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Top70.0Constraint solving framework employed by the Helium Compiler. (constraints, gpl, library, program)JurriaanHage
cluss110.0simple alternative to type classes (bsd3, constraints, library, type-system)Kinokkory
constraints2492.0Constraint manipulation (bsd2, constraints, library)EdwardKmett, ryanglscott
csp132.0Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver. (ai, constraints, control, failure, lgpl, library, monads)AndreiBarbu
exists80.0Existential datatypes holding evidence of constraints (bsd3, constraints, library)GaborLehel
ifscs30.0An inductive-form set constraint solver (bsd3, constraints, library)TristanRavitch
mios70.0A Minisat-based SAT solver in Haskell (artificial-intelligence, constraints, gpl, program)shnarazk
nondeterminism82.0A monad and monad transformer for nondeterministic computations. (ai, constraints, control, failure, lgpl, library, monads)AndreiBarbu
pseudo-boolean620.0Reading/Writing OPB/WBO files used in pseudo boolean competition (bsd3, constraints, data, library, logic, optimisation, optimization)MasahiroSakai
superconstraints60.0Access an instance's constraints (bsd3, constraints, library)RyanTrinkle
toysolver150.0Assorted decision procedures for SAT, Max-SAT, PB, MIP, etc (algorithms, benchmark, bsd3, constraints, library, logic, optimisation, optimization, program, theorem-provers)MasahiroSakai
trivial-constraint60.0Constraints that any type, resp. no type fulfills (constraints, gpl, library)leftaroundabout
unconstrained220.0Null constraint (bsd3, constraints, library)