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carboncopy60.0Drop emails from threads being watched into special CC folder. (bsd3, email, program)EugenyDzhurinsky
email-postmark (deprecated in favor of postmark)40.0A simple wrapper to send emails via the api of the service postmark ( (bsd3, deprecated, email, library)DanielPatterson
mbox-tools60.0A collection of tools to process mbox files (bsd3, email, program, utility)NicolasPouillard
mime-mail1200.0Compose MIME email messages. (email, library, mit)MichaelSnoyman
notmuch-haskell40.0Binding for notmuch MUA library (email, foreign, lgpl, library, program)BartonMassey
ses-html90.0Send HTML formatted emails using Amazon's SES REST API with blaze (aws, bsd3, email, library, network, web)DavidJohnson
ses-html-snaplet (deprecated in favor of snaplet-ses-html)10.0Snaplet for the ses-html package (aws, bsd3, deprecated, email, library, network, snap, web)DavidJohnson
snaplet-ses-html30.0Snaplet for the ses-html package (aws, bsd3, email, library, network, snap, web)DavidJohnson