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ALUT900.0A binding for the OpenAL Utility Toolkit (bsd3, library, sound)StephenBlackheath, SvenPanne
Bang340.0A Drum Machine DSL for Haskell (library, mit, sound)5outh
DirectSound60.0Partial binding to the Microsoft DirectSound API. (bsd3, library, sound)BalazsKomuves
EsounD90.0Type-safe bindings to EsounD (ESD; Enlightened Sound Daemon) (library, public-domain, sound)MasatakeDaimon
Euterpea682.0Library for computer music research and education (bsd3, library, sound)dwincort, DonyaQuick
FModExRaw (deprecated)140.0The Haskell FModEx raw API. (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)DimitriSabadie
HSoM140.0Library for computer music education (bsd3, library, sound)DonyaQuick
HSoundFile (deprecated in favor of sndfile-enumerators)60.0Audio file reading/writing (bsd3, codecs, deprecated, library, sound)JohnLato
JackMiniMix (deprecated in favor of jackminimix)60.0control JackMiniMix (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)RenickBell
MusicBrainz-libdiscid120.0Binding to libdiscid by MusicBrainz (audio, ffi, lgpl, library, sound)AndreTwupack
OpenAL780.0A binding to the OpenAL cross-platform 3D audio API (bsd3, library, sound)AndrewMiller, BenFoppa, SvenPanne
PortMidi760.0A binding for PortMedia/PortMidi (bsd3, library, sound)PaulLiu
RtMidi62.0 (library, mit, sound)kohlrabi
WAVE240.0WAVE audio file IO library (bsd3, data, library, program, sound)BartonMassey
XMMS100.0XMMS2 client library. (lgpl, library, network, sound)EvgeniyVodolazskiy
YampaSynth280.0Software synthesizer (bsd3, music, sound)GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
al290.0OpenAL 1.1 raw API. (bsd3, library, sound)DimitriSabadie
alsa (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq, alsa-pcm, alsa-core)120.0Binding to the ALSA Library API. (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-core310.0Binding to the ALSA Library API (Exceptions). (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-gui70.0Some simple interactive programs for sending MIDI control messages via ALSA (bsd3, gui, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-midi (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)180.0Bindings for the ALSA sequencer API (MIDI stuff) (deprecated, gpl, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-mixer410.0Bindings to the ALSA simple mixer API. (bsd3, library, sound)ThomasTuegel
alsa-pcm200.0Binding to the ALSA Library API (PCM audio). (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-pcm-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-pcm)40.0Tests for the ALSA audio signal library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-seq320.0Binding to the ALSA Library API (MIDI sequencer). (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
alsa-seq-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)40.0Tests for the ALSA sequencer library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
alure30.0A Haskell binding for ALURE (lgpl, library, sound)CarlJoachimSvenn
audacity170.0Interchange with the Audacity sound signal editor (bsd3, library, sound)HenningThielemann
bindings-fluidsynth60.0Haskell FFI bindings for fluidsynth software synthesizer (bsd3, library, sound)BenGamari
bindings-portaudio150.0Low-level bindings to portaudio library (bsd3, library, sound)FumiakiKinoshita
bindings-sc380.0Low-level bindings to the SuperCollider synthesis engine library. (ffi, gpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
conductive-base130.0a library for live coding and real-time musical applications (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conductive-clock70.0a library for displaying musical time in a terminal-based clock (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conductive-hsc3120.0a library with examples of using Conductive with hsc3 (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conductive-song70.0a library of functions which are useful for composing music (gpl, library, music, sound)RenickBell
conduit-audio400.0Combinators to efficiently slice and dice audio streams (bsd3, library, sound)mtolly
conduit-audio-lame450.0conduit-audio interface to the LAME MP3 library (bsd3, library, sound)mtolly
conduit-audio-samplerate380.0conduit-audio interface to the libsamplerate resampling library (bsd3, library, sound)mtolly
conduit-audio-sndfile390.0conduit-audio interface to the libsndfile audio file library (bsd3, library, sound)mtolly
csound-expression1312.0library to make electronic music (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-dynamic530.0dynamic core for csound-expression library (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-opcodes200.0opcodes for the library csound-expression (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-typed820.0typed core for the library csound-expression (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
