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hasql-cursor-query410.0A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2017-11-01NikitaVolkov
hasql-cursor-transaction400.0An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors (database, hasql, library, mit, postgresql, streaming)2017-11-01NikitaVolkov
list-t2072.0ListT done right (control, data-structures, library, mit, streaming)2017-07-31NikitaVolkov
list-t-attoparsec580.0An "attoparsec" adapter for "list-t" (library, mit, parsing, streaming)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
list-t-html-parser570.0Streaming HTML parser (html, library, mit, parser, streaming)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
list-t-http-client70.0A streaming HTTP client (http, library, mit, streaming)2015-04-23NikitaVolkov
list-t-libcurl1030.0A "libcurl"-based streaming HTTP client (http, library, mit, streaming)2018-02-12NikitaVolkov
list-t-text420.0A streaming text codec (codec, library, mit, streaming)2016-10-19NikitaVolkov
potoki990.0Simple streaming in IO (library, mit, streaming)2018-02-12NikitaVolkov
potoki-cereal820.0Streaming serialization (library, mit, potoki, streaming)2018-02-07NikitaVolkov
potoki-core380.0Low-level components of "potoki" (library, mit, streaming)2018-02-07NikitaVolkov
streaming2952.5an elementary streaming prelude and general stream type. (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2017-12-09MichaelThompson, andrewthad
streaming-binary420.0Streaming interface to binary. (bsd3, library, parsing, streaming)2017-05-31MathieuBoespflug
streaming-bytestring1582.0effectful byte steams, or: bytestring io done right. (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2017-12-13MichaelThompson, andrewthad
streaming-cassava430.0Cassava support for the streaming ecosystem (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-01-23IvanMiljenovic
streaming-concurrency290.0Concurrency support for the streaming ecosystem (data, library, mit, streaming)2017-07-07IvanMiljenovic
streaming-conduit680.0Bidirectional support between the streaming and conduit libraries (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-02-11IvanMiljenovic
streaming-osm80.0A hand-written streaming byte parser for OpenStreetMap Protobuf data. (benchmark, bsd3, library, streaming)2017-07-17fosskers
streaming-png100.0Perfectly streaming PNG image decoding (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, streaming)2016-02-15bch29
streaming-utils1100.0http, attoparsec, pipes and other utilities for the streaming libraries (bsd3, data, library, pipes, streaming)2017-01-23MichaelThompson
streaming-with510.0with/bracket-style idioms for use with streaming (data, library, mit, streaming)2018-02-06IvanMiljenovic
streamly200.0Beautiful Streaming, Concurrent and Reactive Composition (bsd3, concurrency, control, library, reactivity, streaming)2017-12-05harendra
tubes860.0Write stream processing computations with side effects in a series of tubes. (control, gpl, library, streaming)2016-08-16gatlin