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JYU-Utils2660.0Some utility functions for JYU projects (library, mit, utility)2011-09-27VilleTirronen
Webrexp3420.0Regexp-like engine to scrap web data (bsd3, library, program, utility)2013-05-28VincentBerthoux
alea10100.0a diceware passphrase generator (mit, program, utility)2017-08-03rnhmjoj
autoexporter14882.0Automatically re-export modules. (library, mit, program, utility)2017-12-20fozworth
bento (deprecated)952.0🍱 Manage stateful components. (deprecated, library, mit, utility)2016-04-16fozworth
cold-widow902.0File transfer via QR Codes. (bsd3, library, program, utility)2016-10-31mihaigiurgeanu
debug-me3380.0secure remote debugging (agpl, program, utility)2017-08-10JoeyHess
fcd890.0A faster way to navigate directories using the command line. (library, mit, program, utility)2014-10-18Neki
flow9502.5Write more understandable Haskell. (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2017-12-20fozworth
flow-er3330.0More directional operators (combinators, functions, library, mit, utility)2016-06-13expede
git-annex157540.0manage files with git, without checking their contents into git (gpl, program, utility)2017-12-14JoeyHess
git-repair11752.0repairs a damanged git repisitory (gpl, program, utility)2017-06-26JoeyHess
github-backup24830.0backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository (gpl, program, utility)2017-11-26JoeyHess
github-release18070.0Upload files to GitHub releases. (library, mit, program, utility)2017-12-20fozworth
gnome-desktop890.0Randomly set a picture as the GNOME desktop background (gpl, program, utility)2009-06-22ColinAdams
hascal7650.0tiny calculator library and command-line program (console, gpl, library, math, parsing, program, tools, utility, utils)2017-02-27DagOdenhall, MekeorMelire
haskades3360.0Utility to generate bindings for BlackBerry Cascades (program, utility)2014-10-02StephenWeber
herbalizer4270.0HAML to ERB translator (mit, program, utility)2013-04-18DanielChoi
hinduce-missingh900.0Utility functions (bsd3, library, utility)2012-01-26RobertHensing
hsinstall6052.0Install Haskell software (library, program, utility)2017-07-02DinoMorelli
hutton (deprecated)880.0A program for the button on Reddit. (deprecated, mit, program, utility)2015-04-19fozworth
keysafe10150.0back up a secret key securely to the cloud (agpl, program, utility)2017-08-11JoeyHess
mbox-tools4320.0A collection of tools to process mbox files (bsd3, email, program, utility)2011-10-15NicolasPouillard
meta-misc1730.0Utility library providing miscellaneous meta-programming utilities. (bsd3, data, generics, language, library, utility)2014-12-02ByronJohnson
monad-gen5940.0A simple monad for generating fresh integers (library, mit, utility)2014-12-16jozefg
mustache2hs5950.0Utility to generate Haskell code from Mustache templates (program, utility)2013-09-23StephenWeber
native1720.0Native library manager for Windows (bsd3, library, program, utility)2016-04-21darwin226
not-in-base880.0Useful utility functions that only depend on base. (library, utility)2010-06-14OscarFinnsson
propellor87620.0property-based host configuration management in haskell (bsd2, library, program, utility)2017-12-30JoeyHess
pub5020.0Pipe stdin to a redis pub/sub channel (bsd3, program, utility)2017-05-29ParnellSpringmeyer
puffytools870.0A CLI assistant (bsd3, library, program, utility)2014-12-06pharpend
rosa8240.0Query the namecoin blockchain (gpl, program, utility)2017-05-17rnhmjoj
rosso890.0General purpose utility library (bsd3, library, utility)2011-06-21RobertHenderson
route-generator6670.0Utility to generate routes for use with yesod-routes (program, utility)2013-09-28StephenWeber
skeleton860.0a tool to access the OSX keychain (mit, program, utility)2015-07-07rnhmjoj
strings2680.0Functions for working with strings, including Text, ByteString, etc. (library, mit, string, text, utility)2013-05-26JulianFleischer
sync-mht13990.0Fast incremental file transfer using Merkle-Hash-Trees (benchmark, library, mit, program, utility)2016-07-16emink
tn7370.0A simple daily journal program (data, library, program, text, utility)2016-05-17pharpend