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autonix-deps (deprecated)90.0Library for Nix expression dependency generation (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix)2015-06-25ThomasTuegel
autonix-deps-kf5 (deprecated)50.0Generate dependencies for KDE 5 Nix expressions (bsd3, deprecated, library, nix, program)2015-06-25ThomasTuegel
cabal2nix1690.0Convert Cabal files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)2018-03-19PeterSimons
distribution-nixpkgs580.0Types and functions to manipulate the Nixpkgs distribution (bsd3, distribution, library, nix)2018-03-09PeterSimons
hnix702.0Haskell implementation of the Nix language (bsd3, data, library, nix, system)2018-05-09JohnWiegley
jenkinsPlugins2nix110.0Generate nix for Jenkins plugins. (bsd3, library, nix, program)2017-05-28MateuszKowalczyk
language-nix280.0Data types and useful functions to represent and manipulate the Nix language. (bsd3, distribution, language, library, nix)2016-05-27PeterSimons
nix-paths130.0Knowledge of Nix's installation directories. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix)2017-12-05PeterSimons
nixfromnpm140.0Generate nix expressions from npm packages. (mit, nix, program, tools)2016-07-14thinkpad20
runmany250.0Run multiple commands, interleaving output and errors (bsd3, data, nix, program, system)2018-04-26JohnWiegley
simple-nix110.0Simple parsing/pretty printing for Nix expressions (library, mit, nix)2015-06-23thinkpad20
stack2nix130.0Convert stack.yaml files into Nix build instructions. (distribution, library, mit, nix, program)2017-06-27jmitchell_iohk
stackage2nix300.0Convert Stack files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)2018-04-23typeable, dbushev
update-nix-fetchgit50.0A program to update fetchgit values in Nix expressions (bsd3, library, nix, program)2017-01-17jophish, jpierre03
yarn2nix80.0Convert yarn.lock files to nix expressions (distribution, library, mit, nix, program)2017-12-16Profpatsch