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HLogger (deprecated in favor of hlogger)20.0Simple, concurrent and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging, program)JonKristensen
SessionLogger30.0Easy Loggingframework (lgpl, library, logging)GeroKriependorf
di60.0Easy, powerful, structured and typeful logging without monad towers. (bsd3, library, logging)RenzoCarbonara
graflog330.0Monadic correlated log events (bsd3, library, logging)marnold
greg-client60.0A scalable distributed logger with a high-precision global time axis. (bsd3, library, logging)EugeneKirpichov
hlogger (deprecated)90.0Simple, concurrent, extendable and easy-to-use logging library (bsd3, concurrency, deprecated, library, logging)JonKristensen
hsmisc (deprecated)30.0A collection of miscellaneous modules (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging, monads, parsing)DinoMorelli
katip640.0A structured logging framework. (bsd3, data, library, logging, text)MichaelXavier
located-monad-logger (deprecated in favor of monad-logger)60.0Location-aware logging without Template Haskell (bsd3, deprecated, library, logging)pavelkogan
log-effect60.0An extensible log effect using extensible-effects (control, effect, library, logging, mit)ibotty
log-warper4450.0Flexible, configurable, monadic and pretty logging (library, logging, mit, program)Artyom, gromak, volhovm, shersh
log2json10.0Turn log file records into JSON. (gpl, json, library, logging, program, text, tools, utils)HaroldLee
monad-logger-json40.0JSON-friendly Logging APIs (library, logging, mit)MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
monad-logger-syslog140.0syslog output for monad-logger (library, logging, mit)GregWeber, MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
raven-haskell40.0Haskell client for Sentry logging service. (library, logging, mit)AlexanderBondarenko
rollbar302.0error tracking through (library, logging, mit)GregWeber, SeanLeather, azara
rotating-log132.0Size-limited, concurrent, automatically-rotating log writer. (bsd3, library, logging)MichaelXavier, OzgunAtaman
simple-log1180.0Simple log for Haskell (bsd3, library, logging)AlexandrRuchkin
simple-log-syslog30.0Syslog backend for simple-log (bsd3, library, logging)AlexandrRuchkin
simple-logger70.0A very simple but efficient logging framework (library, logging, mit)AlexanderThiemann
simple-logging100.0Logging effect to plug into the simple-effects framework (library, logging, mit)darwin226
trifecta2692.0A modern parser combinator library with convenient diagnostics (bsd3, diagnostics, library, logging, parsing, pretty-printer, text)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, quchen, ryanglscott
tslogger90.0Thread-safe logging, with additional interleaving fuzz-testing. (bsd3, library, logging)RyanNewton, peter_fogg
yet-another-logger130.0Yet Another Logger (apache, library, logging, program, system)larsk