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JuicyPixels11312.75Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance) (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library)VincentBerthoux
JuicyPixels-extra250.0Efficiently scale, crop, flip images with JuicyPixels (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, image, library)mrkkrp
flac-picture110.0Support for writing picture to FLAC metadata blocks with JuicyPixels (audio, bsd3, codec, image, library)mrkkrp
identicon130.0Flexible generation of identicons (benchmark, bsd3, graphics, image, library)mrkkrp
latex-formulae-hakyll70.0Use actual LaTeX to render formulae inside Hakyll pages (bsd3, image, library)LiamOConnorDavis
latex-formulae-image120.0A library for rendering LaTeX formulae as images using an actual LaTeX installation (bsd3, image, library)LiamOConnorDavis
latex-formulae-pandoc150.0Render LaTeX formulae in pandoc documents to images with an actual LaTeX installation (bsd3, image, library, program)LiamOConnorDavis
manatee-imageviewer210.0Image viewer extension for Manatee. (gpl, image, image-viewer, library, manatee, program)AndyStewart
picedit170.0simple image manipulation functions (gpl, image, library, matrix, picture, program)mdibaiee
pixelated-avatar-generator100.0A library and application for generating pixelated avatars. (graphics, image, library, mit, program)ExcaliburZero
sdl2-image130.0Bindings to SDL2_image. (foreign, graphics, image, library, mit)SinisaBidin, cailei, ccll
streaming-png30.0Perfectly streaming PNG image decoding (bsd3, codec, graphics, image, library, streaming)bch29