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Animas70.0Updated version of Yampa: a library for programming hybrid systems. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)EdwardAmsden
Dflow20.0Processing Real-time event streams (bsd3, library, reactivity)PaulJohnson
YFrob30.0Yampa-based library for programming robots (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity, yampa)TristanSkudlik
Yampa602.5Library for programming hybrid systems. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
Yampa-core40.0Library for programming hybrid systems. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)NikolayOrlyuk
bot80.0bots for functional reactive programming (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)ConalElliott
dow170.0Dungeons of Wor (bsd3, frp, game, program, reactivity)GergelyPatai
dunai300.0Generalised reactive framework supporting classic, arrowized and monadic FRP. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
elerea492.0A minimalistic FRP library (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)GergelyPatai
elerea-examples330.0Example applications for Elerea (bsd3, frp, program, reactivity)GergelyPatai
grapefruit-examples180.0Examples using the Grapefruit library (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-frp180.0Functional Reactive Programming core (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-records190.0A record system for Functional Reactive Programming (bsd3, data, frp, library, reactivity)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-ui190.0Declarative user interface programming (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-ui-gtk150.0GTK+-based backend for declarative user interface programming (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
haskanoid102.25A breakout game written in Yampa using SDL (frp, game, program, reactivity)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
io-reactive30.0An API for generating TIMBER style reactive objects. (bsd3, control, library, program, reactivity)AndyGill
machinecell230.0Arrow based stream transducers (bsd3, control, frp, library, reactivity)HidenoriAzuma
midair50.0Hot-swappable FRP (concurrency, control, frp, gpl, interaction, library, music, reactive, reactivity, user-interfaces)TomMurphy
reaction-logic50.0pluggable pure logic serializable reactor (bsd3, library, program, reactivity)PaoloVeronelli
reactive690.0Push-pull functional reactive programming (frp, reactivity)ConalElliott, RussellOConnor
reactive-haskell (deprecated)20.0minimal fork of io-reactive (bsd3, control, deprecated, library, reactivity)Heather
reactivity80.0An alternate implementation of push-pull FRP. (frp, gpl, reactivity)JamesCandy
reenact100.0A reimplementation of the Reactive library. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)HansHoglund
reflex-dom62.5Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, html, javascript, library, reactive, reactivity, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)RyanTrinkle, abrar, sidraval
resumable-exceptions60.0A monad transformer for resumable exceptions (control, error-handling, failure, library, monads, reactivity)NicolasFrisby
wxFruit90.0An implementation of Fruit using wxHaskell. (bsd3, frp, gui, library, program, reactivity)HenkJanVanTuyl, KidoTakahiro