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Last U/L
Docs30.0Documentation types library. (bsd3, documentation, library)2010-07-24DanielDiaz
acme-operators72.25Operators of base, all in one place! (bsd3, documentation, library)2015-07-15phadej
activehs170.0Haskell code presentation tool (bsd3, documentation, education, program)2017-07-30PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali, gombocarti
activehs-base160.0Basic definitions for activehs (bsd3, documentation, education, library)2016-05-24PeterDivianszky, lspitzner, GaborPali, gombocarti
archiver260.0Archive supplied URLs in WebCite & Internet Archive (bsd3, documentation, library, network, program)2014-01-03GwernBranwen
dash-haskell250.0Convert package Haddock to Dash docsets (IDE docs) (documentation, lgpl, program)2015-07-18jfeltz, johnfeltz
doccheck50.0Checks Haddock comments for pitfalls and version changes. (documentation, gpl, program)2013-08-13MateuszKowalczyk
docidx90.0Generate an HTML index of installed Haskell packages and their documentation. (bsd3, documentation, program)2012-12-06AndyGimblett
docstrings70.0Docstrings for documentation in the repl (documentation, library, mit)2017-11-10dailectic
embeddock120.0Embed the values in scope in the haddock documentation of the module (bsd3, documentation, library, program)2013-06-02TakayukiMuranushi
embeddock-example30.0Example of using embeddock. (bsd3, documentation, library)2013-06-02TakayukiMuranushi
haddock2532.25A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd3, documentation, program)2020-04-06BenGamari, DavidWaern, HerbertValerioRiedel, MateuszKowalczyk, SimonHengel, SimonMarlow, alexbiehl, Helkafen, harpocrates
haddock-api2160.0A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries (bsd2, bsd3, documentation, library)2020-04-06BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel, MateuszKowalczyk, alexbiehl, Helkafen, harpocrates
haddock-cheatsheet10.0A documentation-only package exemplifying haddock markup features (documentation, library, mit)2019-05-07dailectic
haddock-library9850.0Library exposing some functionality of Haddock. (bsd2, documentation, library)2020-04-06BenGamari, HerbertValerioRiedel, MateuszKowalczyk, SimonHengel, alexbiehl, Helkafen, harpocrates
haddock-test (deprecated)40.0Test utilities for Haddock (bsd3, deprecated, documentation, library)2016-06-06Helkafen
hoogle-index310.0Easily generate Hoogle indices for installed packages (bsd3, documentation, program)2016-04-13BenGamari
hup102.0Upload packages or documentation to a hackage server (bsd2, distribution, documentation, library, program, web)2020-04-14phlummox
hyakko360.0Literate-style Documentation Generator (documentation, mit, program)2015-06-03JeremyHull
pandoc-emphasize-code240.0A Pandoc filter for emphasizing code in fenced blocks (documentation, library, mpl, program)2020-08-30owickstrom
pandoc-include-code612.0A Pandoc filter for including code from source files (documentation, library, mpl, program)2019-12-24owickstrom
pandoc-markdown-ghci-filter20.0Pandoc-filter to evaluate `code` section in markdown and auto-embed output. (documentation, filter, library, mit, program, text)2019-07-06gdevanla
pandoc-plot5382.0A Pandoc filter to include figures generated from code blocks using your plotting toolkit of choice. (documentation, gpl, library, program, text)2020-10-11LaurentRDC
pandoc-pyplot (deprecated in favor of pandoc-plot)602.0A Pandoc filter to include figures generated from Python code blocks (deprecated, documentation, gpl, library, pandoc, program)2019-12-02LaurentRDC
snm80.0The Simple Nice-Looking Manual Generator. (documentation, gpl, library, program)2010-07-27JohnnyMorrice
tintin242.0A softer alternative to Haddock (apache, documentation, library, program)2020-01-23NickSeagull