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ChannelT110.0Generalized stream processors (bsd3, control, enumerator, iteratee, library, pipes, proxies)pthariensflame
attoparsec-enumerator (deprecated)490.0Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)JohnMillikin
attoparsec-text-enumerator30.0(deprecated) (enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text)FelipeLessa
blaze-builder-enumerator340.0Enumeratees for the incremental conversion of builders to bytestrings. (bsd3, data, enumerator, library)MichaelSnoyman, SimonHengel, SimonMeier, ThomasSutton
coroutine-enumerator (deprecated)30.0Bridge between the monad-coroutine and enumerator packages. (concurrency, deprecated, enumerator, gpl, library)MarioBlazevic
enumerator (deprecated)910.0Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)JohnMillikin
enumerator-fd80.0Enumerator instances for monads-fd classes (enumerator, library, mit)JohnMillikin
enumerator-tf40.0Enumerator instances for monads-tf classes (enumerator, library, mit)JohnMillikin
expat-enumerator (deprecated)80.0Enumerator-based API for Expat (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)JohnMillikin
filesystem-enumerator (deprecated)40.0Enumerator-based API for manipulating the filesystem. (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, system)JohnMillikin
folds322.0Beautiful Folding (bsd3, comonads, data, enumerator, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
http-enumerator (deprecated in favor of http-conduit)1110.0HTTP client package with enumerator interface and HTTPS support. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, web)MichaelSnoyman
iterIO60.0Iteratee-based IO with pipe operators (bsd3, data, enumerator, library, system)AmitLevy, DavidMazieres, DanielBGiffin
iterio-server40.0Library for building servers with IterIO (bsd3, enumerator, library, network)AmitLevy
json-enumerator (deprecated in favor of aeson)70.0Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with JSON with the enumerator package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, json, library)MichaelSnoyman
libxml-enumerator (deprecated)190.0Enumerator-based API for libXML's SAX interface (deprecated, enumerator, library, mit, parsing, text, xml)JohnMillikin
lzma-enumerator50.0Enumerator interface for lzma/xz compression. (bsd3, codec, compression, enumerator, library)NathanHowell
machines502.5Networked stream transducers (benchmark, bsd3, control, enumerator, library)EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
netstring-enumerator (deprecated)50.0Enumerator-based netstring parsing (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, library, network, parsing)JohnMillikin
network-enumerator (deprecated)120.0Enumerators for network sockets (data, deprecated, enumerator, library, mit)JohnMillikin
pcap-enumerator (deprecated)90.0Convert a pcap into an enumerator. (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, network)KatsutoshiItoh
pipes-conduit20.0Conduit adapters (bsd3, control, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
pipes-core (deprecated in favor of pipes)50.0Compositional pipelines (bsd3, control, deprecated, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
pipes-extra40.0Various basic utilities for Pipes. (benchmark, bsd3, control, enumerator, library)PaoloCapriotti
twitter-enumerator (deprecated in favor of twitter-conduit)70.0Twitter API package with enumerator interface and Streaming API support. (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, web)TakahiroHimura
xml-enumerator (deprecated in favor of xml-conduit)600.0Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with XML with the enumerator package. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, enumerator, library, xml)MichaelSnoyman
xml-enumerator-combinators30.0Parser combinators for xml-enumerator and compatible XML parsers. (bsd3, enumerator, library, xml)AristidBreitkreuz
yajl-enumerator (deprecated)200.0Enumerator-based interface to YAJL, an event-based JSON implementation (deprecated, enumerator, gpl, json, library, parsing, text)JohnMillikin
zlib-enum320.0Enumerator interface for zlib compression (codec, compression, enumerator, mit)MalteSommerkorn