djembe90.0Hit drums with haskell (library, mit, sound)ReedRosenbluth
dsp200.0Haskell Digital Signal Processing (gpl, library, math, sound)HenningThielemann
dywapitchtrack40.0Bindings to the dywapitchtrack pitch tracking library (library, mit, sound)lortabac
flaccuraterip310.0Verify FLAC files ripped form CD using AccurateRip™ (gpl, program, sound)NicolaSquartini
fluidsynth70.0Haskell bindings to FluidSynth (library, mit, sound)CorbinSimpson
freesound160.0Access the Freesound Project database (bsd3, library, sound, web)StefanKersten
gulcii60.0graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter (gpl, gui, music, program, sound)ClaudeHeilandAllen
hCsound250.0interface to CSound API (lgpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
hXmixer130.0A Gtk mixer GUI application for FreeBSD (bsd3, program, sound)colinrmitchell
hamid120.0Binding to the OS level Midi services (fork of system-midi). (bsd3, library, sound, system)HansHoglund
haskell-player151.5A terminal music player based on afplay (bsd3, library, program, sound)potomak
haskore560.0The Haskore Computer Music System (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-realtime110.0Routines for realtime playback of Haskore songs (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-supercollider230.0Haskore back-end for SuperCollider (gpl, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
haskore-synthesizer140.0Music rendering coded in Haskell (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
hbeat100.0A simple step sequencer GUI. (bsd3, program, sound)TimDocker
hdf110.0HDF: Uniform Rate Audio Signal Processing in Haskell (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hemkay90.0A module music mixer and player (bsd3, music, program, sound)GergelyPatai
hemkay-core170.0A device independent module music mixer (bsd3, library, music, sound)GergelyPatai
hmeap180.0Haskell Meapsoft Parser (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hmeap-utils40.0Haskell Meapsoft Parser Utilities (gpl, program, sound)RohanDrape
hmidi80.0Binding to the OS level MIDI services (bsd3, library, sound, system)BalazsKomuves
hmp3170.0An ncurses mp3 player written in Haskell (gpl, program, sound)DonaldStewart, IsaacJones
hommage60.0Haskell Offline Music Manipulation And Generation EDSL (bsd3, library, sound)DanielVanDenEijkel, DonaldStewart
hommage-ds20.0DirectSound extension (Windows) for the Hommage sound library (gpl, library, sound)DanielVanDenEijkel
honk60.0Cross-platform interface to the PC speaker. (apache, library, sound)ChrisWong
hosc1040.0Haskell Open Sound Control (benchmark, gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann, PaoloVeronelli, RohanDrape
hosc-json40.0Haskell Open Sound Control JSON Serialisation (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hosc-utils40.0Haskell Open Sound Control Utilities (gpl, program, sound)RohanDrape
hplaylist70.0Application for managing playlist files on a music player (gpl, program, sound)TimChevalier
hsc3310.0Haskell SuperCollider (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann, RohanDrape
hsc3-auditor60.0Haskell SuperCollider Auditor (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-cairo20.0haskell supercollider cairo drawing (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-data10.0haskell supercollider data (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-db130.0Haskell SuperCollider Unit Generator Database (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-dot160.0haskell supercollider graph drawing (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-forth20.0FORTH SUPERCOLLIDER (gpl, program, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-graphs90.0Haskell SuperCollider Graphs (gpl, library, program, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-lang130.0Haskell SuperCollider Language (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-lisp20.0LISP SUPERCOLLIDER (gpl, program, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-plot50.0Haskell SuperCollider Plotting (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-process290.0Create and control scsynth processes (gpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsc3-rec100.0Haskell SuperCollider Record Variants (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-rw30.0hsc3 re-writing (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-server190.0SuperCollider server resource management and synchronization. (gpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsc3-sf120.0Haskell SuperCollider SoundFile (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-sf-hsndfile70.0Haskell SuperCollider SoundFile (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-unsafe120.0Unsafe Haskell SuperCollider (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsc3-utils50.0Haskell SuperCollider Utilities (gpl, library, program, sound)RohanDrape
