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Capabilities20.0Separate and contain effects of IO monad. (bsd3, generics, library, security)BaldurBlondal
GoogleSB20.0Interface to Google Safe Browsing API (bsd3, library, security)AlexOtt
TransformeR (deprecated)10.0eDSL in R for Safe Variable Transformarion (bsd3, deprecated, dsl, library, program, security, statistics)remy
bindings-sipc30.0Low level bindings to SIPC. (lgpl, library, program, security)JustinEthier
credentials70.0Secure Credentials Storage and Distribution (aws, library, network, security)BrendanHay
credentials-cli60.0Secure Credentials Administration (aws, console, network, program, security)BrendanHay
dclabel (deprecated in favor of lio)70.0This packge is deprecated. See the the "LIO.DCLabel" in the "lio" package. (benchmark, bsd3, deprecated, library, security)DeianStefan
dclabel-eci11 (deprecated in favor of lio)70.0The Disjunction Category Label Format. (bsd3, deprecated, library, security)AlejandroRusso
dewdrop20.0Find gadgets for return-oriented programming on x86 (bsd3, library, reverse-engineering, security)KeeganMcAllister
faceted20.0Faceted computation for dynamic information flow security (apache, library, security)KennKnowles
flowlocks-framework40.0Generalized Flow Locks Framework (bsd3, library, security)NiklasBroberg
hpg160.0a simple password generator (program, security)fritjof
jail40.0Jailed IO monad. (bsd3, library, security, system)SebastiaanVisser
lio322.0Labeled IO Information Flow Control Library (gpl, library, security)AmitLevy, DavidMazieres, DeianStefan
lio-eci11 (deprecated in favor of lio)60.0Labeled IO library (deprecated, gpl, library, security)AlejandroRusso
lio-fs40.0Labeled File System interface for LIO (gpl, library, security)DeianStefan
lmonad20.0LMonad is an Information Flow Control (IFC) framework for Haskell applications. (library, mit, security)jp_rider
lmonad-yesod50.0LMonad for Yesod integrates LMonad's IFC with Yesod web applications. (library, mit, security, web, yesod)jp_rider
mac62.0Static Mandatory Access Control in Haskell (bsd3, library, security)AlejandroRusso
otp-authenticator60.0OTP Authenticator (a la google) command line client (bsd3, cli, library, program, security)jle
paphragen60.0A passphrase generator. (gpl, program, security)mgmillani
safe-access380.0A simple environment to control access to data (bsd3, library, security)thoferon
scyther-proof130.0Automatic generation of Isabelle/HOL correctness proofs for security protocols. (gpl, program, security, theorem-provers)SimonMeier, lochbihl
seclib170.0A simple library for static information-flow security in Haskell (bsd3, library, security)AlejandroRusso
secrm30.0Example of writing "secure" file removal in Haskell rather than C. (program, public-domain, security)JonSlenk
sme40.0A library for Secure Multi-Execution in Haskell (bsd3, library, security)AlejandroRusso