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FComp170.0Compose music (gpl, library, music, program)JosePedroMagalhaes
HarmTrace730.0Harmony Analysis and Retrieval of Music (gpl, music, program)BasDeHaas, JosePedroMagalhaes
HarmTrace-Base310.0Parsing and unambiguously representing musical chords. (lgpl, library, music)BasDeHaas, JosePedroMagalhaes
YampaSynth340.0Software synthesizer (bsd3, music, sound)GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
abcnotation480.0Haskell representation and parser for ABC notation. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
alsa (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq, alsa-pcm, alsa-core)160.0Binding to the ALSA Library API. (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-core510.0Binding to the ALSA Library API (Exceptions). (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-gui110.0Some simple interactive programs for sending MIDI control messages via ALSA (bsd3, gui, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-midi (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)230.0Bindings for the ALSA sequencer API (MIDI stuff) (deprecated, gpl, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-pcm290.0Binding to the ALSA Library API (PCM audio). (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-pcm-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-pcm)60.0Tests for the ALSA audio signal library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-seq440.0Binding to the ALSA Library API (MIDI sequencer). (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-seq-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)60.0Tests for the ALSA sequencer library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
billboard-parser90.0A parser for the Billboard chord dataset (lgpl, library, music, program)BasDeHaas
conductive-base160.0a library for live coding and real-time musical applications (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conductive-clock90.0a library for displaying musical time in a terminal-based clock (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conductive-hsc3180.0a library with examples of using Conductive with hsc3 (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conductive-song90.0a library of functions which are useful for composing music (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
csound-catalog520.0a gallery of Csound instruments. (bsd3, library, music)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression1852.0library to make electronic music (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-dynamic750.0dynamic core for csound-expression library (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-opcodes260.0opcodes for the library csound-expression (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-typed1150.0typed core for the library csound-expression (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-sampler580.0A musical sampler based on Csound (bsd3, library, music)AntonKholomiov
fadno-xml80.0XML/XSD combinators/schemas/codegen (bsd2, library, music, xml)spopejoy
gulcii70.0graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter (gpl, gui, music, program, sound)ClaudeHeilandAllen
hCsound320.0interface to CSound API (lgpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
hamusic190.0Library to handle abstract music (bsd3, library, music, program)SamuelSilva
haskore740.0The Haskore Computer Music System (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-realtime150.0Routines for realtime playback of Haskore songs (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-supercollider310.0Haskore back-end for SuperCollider (gpl, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-synthesizer200.0Music rendering coded in Haskell (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-vintage130.0The February 2000 version of Haskore. (bsd3, library, music)IavorDiatchki
hemkay110.0A module music mixer and player (bsd3, music, program, sound)GergelyPatai
hemkay-core230.0A device independent module music mixer (bsd3, library, music, sound)GergelyPatai
hly90.0Haskell LilyPond (gpl, library, music)RohanDrape
hmt130.0Haskell Music Theory (gpl, library, music)RohanDrape
hmt-diagrams30.0Haskell Music Theory Diagrams (gpl, library, music)RohanDrape
hts90.0Haskell Music Typesetting (gpl, library, music)RohanDrape
instrument-chord140.0Render Instrument Chords (gpl, library, music)AlanHawkins
launchpad-control30.0High and low-level interface to the Novation Launchpad midi controller. (bsd3, library, music, program, system)BalazsKomuves
lilypond130.0Bindings to Lilypond (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
live-sequencer150.0Live coding of MIDI music (gpl, gui, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
lord150.0A command line interface to online radios. (library, music, program, public-domain, web)rnons
loris60.0interface to Loris API (gpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
mezzo140.0Typesafe music composition (library, mit, music)DimaSamoz
midair70.0Hot-swappable FRP (concurrency, control, frp, gpl, interaction, library, music, reactive, reactivity, user-interfaces)TomMurphy
midi480.0Handling of MIDI messages and files (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
midi-alsa100.0Convert between datatypes of the midi and the alsa packages (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
midi-music-box120.0Convert MIDI file to music box punch tape (bsd3, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
midi-util320.0Utility functions for processing MIDI files (bsd3, library, music)mtolly
midimory40.0A Memory-like (Concentration, Pairs, ...) game for tones (bsd3, game, gui, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
music-articulation160.0Abstract representation of musical articulation. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-diatonic90.0Implementation of basic western musical theory objects. (bsd3, library, music)AlanHawkins, PatrickLeBoutillier
music-dynamics160.0Abstract representation of musical dynamics. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-dynamics-literal160.0Overloaded dynamics literals. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-graphics90.0Diagrams-based visualization of musical data structures. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-parts140.0Musical instruments, parts and playing techniques. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-pitch160.0Musical pitch representation. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-pitch-literal150.0Overloaded pitch literals. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-preludes170.0Some useful preludes for the Music Suite. (bsd3, library, music, program)HansHoglund
music-score180.0Musical score and part representation. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-sibelius120.0Interaction with Sibelius. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
music-suite130.0A set of libraries for composition, analysis and manipulation of music. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
musicxml70.0MusicXML format encoded as Haskell type and functions of reading and writting. (bsd3, library, music, text, xml)SamuelSilva
musicxml2160.0A representation of the MusicXML format. (bsd3, library, music)HansHoglund
netease-fm20.0NetEase Cloud Music FM client in Haskell. (bsd3, library, music, program, web)foreverbell
reactive-balsa130.0Programmatically edit MIDI events via ALSA and reactive-banana (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
reactive-jack70.0Process MIDI events via reactive-banana and JACK (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
reactive-midyim70.0Process MIDI events via reactive-banana (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
sharc-timbre60.0Sandell Harmonic Archive. A collection of stable phases for all instruments in the orchestra. (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
streamed (deprecated in favor of reactive-balsa)30.0Programmatically edit MIDI event streams via ALSA (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-alsa190.0Control synthesizer effects via ALSA/MIDI (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-llvm220.0Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-midi100.0Render audio signals from MIDI files or realtime messages (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
temporal-csound150.0library to make electronic music, brings together temporal-music-notation and csound-expression packages (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
temporal-media280.0data types for temporal media (bsd3, library, media, music)AntonKholomiov
temporal-music-notation170.0music notation (bsd3, library, music)AntonKholomiov
temporal-music-notation-demo170.0generates midi from score notation. (bsd3, library, music)AntonKholomiov
temporal-music-notation-western150.0western music notation (bsd3, library, music)AntonKholomiov
vivid472.0Sound synthesis with SuperCollider (audio, gpl, library, music, sound)TomMurphy
vivid-osc72.0Open Sound Control encode/decode (audio, codec, gpl, library, music, sound)TomMurphy
vivid-supercollider110.0Implementation of SuperCollider server specifications (audio, gpl, library, music, sound)
x-dsp (deprecated)40.0A embedded DSL for manipulating DSP languages in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
zmidi-core150.0Read and write MIDI files. (bsd3, library, music)StephenTetley
zmidi-score10.0Representing MIDI a simple score. (lgpl, library, music)BasDeHaas