hsdif40.0Haskell SDIF (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsharc50.0Haskell SHARC bindings (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
hsndfile260.0Haskell bindings for libsndfile (data, lgpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsndfile-storablevector50.0Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.StorableVector interface) (data, lgpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hsndfile-vector80.0Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.Vector interface) (data, lgpl, library, sound)StefanKersten
hspear30.0Haskell Spear Parser (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
htaglib162.0Bindings to TagLib, audio meta-data library (bsd3, foreign, library, sound)mrkkrp
htune30.0harmonic analyser and tuner for musical instruments (bsd3, program, sound)PetrRockai
idiii140.0ID3v2 (tagging standard for MP3 files) library (bsd3, library, program, sound, text)AlexeyAlekhin, BartonMassey, ChrisWagner
jack170.0Bindings for the JACK Audio Connection Kit (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
jack-bindings (deprecated)60.0DEPRECATED Bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit (deprecated, library, mit, sound)PhilippBalzarek
jackminimix20.0control JackMiniMix (gpl, library, sound)RenickBell
jammittools340.0Export sheet music and audio from Windows/Mac app Jammit (gpl, library, program, sound)mtolly
libmpd920.0An MPD client library. (library, mit, network, sound)BenSinclair, JoachimFasting, SimonHengel
live-sequencer140.0Live coding of MIDI music (gpl, gui, library, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
loris60.0interface to Loris API (gpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
lye30.0A Lilypond-compiling music box (mit, program, sound)CorbinSimpson
med-module80.0Parse song module files from Amiga MED and OctaMED (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
mediabus-fdk-aac60.0Mediabus plugin for the Frauenhofer ISO-14496-3 AAC FDK (benchmark, bsd3, library, sound)SvenHeyll
midi480.0Handling of MIDI messages and files (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
midi-alsa100.0Convert between datatypes of the midi and the alsa packages (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
midi-music-box120.0Convert MIDI file to music box punch tape (bsd3, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
midi-simple40.0A simple and fast library for working with MIDI messages (benchmark, lgpl, library, sound)tsahyt
midi-utils10.0Utilities for working with MIDI data (gpl, library, sound)GuiltyDolphin
midimory40.0A Memory-like (Concentration, Pairs, ...) game for tones (bsd3, game, gui, music, program, sound)HenningThielemann
midisurface20.0A control midi surface (bsd3, program, sound)PaoloVeronelli
mikmod110.0MikMod bindings (lgpl, library, sound)evanrinehart
mp50.0Music player for linux. (gpl, program, sound)piotrborek
mtp (deprecated)30.0Bindings to libmtp (deprecated, lgpl, library, sound)JoachimFasting
mushu70.0Minimalist MPD client (bsd3, program, sound)elaye
opensoundcontrol-ht80.0Haskell OpenSoundControl utilities (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
osc20.0A library to handle messages in the OSC protocol (bsd3, library, sound)peacememories
pitchtrack20.0Pitch tracking library (library, mit, sound)lortabac
portaudio100.0Haskell bindings for the PortAudio library. (library, sound)AnilVaitla, JohnVanEnk
proteaaudio130.0Simple audio library for Windows, Linux, OSX. (bsd3, library, sound)CsabaHruska
pulse-simple90.0binding to Simple API of pulseaudio (bsd3, library, sound)DaikiHanda
pulseaudio70.0A low-level (incomplete) wrapper around the pulseaudio client asynchronous api (lgpl, library, sound)ongyerth
reactive-balsa130.0Programmatically edit MIDI events via ALSA and reactive-banana (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
reactive-jack70.0Process MIDI events via reactive-banana and JACK (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
reactive-midyim70.0Process MIDI events via reactive-banana (bsd3, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
rubberband230.0Binding to the C++ audio stretching library Rubber Band (gpl, library, sound)mtolly
sample-frame90.0Handling of samples in an (audio) signal (bsd3, library, sound)HenningThielemann
sample-frame-np150.0Orphan instances for types from sample-frame and numericprelude (bsd3, library, sound)HenningThielemann
sarasvati10.0audio library. (bsd3, library, sound)outoftune
sc3-rdu30.0Haskell bindings to sc3-rdu (sc3 rd ugens) (gpl, library, sound)RohanDrape
sdl2-mixer60.0Bindings to SDL2_mixer. (bsd3, foreign, library, sound)SinisaBidin
