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flamethrower490.0A template engine for HTML (html, library, mit, text, web)2014-12-05charmander
haquery110.0jQuery for Haskell. (bsd3, html, library)2016-10-15crufter
html-entities1090.0A codec library for HTML-escaped text and HTML-entities (codecs, html, library, mit, parsing)2018-02-02NikitaVolkov
html-entity-map200.0Map from HTML5 entity names to the corresponding Unicode text (bsd3, html, library)2017-12-18mrkkrp
html-rules120.0Perform traversals of HTML structures using sets of rules. (bsd3, html, library, text, transformation, web)2014-05-13KyleCarter
html-tokenizer1000.0An "attoparsec"-based HTML tokenizer (html, library, mit, parsing, xml)2018-02-05NikitaVolkov
hxt-css320.0CSS selectors for HXT (bsd3, html, library, xml)2016-08-23MariosTitas
islink140.0Check if an HTML element is a link (bsd3, html, library, xml)2014-10-07MariosTitas
list-t-html-parser540.0Streaming HTML parser (html, library, mit, parser, streaming)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
reflex-dom222.5Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, html, javascript, library, reactive, reactivity, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)2016-02-08RyanTrinkle, abrar, sidraval
type-of-html1680.0High performance type driven html generation. (bsd3, html, language, library, text, web)2018-02-07knupfer