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Last U/L
Configger50.0Parse config files (configuration, library, mit)2011-12-26NateSoares
SConfig (deprecated)72.0A simple config library (configuration, deprecated, library, mit)2014-10-14fgaz
app-settings300.0A library to manage application settings (INI file-like) (bsd3, configuration, library)2017-03-20EmmanuelTouzery
aws-configuration-tools80.0Configuration types, parsers & renderers for AWS services (apache, cloud, configuration, library)2015-05-07JonSterling
bini132.0A collection of various methods for reading and writing bini files. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-01-22TWeise
conf82.0Parser for Haskell-based configuration files. (bsd3, configuration, library, parsing)2015-07-17carymrobbins
conf-json100.0read, parse json config (configuration, json, library, public-domain)2016-12-08procione
config-ini910.0A library for simple INI-based configuration files. (bsd3, configuration, library)2018-01-11gdritter
config-manager120.0Configuration management (configuration, data, gpl, library)2016-08-13guyonvarch
config-value-getopt60.0Interface between config-value and System.GetOpt (configuration, library, mit)2017-05-11EricMertens
configifier100.0parser for config files, shell variables, command line args. (agpl, configuration, data, library)2016-07-05MatthiasFischmann
configuration-tools362.0Tools for specifying and parsing configurations (configuration, console, library, mit)2018-03-17larsk
configurator782.0Configuration management (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2014-07-02BryanOSullivan
configurator-export80.0Pretty printer and exporter for configurations from the "configurator" library. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-05-08jle
configurator-ng250.0The next generation of configuration management (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-10-31LeonSmith
descrilo180.0Loads a list of items with fields (configuration, data, gpl, library, parser)2017-09-28mgmillani
dotenv700.0Loads environment variables from dotenv files (configuration, library, mit, program)2018-05-11jsl, jpvillaisaza, stackbuilders, sestrella, mrkkrp, juanpaucar, camm, goetzc, dbalseiro
dyre690.0Dynamic reconfiguration in Haskell (bsd3, configuration, development, library)2014-04-08WillDonnelly
etc750.0Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects (configuration, library, mit, system)2018-05-20RomanGonzalez
global-config170.0Global mutable configuration (bsd3, configuration, library)2012-05-10AlexanderDorofeev
hsini302.0Package for user configuration files (INI) (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2017-09-11MagnusTherning
htoml350.0Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, json, language, library, parser, text)2016-11-07cies
htoml-megaparsec1080.0Parser for TOML files (bsd3, configuration, data, language, library, text, toml)2018-05-14vmchale
ini1290.0Quick and easy configuration files in the INI format. (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2018-04-13ChrisDone, joehillen
ini-qq90.0Quasiquoter for INI (bsd3, configuration, data, library)2016-07-15kseo
load-env190.0Load environment variables from a file. (bsd3, configuration, library)2017-12-16PatrickBrisbin
minimal-configuration70.0Minimal ini like configuration library with a few extras (configuration, library, system)2016-05-26MariusGhita
tce-conf130.0Very simple config file reading (bsd3, configuration, library, program)2016-10-10DinoMorelli
tomland200.0TOML parser (configuration, data, library, mpl, program, text, toml)2018-05-23shersh
typeparams170.0Lens-like interface for type level parameters; allows unboxed unboxed vectors and supercompilation (bsd3, configuration, data, dependent-types, library, optimization)2015-01-26MikeIzbicki
yaml-config270.0Configuration management (configuration, library, mit)2016-03-17FedorGogolev, MaximMitroshin