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Dangerous120.0Monads for operations that can exit early and produce warnings (error-handling, library, mit)NateSoares
async-io-either122.0Could be useful (bsd3, error-handling, library)schalmers
bug230.0Better alternatives to the "error" function (development, error-handling, library, mit)HerbertValerioRiedel, NikitaVolkov
error-message70.0Composable error messages. (bsd3, development, error-handling, library)GregoryCrosswhite
error-util60.0Set of utils and operators for error handling (error-handling, library, mit)danilo2, PiotrMlodawski
errors5572.25Simplified error-handling (bsd3, control, error-handling, library)GabrielGonzalez
exception-monads-fd (deprecated in favor of exception-mtl)40.0Exception monad transformer instances for monads-fd classes. (bsd3, control, deprecated, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exception-monads-tf140.0Exception monad transformer instances for monads-tf classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exception-mtl170.0Exception monad transformer instances for mtl classes. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
exception-transformers220.0Type classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions. (bsd3, control, error-handling, failure, library, monad)GeoffreyMainland
failable-list (deprecated in favor of enumerator)50.0A list-like type for lazy streams, which might terminate with an error. (bsd3, data, deprecated, error-handling, library)JohnMillikin
partial-handler90.0A composable exception handler (error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
pipes-errors50.0Integration between pipes and errors (bsd3, control, error-handling, library, monad, pipes)jdnavarro
pipes-safe3790.0Safety for the pipes ecosystem (bsd3, control, error-handling, library, pipes)GabrielGonzalez
postgresql-error-codes50.0PostgreSQL error codes (database, error-handling, library, mit, postgresql)NikitaVolkov
pretty-error20.0Pretty error messages for runtime invariants (apache, error-handling, library)jml
prim-spoon40.0Catch errors thrown from pure computations using primops. (benchmark, bsd3, error-handling, library)lambdamichael
resumable-exceptions60.0A monad transformer for resumable exceptions (control, error-handling, failure, library, monads, reactivity)NicolasFrisby
slave-thread182.0A principal solution to ghost threads and silent exceptions (concurrency, concurrent, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, mit)NikitaVolkov
spoon170.0Catch errors thrown from pure computations. (bsd3, error-handling, library)DanielPeebles, LiyangHu
tagged-exception-core80.0Reflect exceptions using phantom types. (bsd3, control, error-handling, exceptions, failure, library, monad, monads, phantom-types)PeterTrsko