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agum420.0Unification and Matching in an Abelian Group (algebra, gpl, library, program)2018-01-08JohnRamsdell
algebra1180.0Constructive abstract algebra (algebra, bsd3, library, math)2017-12-25EdwardKmett, HiromiIshii, WolfgangJeltsch
algebraic100.0General linear algebra structures. (algebra, bsd3, library, math)2014-06-17danilo2, Korri, MarcinMikolajczyk
algebraic-graphs312.5A library for algebraic graph construction and transformation (algebra, algorithms, benchmark, data-structures, graphs, library, mit)2017-07-30snowleopard
cayley-dickson400.0Complex numbers, quaternions, octonions, sedenions, etc. (algebra, library, math, mit)2015-11-30lmj
clif90.0A Clifford algebra number type for Haskell (algebra, benchmark, library, math, mit)2017-01-23maaleske
clipper70.0Haskell API to clipper (2d polygon union/intersection/xor/clipping API) (algebra, bsd3, library)2011-08-08ChetanTaralekar
cmu560.0Unification in a Commutative Monoid (algebra, gpl, library, program)2018-01-08JohnRamsdell
constructive-algebra280.0A library of constructive algebra. (algebra, bsd3, library, math)2011-03-31AndersMortberg
eigen671.5Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers). (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, data, library, math, numeric, statistics)2017-11-07OlegSidorkin
fadno-braids320.0Braid representations in Haskell (algebra, bsd2, data, library, math)2018-03-18spopejoy
finite-field290.0Finite Fields (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2016-10-02MasahiroSakai
gasp150.0A framework of algebraic classes (algebra, bsd3, library)2016-08-19JeanPhilippeBernardy
groups1790.0Haskell 98 groups (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2017-11-22NathanVanDoorn
haskell-eigen-util150.0Some utility functions for haskell-eigen library (algebra, bsd3, library, math)2016-08-18dilawars
integer-gmp711.5Integer library based on GMP (algebra, bsd3, library, numeric)2017-12-04HerbertValerioRiedel
linear3022.5Linear Algebra (algebra, bsd3, library, math)2017-07-28AnthonyCowley, EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
linear-accelerate330.0Lifting linear vector spaces into Accelerate (algebra, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, concurrency, data, library, math, parallelism)2017-09-29EdwardKmett, TrevorMcDonell, ryanglscott
linear-grammar530.0A simple grammar for building linear equations and inclusive inequalities. (algebra, bsd3, library, math)2015-06-13athanclark
magma240.0magma is an algebraic structure consisting a set together with an binary operation. (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2015-09-08KatsutoshiItoh
metamorphic70.0metamorphisms: ana . cata or understanding folds and unfolds (algebra, graphs, library, recursion)2012-07-10DrewDay
monoid-absorbing300.0A library for (left, right) zero monoids and backtracking with cut (algebra, library, mit)2015-10-16maciejpirog
monoid-subclasses1392.0Subclasses of Monoid (algebra, bsd3, data, library, text)2018-03-16MarioBlazevic
multi-instance130.0Typeclasses augmented with a phantom type parameter (algebra, apache, library)2018-02-10chris_martin
nats2612.0Natural numbers (algebra, bsd3, library, numeric)2018-02-06EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
partial-semigroup302.0A partial binary associative operator (algebra, apache, library)2018-02-13chris_martin
partial-semigroup-hedgehog70.0Property testing for partial semigroups using Hedgehog (algebra, apache, library, testing)2017-10-23chris_martin
partial-semigroup-test190.0Testing utilities for the partial-semigroup package (algebra, apache, library, testing)2017-10-23chris_martin
semigroups5242.75Anything that associates (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2018-01-30EdwardKmett, EricMertens, HerbertValerioRiedel, ryanglscott
semigroups-actions80.0Semigroups actions (algebra, bsd3, data, data-structures, library, math)2012-12-20PetrPudlak
sign200.0Arithmetic over signs and sets of signs (algebra, bsd3, data, library, math)2016-01-16MasahiroSakai
simplex-basic (deprecated)60.0Very basic simplex implementation. (algebra, bsd3, deprecated, library, math)2015-06-13athanclark
subhask122.0Type safe interface for programming in subcategories of Hask (algebra, benchmark, bsd3, categories, control, library)2015-09-01MikeIzbicki
unification-fd362.0Simple generic unification algorithms. (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, language, library, logic, unification)2015-05-30WrenThornton
yap130.0yet another prelude - a simplistic refactoring with algebraic classes (algebra, bsd3, library, prelude)2012-02-03RossPaterson