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Aoide10.00A simple music library with the capability of generating .ly and .mid files. (bsd3, composition, library, music)2020-07-
Euterpea182.57Library for computer music research and education (bsd3, library, music, sound)2019-06-142.0.7dwincort, DonyaQuick
FComp20.01Compose music (gpl, library, music, program)2014-09-251.0.2JosePedroMagalhaes
HarmTrace80.01Harmony Analysis and Retrieval of Music (gpl, music, program)2017-08-072.2.1BasDeHaas, JosePedroMagalhaes
HarmTrace-Base12.04Parsing and unambiguously representing musical chords. (lgpl, library, music)2017-10-, JosePedroMagalhaes
Jazzkell10.00Library for modeling jazz improvisation. (library, music)2019-05-190.0.1DonyaQuick
YampaSynth20.01Software synthesizer (bsd3, music, sound)2014-05-300.2GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
abcnotation50.02Haskell representation and parser for ABC notation. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
algorithmic-composition-additional20.00Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, program, sound, sox)2022-08-
algorithmic-composition-basic30.04Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, sound, sox)2022-08-
algorithmic-composition-complex20.00Helps to create more complex experimental music from a file (especially timbre). (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, library, mit, music, sound, sox)2022-08-
algorithmic-composition-frequency-shift00.00Helps to create experimental music. Uses SoX inside. (algorithmic-composition, library, mit, music, sound, sox)2021-02-
alsa (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq, alsa-pcm, alsa-core)10.02Binding to the ALSA Library API. (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)2009-12-290.4HenningThielemann
alsa-core500.011Binding to the ALSA Library API (Exceptions). (bsd3, library, music, sound)2012-04-
alsa-gui10.01Some simple interactive programs for sending MIDI control messages via ALSA (bsd3, gui, music, program, sound)2019-08-
alsa-midi (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)10.02Bindings for the ALSA sequencer API (MIDI stuff) (deprecated, library, music, program, sound)2010-09-
alsa-pcm120.04Binding to the ALSA Library API (PCM audio). (bsd3, library, music, sound)2018-08-310.6.1.1HenningThielemann
alsa-pcm-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-pcm)10.01Tests for the ALSA audio signal library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2010-04-080.1HenningThielemann
alsa-seq162.08Binding to the ALSA Library API (MIDI sequencer). (bsd3, library, music, sound)2023-02-
alsa-seq-tests (deprecated in favor of alsa-seq)20.01Tests for the ALSA sequencer library. (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2009-04-270.1HenningThielemann
billboard-parser30.01A parser for the Billboard chord dataset (lgpl, library, music, program)2013-01-
boomwhacker270.00Convert MIDI file to play-along boomwhacker animation (bsd3, music, program, sound)2023-08-270.0.1HenningThielemann
boopadoop10.00Mathematically sound sound synthesis (library, mit, music, program)2020-01-
conductive-base00.04a library for live coding and real-time musical applications (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-270.3RenickBell
conductive-clock20.01a library for displaying musical time in a terminal-based clock (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-270.2RenickBell
conductive-hsc360.01a library with examples of using Conductive with hsc3 (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-280.3.1RenickBell
conductive-song00.02a library of functions which are useful for composing music (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-270.2RenickBell
csound-catalog40.02a gallery of Csound instruments. (bsd3, library, music)2021-10-260.7.6AntonKholomiov
csound-expression82.05library to make electronic music (bsd3, library, music, sound)2021-10-115.4.3AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-dynamic70.04dynamic core for csound-expression library (bsd3, library, music, sound)2021-10-260.3.9AntonKholomiov
csound-expression-opcodes80.02opcodes for the library csound-expression (bsd3, library, music, sound)2021-04-
csound-expression-typed30.03typed core for the library csound-expression (bsd3, library, music, sound)2021-10-110.2.7AntonKholomiov
