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Allure8442.0Near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad combat game (agpl, game, library, program, roguelike)2019-05-02MikolajKonarski
Blogdown2031.5A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts (agpl, library, program, web)2018-02-05alexbecker
DigitalOcean550.0A client library for the DigitalOcean API (agpl, library, network)2014-12-27lclarkmichalek
Mapping1090.0Mapping (agpl, data, library)2018-02-27Zaoqi
acme-left-pad1032.0free your haskell from the tyranny of npm! (agpl, library, text)2016-03-30JoeQuinn
antagonist5790.0A web interface to Antisplice dungeons. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-04implementation
anticiv470.0This is an IRC bot for Mafia and Resistance. (agpl, library, network, program)2014-09-14implementation
antisplice6010.0An engine for text-based dungeons. (agpl, game, library)2016-04-04implementation
artifact (deprecated)230.0Basic types and instances for Valve's Artifact Card-set API (agpl, deprecated, game, library)2018-11-15
blubber-server530.0The blubber server, serves blubber clients. (agpl, game, library, program)2015-06-30alexander
brittany5690.0Haskell source code formatter (agpl, language, library)2019-12-09lspitzner, fozworth, dukerutledge
chatty6940.0Some monad transformers and typeclasses for abstraction of global dependencies. (agpl, library, text)2017-03-01implementation
chatty-text1220.0Provides some classes and types for dealing with text, using the fundaments of Chatty. (agpl, library, text)2016-04-05implementation
chatty-utils1930.0Some utilities every serious chatty-based application may need. (agpl, data, library)2017-03-01implementation
checkmate3970.0Generate checklists relevant to a given patch (agpl, development, library, program)2018-08-31hongminhee
cielo410.0Cielo API v3 Bindings for Haskell (agpl, library, web)2016-11-17yamadapc
configifier2870.0parser for config files, shell variables, command line args. (agpl, configuration, data, library)2016-07-05MatthiasFischmann
cryptsy-api (deprecated)1150.0Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API. (agpl, deprecated, library, web)2015-04-11
debug-me2100.0secure remote debugging (agpl, program, utility)2019-09-27JoeyHess
diff-parse990.0A parser for diff file formats (agpl, library, parsing)2015-02-15mulby, vengefulpickle
email-validator1000.0Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks on email addresses. (agpl, program, utils)2019-03-17MichaelOrlitzky
espial2170.0Espial is an open-source, web-based bookmarking server. (agpl, library, web)2019-01-31jonschoning
fca380.0Algo for Formal Concept Analysis (agpl, data, library)2014-07-12Rpr
feed-translator820.0Translate syndication feeds (agpl, program, web)2015-09-04hongminhee
ghc-mod (deprecated)10672.75Happy Haskell Hacking (agpl, deprecated, development, ghc, library, program)2017-06-11KazuYamamoto, DanielG
git-annex122482.0manage files with git, without checking their contents into git (agpl, program, utility)2020-02-19JoeyHess
git-lfs620.0git-lfs protocol (agpl, library, network)2019-09-24JoeyHess
git-repair4722.0repairs a damanged git repisitory (agpl, program, utility)2020-01-02JoeyHess
github-tools820.0Various Github helper utilities. (agpl, development, program)2016-12-11iphydf
gloss-sodium350.0A Sodium interface to the Gloss drawing package. (agpl, graphics, library)2014-10-30Twey
goatee2830.0A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - library. (agpl, game, library)2018-09-19khumba
goatee-gtk3080.0A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI. (agpl, game, library, program)2018-09-19khumba
haeredes4220.0Confirm delegation of NS and MX records. (agpl, dns, program, utils)2020-02-01MichaelOrlitzky
hahp1180.0Analytic Hierarchy Process (agpl, library, math, program)2016-02-22taeradan, jpierre03
hannahci900.0Simple Continuous Integration/Deployment System (agpl, development, program)2015-02-01Elzair
hath5852.0Hath manipulates network blocks in CIDR notation. (agpl, program, utils)2019-03-04MichaelOrlitzky
hevm1580.0Ethereum virtual machine evaluator (agpl, ethereum, library, program)2019-01-23mbrock
hopenpgp-tools15020.0hOpenPGP-based command-line tools (agpl, codec, data, program)2019-12-04ClintAdams
hoppy-docs2910.0C++ FFI generator - Documentation (agpl, foreign, library)2019-12-24khumba
