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cluss110.0simple alternative to type classes (bsd3, constraints, library, type-system)Kinokkory
compound-types250.0Sum and Product types and such (benchmark, data, library, mit, type-system, types)NikitaVolkov
data-type80.0Basic type wrangling types and classes (bsd3, data, library, type-system)IainAlexander
defargs90.0default arguments in haskell (bsd3, library, type-system)Kinokkory
eq930.0Leibnizian equality (bsd3, library, type-system)EdwardKmett
ghc-tcplugins-extra340.0Utilities for writing GHC type-checker plugins (bsd2, library, type-system)ChristiaanBaaij
ghc-typelits-extra320.0Additional type-level operations on GHC.TypeLits.Nat (bsd2, library, type-system)ChristiaanBaaij
ghc-typelits-knownnat490.0Derive KnownNat constraints from other KnownNat constraints (bsd2, library, type-system)ChristiaanBaaij
ghc-typelits-natnormalise692.25GHC typechecker plugin for types of kind GHC.TypeLits.Nat (bsd2, library, type-system)ChristiaanBaaij
ghc-typelits-presburger130.0Presburger Arithmetic Solver for GHC Type-level natural numbers. (bsd3, library, math, type-system)HiromiIshii
kinds160.0Emulation of subkinds and subkind polymorphism (bsd3, library, type-system)WolfgangJeltsch
names110.0Type level names. (data, library, mit, type-system)JulianFleischer
natural-number50.0Natural numbers tagged with a type-level representation of the number. (bsd3, data, library, type-system)GregoryCrosswhite
nullary10.0A package for working with nullary type classes. (bsd2, library, type-system)DerekElkins
reorderable40.0Define compound types that do not depend on member order. (data, library, type-system)AlexCole
sext100.0Lists, Texts, ByteStrings and Vectors with type-encoded length (bsd3, data, library, text, type-system)DmitryDzhus
supermonad40.0Plugin and base library to support supermonads in Haskell (bsd3, library, monad, plugin, type-system)JanBracker
tfp240.0Type-level integers, booleans, lists using type families (bsd3, library, type-system)HenningThielemann, PeterGavin
tfp-th10.0Template-Haskell code for tfp (bsd3, library, type-system)HenningThielemann
type-booleans20.0Type-level booleans via type-families (bsd3, library, type-system)NicolasFrisby
type-cereal50.0Type-level serialization of type constructors (bsd3, library, type-system)NicolasFrisby
type-digits60.0Arbitrary-base type-level digits (bsd3, library, type-system)NicolasFrisby
type-eq170.0Type equality evidence you can carry around (bsd3, library, type-system)AdamBergmark, GaborLehel
type-functions130.0Emulation of type-level functions (bsd3, library, type-system)WolfgangJeltsch
type-level-natural-number80.0Simple type level natural numbers (bsd3, data, library, type-system)GregoryCrosswhite
type-level-natural-number-induction30.0High-level combinators for performing inductive operations. (bsd3, data, library, type-system)GregoryCrosswhite
type-level-natural-number-operations20.0Basic operations on type-level natural numbers. (bsd3, data, library, type-system)GregoryCrosswhite
type-level-numbers120.0Type level numbers implemented using type families. (bsd3, library, type-system)AlexeyKhudyakov
type-level-sets222.0Type-level sets and finite maps (with value-level counterparts) (bsd3, data-structures, library, type-system)DominicOrchard
type-ord40.0Type-level comparison operator (bsd3, library, type-system)NicolasFrisby
type-ord-spine-cereal20.0Generic type-level comparison of types (bsd3, library, type-system)NicolasFrisby
type-settheory110.0Sets and functions-as-relations in the type system (bsd3, language, library, math, type-system)DanielSchuessler
type-spine60.0A spine-view on types (bsd3, library, type-system)NicolasFrisby
uom-plugin80.0Units of measure as a GHC typechecker plugin (bsd3, library, type-system)AdamGundry