csound-sampler50.02A musical sampler based on Csound (bsd3, library, music)2021-04-
dobutokO-effects40.00A library to deal with SoX effects and possibilities (library, mit, music, sound, sox)2022-08-
dobutokO260.02Helps to create experimental music from a file (or its part) and a Ukrainian text. (Ukrainian, algorithmic-composition, language, library, mit, music, program, rhythm, sound, sox, timbre, tonality)2020-08-
dobutokO300.00Helps to create more complex experimental music from a file (especially timbre). (library, mit, music, rhythm, sound, sox, timbre)2020-08-
fadno30.01Minimal library for music generation and notation (bsd3, library, music)2020-12-271.1.8spopejoy
fadno-xml00.02XML/XSD combinators/schemas/codegen (bsd2, library, music, xml)2020-12-261.2spopejoy
fractionizer110.00Numbers in the range [0.005, 1] as a sum of 2, 3, 4 or 5 unit fractions of special types. (#AncientEgypt, language, library, math, mit, music, sound)2023-10-
free-v-bucks-generator-ps4-no-survey (deprecated)20.01Spam (bsd3, deprecated, music, program, sound)2018-09-170.2
hCsound60.01interface to CSound API (library, music, sound)2012-12-190.4.2JohnLato
hamusic40.01Library to handle abstract music (bsd3, library, music, program)2009-08-
haskore80.06The Haskore Computer Music System (library, music, sound)2016-02-
haskore-realtime20.02Routines for realtime playback of Haskore songs (library, music, sound)2014-10-310.2HenningThielemann
haskore-supercollider10.01Haskore back-end for SuperCollider (library, music, program, sound)2014-10-310.3HenningThielemann
haskore-synthesizer20.01Music rendering coded in Haskell (library, music, sound)2016-09-
haskore-vintage30.01The February 2000 version of Haskore. (bsd3, library, music)2015-10-130.3IavorDiatchki
hemkay00.01A module music mixer and player (bsd3, music, program, sound)2009-12-200.2.0GergelyPatai
hemkay-core10.01A device independent module music mixer (bsd3, library, music, sound)2011-04-070.1.4GergelyPatai
hly (deprecated)90.01Haskell LilyPond (deprecated, library, music)2017-11-220.16RohanDrape
hmidi20.05Binding to the OS level MIDI services (bsd3, library, music, system)2020-12-
hmt (deprecated)110.08Haskell Music Theory (deprecated, gpl, library, music)2022-12-020.20RohanDrape
hmt-base (deprecated)40.01Haskell Music Theory Base (deprecated, gpl, library, music)2022-12-020.20RohanDrape
hmt-diagrams (deprecated)10.01Haskell Music Theory Diagrams (deprecated, library, music)2014-10-160.15RohanDrape
hts (deprecated)20.01Haskell Music Typesetting (deprecated, library, music)2014-10-150.15RohanDrape
instrument-chord20.01Render Instrument Chords (gpl, library, music)2019-03-
launchpad-control10.01High and low-level interface to the Novation Launchpad midi controller. (bsd3, library, music, program, system)2013-10-
lilypond50.05Bindings to Lilypond (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
live-sequencer20.01Live coding of MIDI music (gui, library, music, program, sound)2018-02-
lord30.01A command line interface to online radios. (library, music, program, public-domain, web)2015-01-222.20150122rnons
loris10.01interface to Loris API (gpl, library, music, sound)2012-12-190.3.1JohnLato
mezzo12.01Typesafe music composition (library, mit, music)2017-10-
midair92.01Hot-swappable FRP (concurrency, control, frp, gpl, interaction, library, music, reactive, reactivity, user-interfaces)2018-11-
midi280.019Handling of MIDI messages and files (library, music, sound)2023-01-
midi-alsa170.05Convert between datatypes of the midi and the alsa packages (bsd3, library, music, sound)2013-05-170.2.1HenningThielemann
midi-music-box160.01Convert MIDI file to music box punch tape (bsd3, music, program, sound)2021-11-
midi-util20.01Utility functions for processing MIDI files (bsd3, library, music)2019-04-190.2.1mtolly
midimory30.01A Memory-like (Concentration, Pairs, ...) game for tones (bsd3, game, gui, music, program, sound)2022-02-
music-articulation20.04Abstract representation of musical articulation. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-diatonic10.02Implementation of basic western musical theory objects. (bsd3, library, music)2017-01-150.1.2AlanHawkins, PatrickLeBoutillier
music-dynamics10.05Abstract representation of musical dynamics. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-dynamics-literal60.07Overloaded dynamics literals. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-graphics30.01Diagrams-based visualization of musical data structures. (bsd3, library, music)2014-12-151.8.1HansHoglund
