monad-logger (library, logging, mit)2017-05-13GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
raven-haskell370.0Haskell client for Sentry logging service. (library, logging, mit)2017-11-18AlexanderBondarenko
rollbar332.0error tracking through (library, logging, mit)2018-02-14GregWeber, SeanLeather, azara
rotating-log222.0Size-limited, concurrent, automatically-rotating log writer. (bsd3, library, logging)2018-01-18MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
simple-log1640.0Simple log for Haskell (bsd3, library, logging)2018-10-08AlexandrRuchkin
simple-log-syslog150.0Syslog backend for simple-log (bsd3, library, logging)2013-02-02AlexandrRuchkin
simple-logger280.0A very simple but efficient logging framework (library, logging, mit)2017-07-25AlexanderThiemann
simple-logging570.0Logging effect to plug into the simple-effects framework (library, logging, mit)2018-10-15darwin226
trifecta2322.0A modern parser combinator library with convenient diagnostics (bsd3, diagnostics, library, logging, parsing, pretty-printer, text)2018-07-03EdwardKmett, EricMertens, quchen, ryanglscott
tslogger140.0Thread-safe logging, with additional interleaving fuzz-testing. (bsd3, library, logging)2017-04-03RyanNewton, peter_fogg
yet-another-logger1290.0Yet Another Logger (apache, library, logging, program, system)2018-10-05larsk