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DeepArrow6520.0Arrows for "deep application" (bsd3, combinators, control, library)2013-08-13ConalElliott
JSON-Combinator (deprecated in favor of lens)10130.0A combinator library on top of a generalised JSON type (bsd3, combinators, deprecated, json, library)2011-04-03TonyMorris
JSON-Combinator-Examples (deprecated in favor of lens)780.0Example uses of the JSON-Combinator library. (bsd3, combinators, deprecated, library)2010-12-20TonyMorris
data-aviary4330.0Combinator birds. (bsd3, combinators, library)2013-04-24StephenTetley
data-emoticons1470.0Combinator emoticons: data-aviary in the flavor of emoticons (bsd3, combinators, library)2017-04-23lbq
flow8032.5Write more understandable Haskell. (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2017-12-20fozworth
flow-er2850.0More directional operators (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2016-06-13expede
functional-arrow780.0Combinators that allow for a more functional/monadic style of Arrow programming (bsd3, combinators, library)2010-09-26HenningThielemann
pattern-arrows2322.0Arrows for Pretty Printing (combinators, library, mit, pretty-printer, text)2014-03-29PhilFreeman
pointless-fun2870.0Some common point-free combinators. (bsd3, combinators, composition, library, utils)2015-05-30WrenThornton
predicates750.0A couple of convenience functions for forming predicates. (bsd3, combinators, library)2009-01-23GeorgePollard
prelude-extras37600.0Higher order versions of Prelude classes (bsd3, combinators, library, polymorphism)2016-01-17EdwardKmett, EricMertens
reverse-apply2720.0Standard version of the reverse apply operator. (bsd3, combinators, composition, library)2014-04-17HansHoglund
scc11080.0Streaming component combinators (combinators, concurrency, control, gpl, library, program)2016-06-19MarioBlazevic
sec740.0Semantic Editor Combinators. (bsd3, combinators, data, library)2010-03-30SteffenSiering
syb-extras10602.0Higher order versions of the Scrap Your Boilerplate classes (bsd3, combinators, generic, library, polymorphism)2013-11-25EdwardKmett