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AC-Boolean1760.0Handle Boolean values generatically. (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)2010-11-09AndrewCoppin
LogicGrowsOnTrees3830.0a parallel implementation of logic programming using distributed tree exploration (benchmark, bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)2014-03-09GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-MPI2340.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses MPI (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)2014-03-09GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-network4560.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses multiple processes running in a network (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)2016-04-05GregoryCrosswhite
LogicGrowsOnTrees-processes3070.0an adapter for LogicGrowsOnTrees that uses multiple processes for parallelism (benchmark, bsd3, control, distributed-computing, library, logic, parallelism)2014-03-09GregoryCrosswhite
PropLogic3840.0Propositional Logic (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic, program)2012-04-16DavidFox
atp-haskell4580.0Translation from Ocaml to Haskell of John Harrison's ATP code (bsd3, library, logic, theorem-provers)2016-09-12DavidFox
cond9240.0Basic conditional and boolean operators with monadic variants. (bsd3, control, library, logic, monad)2014-11-23AdamCurtis
ersatz17172.0A monad for expressing SAT or QSAT problems using observable sharing. (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic)2017-07-29EdwardKmett, EricMertens, ryanglscott
ersatz-toysat3390.0toysat driver as backend for ersatz (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic)2017-10-02MasahiroSakai
expressions3131.5Expressions and Formulae a la carte (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)2017-10-25jakubdaniel
expressions-z31610.0Encode and Decode expressions from Z3 ASTs (bsd3, data, library, logic, math)2017-10-25jakubdaniel
g4ip840.0A theorem prover for propositional logic that uses G4ip (library, logic, mit)2017-03-20cacay
g4ip-prover1610.0Theorem prover for intuitionistic propositional logic using G4ip (logic, mit, program)2017-12-04klntsky
hatt12240.0A truth table generator for classical propositional logic. (bsd3, library, logic, program)2012-11-24BenedictEastaugh
hol3110.0Higher order logic (library, logic, mit, program)2017-11-04JoeHurd
jukebox21730.0A first-order reasoning toolbox (bsd3, library, logic, program)2017-12-04NickSmallbone
logic-classes15080.0Framework for propositional and first order logic, theorem proving (bsd3, library, logic, theorem-provers)2016-09-18DavidFox
minisat2320.0A Haskell bundle of the Minisat SAT solver (bsd3, library, logic)2015-07-03JeroenBransen
minisat-solver820.0High-level Haskell bindings for the MiniSat SAT solver. (benchmark, library, logic, mit)2016-10-24PeterSelinger
obdd9080.0Ordered Reduced Binary Decision Diagrams (gpl, library, logic)2016-12-29JohannesWaldmann
picologic4450.0Utilities for symbolic predicate logic expressions (library, logic, mit)2017-01-04sdiehl
picosat5252.0Bindings to the PicoSAT solver (library, logic, mit)2017-01-03sdiehl
pseudo-boolean8070.0Reading/Writing OPB/WBO files used in pseudo boolean competition (bsd3, constraints, data, library, logic, optimisation, optimization)2017-09-02MasahiroSakai
satchmo18370.0SAT encoding monad (gpl, library, logic)2016-04-28JohannesWaldmann
satchmo-toysat3220.0toysat driver as backend for satchmo (algorithms, bsd3, library, logic)2015-05-31MasahiroSakai
structural-induction4870.0Instantiate structural induction schemas for algebraic data types (lgpl, library, logic, theorem-provers)2015-06-30DanRosen
term-rewriting5892.0Term Rewriting Library (library, logic, mit)2017-02-21BertramFelgenhauer, MartinAvanzini
toysolver9020.0Assorted decision procedures for SAT, SMT, Max-SAT, PB, MIP, etc (algorithms, bsd3, constraints, formal-methods, library, logic, optimisation, optimization, program, theorem-provers)2017-10-09MasahiroSakai
tpdb11150.0Data Type for Rewriting Systems (gpl, library, logic)2016-06-13JohannesWaldmann
unification-fd6042.0Simple generic unification algorithms. (algebra, algorithms, bsd3, compilers-interpreters, language, library, logic, unification)2015-05-30WrenThornton