sfml-audio90.0minimal bindings to the audio module of sfml (library, sound)SoenkeHahn
sharc-timbre70.0Sandell Harmonic Archive. A collection of stable phases for all instruments in the orchestra. (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
sndfile-enumerators190.0Audio file reading/writing (bsd3, codec, library, sound)JohnLato
sonic-visualiser30.0Sonic Visualiser (gpl, library, program, sound)StefanKersten
sound-collage70.0Approximate a song from other pieces of sound (bsd3, program, sound)HenningThielemann
sounddelay40.0Audio delay line (bsd3, program, sound)BartonMassey
soundgen140.0sound generator (bsd3, program, sound)CIX_68
sox240.0Play, write, read, convert audio signals using Sox (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
soxlib140.0Write, read, convert audio signals using libsox (bsd3, library, sound)HenningThielemann
split-record80.0Split a big audio file into pieces at positions of silence (bsd3, program, sound)HenningThielemann
streamed (deprecated in favor of reactive-balsa)40.0Programmatically edit MIDI event streams via ALSA (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
supercollider-ht120.0Haskell SuperCollider utilities (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
supercollider-midi100.0Demonstrate how to control SuperCollider via ALSA-MIDI (gpl, program, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer (deprecated in favor of synthesizer-core, synthesizer-dimensional, synthesizer-inference)70.0Audio signal processing coded in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-alsa200.0Control synthesizer effects via ALSA/MIDI (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-core480.0Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Low level part (benchmark, gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-dimensional290.0Audio signal processing with static physical dimensions (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-filter60.0Audio signal processing coded in Haskell: Filter networks (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-inference30.0Audio signal processing with dynamic physical dimensions (gpl, library, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-llvm220.0Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
synthesizer-midi100.0Render audio signals from MIDI files or realtime messages (gpl, library, music, sound)HenningThielemann
taglib80.0Binding to TagLib (ID3 tag library) (lgpl, library, sound)BrandonBickford
temporal-csound150.0library to make electronic music, brings together temporal-music-notation and csound-expression packages (bsd3, library, music, sound)AntonKholomiov
tidal1452.5Pattern language for improvised music (gpl, library, sound)AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
tidal-midi280.0MIDI support for tidal (gpl, library, sound)AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
tidal-serial20.0Serial support for tidal (gpl, library, sound)AlexMcLean, kindohm, lennart
tidal-vis160.0Visual rendering for Tidal patterns (gpl, library, sound)AlexMcLean
truelevel110.0Audio file compressor-limiter (bsd3, program, sound)BartonMassey
unmed2 (deprecated in favor of med-module)50.0Extract useful information from Amiga MED files (deprecated, gpl, program, sound)HenningThielemann
vimus60.0An MPD client with vim-like key bindings (library, mit, program, sound)JoachimFasting, SimonHengel
vision140.0An XMMS2 client. (gpl, program, sound)OlegBelozeorov
vivid502.0Sound synthesis with SuperCollider (audio, gpl, library, music, sound)TomMurphy
vivid-osc82.0Open Sound Control encode/decode (audio, codec, gpl, library, music, sound)TomMurphy
vivid-supercollider140.0Implementation of SuperCollider server specifications (audio, gpl, library, music, sound)
vorbiscomment70.0Reading of Vorbis comments from Ogg Vorbis files (library, mit, sound, text)ChrisWagner
wavconvert60.0Command-line tool for converting audio files and filling in ID3 tags (bsd3, program, sound)TimChevalier
wavesurfer140.0Parse WaveSurfer files (bsd3, data, library, sound, text)StefanKersten
wavy10.0Process WAVE files in Haskell. (bsd3, library, program, sound)RobertMassaioli
webrtc-vad130.0Easy voice activity detection (library, mit, sound)PatrickChilton
x-dsp (deprecated)40.0A embedded DSL for manipulating DSP languages in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, music, sound)JohnLato
xine90.0Bindings to xine-lib (lgpl, library, media, sound)JoachimFasting
xmms2-client120.0An XMMS2 client library. (lgpl, library, sound)OlegBelozeorov
xmms2-client-glib120.0An XMMS2 client library — GLib integration. (lgpl, library, sound)OlegBelozeorov
zoom-cache-pcm110.0Library for zoom-cache PCM audio codecs (bsd3, library, sound)ConradParker
zoom-cache-sndfile120.0Tools for generating zoom-cache-pcm files (lgpl, program, sound)ConradParker