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Last Version
compound-types192.01Sum and Product types and such (data, library, mit, type-system, types)2020-04-
fcf-composite80.00Type-level computation for composite using first-class-families. (composite, library, mit, types)2021-08-
fcf-graphs80.01Type-level version of algebraic-graphs. (algebra, graphs, library, mit, types)2021-09-
fcf-vinyl80.01Vinyl compatibility with first-class-families (bsd3, library, types, vinyl)2021-09-
finite140.00Finite ranges via types (library, mit, types)2021-01-
generic-type-functions120.00Familiar functions lifted to type-level functions on generic types (data, generics, library, mit, types)2024-04-100.1.0raehik
kind-integer50.02Type-level integers. Like KnownNat, but for integers. (bsd3, library, types)2023-08-090.6.0RenzoCarbonara
kind-rational100.01Type-level rationals. Like KnownNat, but for rationals. (bsd3, library, types)2023-08-090.5.0RenzoCarbonara
rerefined500.00Refinement types, again (data, library, mit, types)2024-05-110.4.0raehik
rg200.00A dynamic/unbounded alternative to Bounded Enum (bsd3, library, types)2019-06-
say-my-name30.00Require explicit type application for some type variables. (bsd3, library, types)2020-11-
singleraeh130.00raehik's singletons (data, library, mit, types)2024-05-210.1.0raehik
sum-type-boilerplate100.01Library for reducing the boilerplate involved with sum types (library, mit, th, types)2017-07-310.1.1jdreaver
symbol-parser (deprecated in favor of symparsec)60.00Type level string parser combinators (data, deprecated, library, mit, types)2024-04-200.3.0raehik
symparsec180.00Type level string parser combinators (data, library, mit, types)2024-05-120.4.0raehik
type-errors-pretty212.05Combinators for writing pretty type errors easily (library, mpl, type-errors, types)2021-08-
type-iso150.02Typeclasses for injective relations and isomorphisms between types. (apache, cast, data, library, types)2019-06-, jtapolczai2
type-level-bytestrings240.02Tools for manipulating type-level bytes and bytestrings (bytestring, data, library, mit, types)2024-05-070.2.0raehik
type-level-show450.01Utilities for writing Show-like type families (data, library, mit, types)2024-05-210.2.0raehik
typeably80.00DerivingVia Typeable counterpart to Generically (data, library, mit, types)2024-04-220.1.0raehik
typerep-map792.55Efficient implementation of a dependent map with types as keys (data, data-structures, library, mpl, types)2022-11-