music-parts20.04Musical instruments, parts and playing techniques. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-pitch20.06Musical pitch representation. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-pitch-literal40.08Overloaded pitch literals. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-preludes30.05Some useful preludes for the Music Suite. (bsd3, library, music, program)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-score20.05Musical score and part representation. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-sibelius00.01Interaction with Sibelius. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
music-suite40.01A set of libraries for composition, analysis and manipulation of music. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
musicScroll20.00Supply your tunes info without leaving your music player. (gpl, library, music, program)2021-06-080.3.3RubenAstudillo
musicxml10.02MusicXML format encoded as Haskell type and functions of reading and writting. (bsd3, library, music, text, xml)2009-08-040.1.2SamuelSilva
musicxml220.04A representation of the MusicXML format. (bsd3, library, music)2015-06-301.9.0HansHoglund
netease-fm00.00NetEase Cloud Music FM client in Haskell. (bsd3, library, music, program, web)2017-01-041.2.2foreverbell
phladiprelio-general-datatype00.02Extended functionality of PhLADiPreLiO (language, library, math, mit, music, sound)2023-11-
phladiprelio-general-simple50.00A generalized functionality of PhLADiPreLiO for different languages that uses hash algorithms. (PhLADiPreLiO, language, library, math, mit, music)2023-11-
phladiprelio-rhythmicity-shared20.03Allows to estimate some kind of the rhythmicity properties for the text (language, library, math, mit, music)2023-03-
phladiprelio-ukrainian-simple120.00A PhLADiPreLiO implementation for Ukrainian that uses hashes and asynchronous concurrency. (PhLADiPreLiO, language, library, math, mit, music, program)2023-11-
reactive-balsa30.01Programmatically edit MIDI events via ALSA and reactive-banana (bsd3, library, music, sound)2018-09-
reactive-jack40.01Process MIDI events via reactive-banana and JACK (bsd3, library, music, sound)2023-01-
reactive-midyim20.02Process MIDI events via reactive-banana (bsd3, library, music, sound)2018-09-
sharc-timbre10.01Sandell Harmonic Archive. A collection of stable phases for all instruments in the orchestra. (bsd3, library, music, sound)2016-07-180.2AntonKholomiov
spotify30.00Spotify Web API (bsd3, library, music, program, web)2023-06-
streamed (deprecated in favor of reactive-balsa)20.01Programmatically edit MIDI event streams via ALSA (bsd3, deprecated, library, music, sound)2012-03-030.2HenningThielemann
synthesizer-alsa240.02Control synthesizer effects via ALSA/MIDI (gpl, library, music, sound)2021-10-
synthesizer-llvm160.01Efficient signal processing using runtime compilation (gpl, library, music, sound)2023-10-
synthesizer-midi100.03Render audio signals from MIDI files or realtime messages (library, music, sound)2023-02-
temporal-csound10.01library to make electronic music, brings together temporal-music-notation and csound-expression packages (bsd3, library, music, sound)2015-03-
temporal-media70.09data types for temporal media (bsd3, library, media, music)2018-04-210.6.3AntonKholomiov
temporal-music-notation20.05music notation (bsd3, library, music)2015-07-060.4.1AntonKholomiov
temporal-music-notation-demo00.01generates midi from score notation. (bsd3, library, music)2013-11-010.4.0AntonKholomiov
temporal-music-notation-western20.02western music notation (bsd3, library, music)2013-11-010.4.0AntonKholomiov
vivid122.52Sound synthesis with SuperCollider (audio, library, music, sound)2022-01-
vivid-osc122.252Open Sound Control encode/decode (audio, codec, library, music, sound)2018-11-
vivid-supercollider132.01Implementation of SuperCollider server specifications (audio, library, music, sound)2018-12-
x-dsp (deprecated)00.01A embedded DSL for manipulating DSP languages in Haskell (deprecated, gpl, library, music, sound)2012-06-
zmidi-core40.02Read and write MIDI files. (bsd3, library, music)2018-07-160.9.0StephenTetley
zmidi-score00.01Representing MIDI a simple score. (lgpl, library, music)2014-10-