hoppy-generator4890.0C++ FFI generator - Code generator (agpl, foreign, library)2019-12-24khumba
implicit4742.0A math-inspired programmatic 2D & 3D CAD system. (agpl, graphics, library, program)2020-01-26ChristopherOlah, Juri_
informative4140.0A yesod subsite serving a wiki. (agpl, library, program, web)2016-04-04implementation
instapaper-sender820.0Basic HTTP gateway to save articles to Instapaper (agpl, program, web)2017-02-03MichaelSmith
ipfs380.0Access IPFS locally and remotely (agpl, library, network)2020-01-02expede, dholms
keysafe5820.0back up a secret key securely to the cloud (agpl, program, utility)2020-02-14JoeyHess
khph330.0Command-line file tagging and organization tool (agpl, program, system)2016-06-11khumba
lang920.0A Lisp (agpl, language, library)2018-03-01Zaoqi
lp-diagrams1640.0An EDSL for diagrams based based on linear constraints (agpl, graphics, library)2019-11-19JeanPhilippeBernardy
mailbox-count2400.0Count mailboxes in a SQL database. (agpl, gpl, mail, program, utils)2020-02-03MichaelOrlitzky
morley6050.0Developer tools for the Michelson Language (agpl, language, library, program)2020-02-16gromak, serokell
morley-prelude1680.0A custom prelude used in Morley (agpl, library, prelude)2019-12-18gromak, serokell
nicovideo-translator1470.0Nico Nico Douga (ニコニコ動画) Comment Translator (agpl, library, program, translation)2017-04-15hongminhee
nix-freeze-tree550.0Convert a tree of files into fixed-output derivations (agpl, application, library, nix, program)2020-01-25jack
persona630.0Persona (BrowserID) library (agpl, library, web)2016-03-28frasertweedale
persona-idp820.0Persona (BrowserID) Identity Provider (agpl, program, web)2015-03-07frasertweedale
pg-harness1410.0REST service and library for creating/consuming temporary PostgreSQL databases (agpl, database-testing-web, library, program)2015-05-09BardurArantsson
pg-harness-server2070.0REST service for creating temporary PostgreSQL databases (agpl, database-testing-web, program)2019-06-26BardurArantsson
pi-hoole820.0Lightweight access control solution for the pijul vcs (agpl, library, program, security)2018-05-05lethom
purebred-email1540.0types and parser for email messages (including MIME) (agpl, data, email, library)2019-09-19frasertweedale, romanofski
quenya-verb330.0Quenya verb conjugator (agpl, language, library, program)2015-04-03kaashif
react-tutorial-haskell-server240.0react-tutorial web server (agpl, program, web)2016-04-04alexander
reactive-banana-automation3460.0home (etc) automation using reactive-banana (agpl, frp, library, reactivity)2019-08-25JoeyHess
schema790.0Encoding-independent schemas for Haskell data types. (agpl, data, library)2016-12-20iphydf
semdoc1360.0Evaluate code snippets in Literate Haskell. (agpl, development, library, program)2017-01-04iphydf
singnal570.0Singnal (agpl, concurrency, library)2017-07-04Zaoqi
spline3850.0A parallel implementation of the Sorokina/Zeilfelder spline scheme. (agpl, math, program)2019-03-05MichaelOrlitzky
stack-fix300.0Console program used to fix Stack build errors automatically (agpl, development, program)2019-08-27freeman42x
stratum-tool310.0Client for Stratum protocol (agpl, program, utils)2015-01-27JoelLehtonen
taskwarrior1370.0Types and aeson instances for taskwarrior tasks (agpl, data, library, taskwarrior)2020-01-22maralorn
tasty-tmux1300.0Terminal user acceptance testing (UAT) via tmux (agpl, library, testing)2019-11-28frasertweedale, romanofski
tax610.0Types and combinators for taxes (agpl, finance, library)2018-08-23frasertweedale
tempus-fugit272.0Programmers' time tracker (agpl, library, program, utils)2015-08-12kadoban
unbreak500.0Secure and resilient remote file storage utility (agpl, library, network, program)2015-12-31kinoru
wai-static-cache740.0A simple cache for serving static files in a WAI middleware (agpl, library, web)2014-09-25HugoGomes
y0l0bot930.0#plaimi's all-encompassing bot (agpl, irc, program)2015-02-13alexander
yaya1230.0Total recursion schemes. (agpl, library, recursion)2019-11-08sellout
yaya-hedgehog900.0Hedgehog testing support for the Yaya recursion scheme library. (agpl, library, recursion)2019-11-08sellout
yaya-unsafe780.0Non-total extensions to the Yaya recursion scheme library. (agpl, library, recursion)2019-11-08sellout
yggdrasil390.0Executable specifications of composable cryptographic protocols. (agpl, cryptography, library)2018-09-10semihonest