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bunz130.0CLI tool to beautify JSON string. (cli, json, library, mit, program)2019-02-27sendyhalim
bytepatch70.0Patch byte-representable data in a bytestream (cli, library, mit, program)2022-07-14raehik
cli190.0CLI (bsd3, cli, library, program)2019-01-04VincentHanquez, nicolasdp
cli-arguments130.0A library to process command line arguments in some more convenient way. (cli, library, mit)2022-01-12OleksandrZhabenko
cli-arguments-strict20.0A library to process command line arguments in some more convenient way. (cli, library, mit, strict)2022-01-12OleksandrZhabenko
codeforces-cli62.0Command line interface to interact with Codeforces. (cli, library, mit, program)2021-06-17farbodsz
commander-cli362.0A command line argument/option parser library (cli, library, mit, options, parsing, program, system)2021-08-07sgschlesinger
dobutok (deprecated in favor of dobutokO)80.0Creates the time intervals for CLI changing messages on the screen. (cli, deprecated, library, mit)2020-02-15OleksandrZhabenko
dobutokO130.0The library is intended to print updated messages on the terminal screen. (cli, library, mit)2020-05-14OleksandrZhabenko
docrecords50.0Vinyl-based records with hierarchical field names, default values and documentation (cli, data, json, library, mit, options, parsing, records)2019-10-09YvesPares
ethereum-analyzer-cli310.0A CLI frontend for ethereum-analyzer. (apache, cli, ethereum, library, program, static-analysis)2017-12-25zchn
extensioneer30.0Inspect extensions in cabal and hpack files (cli, mit, program)2022-04-28eyeinsky
file-templates70.0Use templates for files and directories (bsd3, cli, program, template)2017-07-01anfelor
gen-passwd60.0Create wordlist-based passwords easily (bsd3, cli, program)2017-07-01anfelor
gli60.0Tiny cli to fetch PR info from gitlab (bsd3, cli, library, program)2017-01-02goromlagche
harg192.0Haskell program configuration using higher kinded data (bsd3, cli, hkd, library, options, parsing, system)2021-03-04alexpeits
hastily60.0A program to download subtitle files. (bsd3, cli, library, program)2015-10-14sras
hb3sum40.0A command line tool to compute BLAKE3 hashes. (agpl, cli, cryptography, program)2022-08-07SergeyAlirzaev
herms52.0A command-line manager for delicious kitchen recipes (cli, command-line-tool, culinary, gpl, program)2018-08-01JackKiefer
hifi30.0WiFi connection script generator (bsd3, cli, library, program)2018-05-29gonz
hinfo140.0Command Line App With Info on your Haskell App (bsd3, cli, library, program, utils)2018-08-11ChristopherDavenport
hinit10.0Generic project initialization tool (bsd3, cli, library, program)2021-10-18Poscat
iris70.0Haskell CLI framework (cli, framework, library, mpl, program)2022-08-08shersh
jot (deprecated in favor of shakebook)30.0Tiny markdown notebook (cli, deprecated, program)2018-04-05locallycompact
life-sync32.25Synchronize personal configs across multiple machines. (cli, cli-tool, configuration, development, library, mpl, program)2020-05-21shersh, vrom911
mit-3qvpPyAi6mH40.0A git wrapper with a streamlined UX (cli, library, mit, program)2022-10-26mitchellwrosen
mmark-cli140.0Command line interface to the MMark markdown processor (bsd3, cli, program, text)2021-10-14mrkkrp
morpheus-graphql-cli40.0Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, program, web)2019-11-01nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-code-gen1200.0Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, library, program, web)2022-11-12nalchevanidze
morpheus-graphql-code-gen-utils970.0Morpheus GraphQL CLI (bsd3, cli, graphql, library, web)2022-11-12nalchevanidze
optima120.0Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2022-02-04NikitaVolkov
optparse-applicative4243.0Utilities and combinators for parsing command line options (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2022-02-01PaoloCapriotti, huw
optparse-applicative-cmdline-util40.0Utility functions for working with optparse-applicative (agpl, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2022-08-12TonyZorman
optparse-applicative-simple50.0Simple command line interface arguments parser (cli, library, mit, options, parsing)2019-07-06NikitaVolkov
optparse-enum90.0An enum-text based toolkit for optparse-applicative (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing, system)2019-07-21ChrisDornan
optparse-version30.0 (bsd3, cli, library)2017-07-25shmish111
optstream10.0Command line option parsing library with a twice applicative interface (bsd3, cli, library, options, parsing)2022-04-14danshved
otp-authenticator20.0OTP Authenticator (a la google) command line client (bsd3, cli, library, program, security)2019-09-20jle
pinboard-notes-backup90.0Back up the notes you've saved to Pinboard (backup, cli, gpl, pinboard, program)2022-02-26bdesham
platinum-parsing60.0General Framework for compiler development. (bsd3, cli, compilation, compiler, framework, lalr, lexer, library, parser, program)2017-07-19chlablak
ploton10.0A useful cli tool to draw figures (bsd3, cli, library, program)2020-03-31ishiy
rob10.0Simple projects generator (cli, library, mit, program)2020-12-21gianlucaguarini
summoner152.5Tool for scaffolding fully configured batteries-included production-level Haskell projects. (cli, cli-tool, development, library, mpl, program)2020-05-29shersh, vrom911
symantic-cli20.0Symantics for parsing and documenting a CLI (cli, gpl, library, options, parsing, system)2019-10-28julm
tldr152.0Haskell tldr client (bsd3, cli, library, program, web)2021-10-16psibi
translate-cli20.0Translation cli tool (cli, library, mit, program)2017-10-15andys8
trial-optparse-applicative420.0Trial helper functions for optparse-applicative (cli, library, mpl)2020-06-21shersh, vrom911
unused60.0A command line tool to identify unused code. (cli, library, mit, program)2019-11-01joshuaclayton
yiyd10.0 (cli, gpl, program)2019-04-07vonfry