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CarneadesDSL660.0An implementation and DSL for the Carneades argumentation model. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library)2014-05-01BasVanGijzel
CarneadesIntoDung130.0A translation from the Carneades argumentation model into Dung's AFs. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2014-05-03BasVanGijzel
Dung510.0An implementation of the Dung argumentation frameworks. (ai, argumentation, bsd3, embedded, library, program)2015-03-30BasVanGijzel
ImperativeHaskell1222.0A library for writing Imperative style haskell. (control, development, embedded, gpl, language, library)2012-06-07MatthewMirman
arduino-copilot2282.0Arduino programming in haskell using the Copilot stream DSL (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2020-02-29JoeyHess
atom2490.0An EDSL for embedded hard realtime applications. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2015-06-03LeePike, TomHawkins
atom-msp430500.0Convenience functions for using Atom with the MSP430 microcontroller family. (embedded, library, mit)2014-01-06DanielBuckmaster
copilot6292.0A stream DSL for writing embedded C programs. (bsd3, embedded, language, library, program)2019-11-23IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-c992120.0A compiler for Copilot targeting C99. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2020-03-30IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-cbmc2070.0Copilot interface to a C model-checker. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2017-07-12IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-core2770.0An intermediate representation for Copilot. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2019-11-23IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-language3740.0A Haskell-embedded DSL for monitoring hard real-time distributed systems. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2019-11-23IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-libraries2510.0Libraries for the Copilot language. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2019-11-23IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-sbv2280.0A compiler for CoPilot targeting SBV. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2017-07-12IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
copilot-theorem910.0k-induction for Copilot. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2019-11-23IvanPerez, LeePike, agoodloe, frankdedden
ecu1130.0Tools for automotive ECU development. (bsd3, embedded, program, utils)2010-11-24TomHawkins
fault-tree190.0A fault tree analysis library. (bsd3, embedded, language, library)2011-01-04TomHawkins
improve2880.0An imperative, verifiable programming language for high assurance applications. (bsd3, embedded, formal-methods, language, library)2011-07-29TomHawkins
ion200.0EDSL for concurrent, realtime, embedded programming on top of Ivory (bsd3, embedded, language, library, program)2016-09-23hodapp
perfect-hash-generator312.0Perfect minimal hashing implementation in native Haskell (apache, data-structures, embedded, library, program)2018-02-18kostmo
processor-creative-kit100.0a creation kit for instruction sets and cpu simulators and development tools (bsd3, embedded, hardware, language, library, system)2015-01-31takenobut
srec350.0Parsing and processing s-records. (bsd3, data, embedded, library)2011-08-27TomHawkins
sunroof-compiler200.0Monadic Javascript Compiler (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, library, web)2013-04-12JanBracker
sunroof-examples350.0Tests for Sunroof (bsd3, compiler, embedded, javascript, language, program, web)2014-06-27JanBracker
sunroof-server290.0Monadic Javascript Compiler - Server Utilities (bsd3, embedded, javascript, language, library, web)2014-06-27JanBracker
vcd1160.0Reading and writing VCD files. (bsd3, data, embedded, hardware, library)2012-12-19TomHawkins
verilog1210.0Verilog preprocessor, parser, and AST. (bsd3, embedded, hardware, language, library)2015-03-26TomHawkins