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fixhs150.01FIX (co)parser (lgpl, library, parsing, program, protocol, text)2012-07-110.1.4ArvinMoezzi
haskell-lsp-client (deprecated)92.00A haskell package to build your own Language Server client. (deprecated, development, gpl, language, library, program, protocol)2017-12-
hoauth380.05A Haskell implementation of OAuth 1.0a protocol. (bsd3, library, network, oauth, protocol)2012-08-300.3.5DiegoSouza
protocol70.00Model distributed system as type-level multi-party protocol (bsd3, control, distributed-computing, distributed-systems, library, protocol)2020-07-
remotion (deprecated)40.01A library for client-server applications based on custom protocols (deprecated, library, mit, network, protocol, service)2014-10-190.2.0NikitaVolkov
ron182.03RON (bsd3, database, distributed-systems, library, protocol)2021-07-150.12cblp
ron-rdt80.02Replicated Data Types (RON-RDT) (bsd3, database, distributed-systems, library, protocol)2019-10-080.10cblp
ron-schema110.00RON-Schema (bsd3, database, distributed-systems, library, protocol)2019-09-060.9.1cblp
ron-storage100.00RON Storage (bsd3, database, distributed-systems, library, protocol)2019-10-080.11cblp
salvia-protocol50.07Salvia webserver protocol suite supporting URI, HTTP, Cookie and MIME. (bsd3, library, network, protocol, web)2010-03-211.0.1SebastiaanVisser
symantic-http80.04Symantic combinators for deriving clients or a server from an HTTP API (gpl, library, protocol)2019-04-
symantic-http-client80.00symantic-http applied to the derivation of HTTP clients (gpl, library, protocol)2019-04-
symantic-http-demo110.00Demo for symantic-http and its companion libraries (gpl, library, program, protocol)2019-03-
symantic-http-pipes80.00Streaming support through pipes for symantic-http (gpl, library, protocol)2019-03-
symantic-http-server100.00symantic-http applied to the derivation of HTTP servers (gpl, library, protocol)2019-04-
symantic-http-test50.00Test symantic-http and its companion libraries (gpl, protocol)2019-04-