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HsOpenSSL-x509-system90.0Use the system's native CA certificate store with HsOpenSSL (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)MariosTitas
btrfs120.0Bindings to the btrfs API (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)MariosTitas
definitive-filesystem10.0A library that enable you to interact with the filesystem in a definitive way. (filesystem, library)MarcCoiffier
disk-free-space210.0Retrieve information about disk space usage (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)MariosTitas
fileneglect60.0Block thread until a file stops being modified (bsd3, filesystem, library)athanclark
fsnotify8232.0Cross platform library for file change notification. (bsd3, filesystem, library)GregWeber, MarkDittmer, RaphaelJavaux, RomanCheplyaka
fswatch400.0File System watching tool with cli and slave functionalities. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program)kelemzol
hpath142.0Support for well-typed paths (bsd3, filesystem, library)maerwald
linux-file-extents60.0Retrieve file fragmentation information under Linux (bsd3, ffi, filesystem, library, system)MariosTitas
ltext210.0Parameterized file evaluator (bsd3, filesystem, library, program, text, tools, utils)athanclark
partly50.0Inspect, create, and alter MBRs. (bsd3, filesystem, library, program, system)TimDixon
path1310.0Support for well-typed paths (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)ChrisDone, danilo2, Norfair, mrkkrp, joehillen, sjakobi
path-io1102.0Interface to ‘directory’ package for users of ‘path’ (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)mrkkrp
plan-b90.0Failure-tolerant file and directory editing (bsd3, filesystem, library, system)mrkkrp
shikensu280.0Run a sequence of functions on in-memory representations of files (filesystem, library, mit)icidasset