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ffmpeg-tutorials60.01Tutorials on ffmpeg usage to play video/audio (bsd3, media, program)2009-10-270.3.3VasylPasternak
gstreamer150.01Binding to the GStreamer open source multimedia framework. (lgpl, library, media)2016-05-220.12.8AndyStewart, AxelSimon, DanielWagner, DuncanCoutts, HamishMackenzie
hoovie50.01Haskell Media Server (bsd3, media, program)2012-12-260.1.1PeterVanDenBrand
hs-ffmpeg70.01Bindings to FFMPEG library (bsd3, library, media)2009-10-270.3.4VasylPasternak
mediabus110.02Multimedia streaming on top of Conduit (bsd3, library, media)2017-07-
mpris40.01Interface for MPRIS (gpl, library, media)2015-12-
path-formatting90.01Formatting for path (library, media, mit)2021-07-
pontarius-mediaserver (deprecated)40.01Extended Personal Media Network (XPMN) media server (deprecated, media, program)2011-04-
pontarius-xpmn (deprecated)40.01Extended Personal Media Network (XPMN) library (deprecated, library, media)2011-04-
simple-media-timestamp190.07A very simple timestamp type. (library, media, mit)2022-08-
simple-media-timestamp-attoparsec150.01Attoparsec parser for simple-media-timestamp. (library, media, mit)2021-07-
simple-media-timestamp-formatting100.03Formatting for simple-media-timestamp (library, media, mit)2021-07-
srt140.03The data type for SRT files. (library, media, mit)2022-08-
srt-attoparsec70.01Attoparsec parser for the SRT format. (library, media, mit)2021-07-
srt-dhall90.00Dhall Encoder/Decoder for SRT. (library, media, mit)2021-07-
srt-formatting90.01Format an SRT. (library, media, mit)2021-07-
temporal-media260.09data types for temporal media (bsd3, library, media, music)2018-04-210.6.3AntonKholomiov
variable-media-field90.02Simple type for representing one of several media types. (library, media, mit)2021-07-
variable-media-field-dhall70.00Dhall instances for VF (library, media, mit)2021-07-
variable-media-field-optics100.00Optics for variable-media-field. (library, media, mit)2021-07-
xine80.01Bindings to xine-lib (library, media, sound)2011-06-