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attoparsec-time500.0Attoparsec parsers of time (attoparsec, library, mit, parsers, time)NikitaVolkov
bank-holiday-usa70.0A library for determining US bank holidays (library, mit, time)tippenein
distance-of-time80.0Generate readable distances between times. (library, mit, time)joshuaclayton
ebeats30.0Time in ebeats (bsd3, library, time)BrianLewis
haskell-time-range80.0Some useful wrappers and functions for building time ranges (bsd3, lenses, library, time)schalmers
herf-time70.0haskell time manipulation in a 'kerf like' style. (bsd3, kerf, library, time)scottmurphy09
hodatime130.0A fully featured date/time library based on Nodatime (bsd3, data, library, time)
hora220.0date time (library, public-domain, system, time)procione
hourglass11010.0simple performant time related library (benchmark, bsd3, library, time)VincentHanquez
hourglass-fuzzy-parsing30.0A small library for parsing more human friendly date/time formats. (bsd3, library, parsing, time)TannerDoshier
human-readable-duration90.0Provide duration helper (benchmark, bsd3, library, time)yogsototh
iso8601-time160.0Convert to/from the ISO 8601 time format (library, mit, time)AndrasSlemmer, NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
japanese-holidays40.0Japanese holidays utility (bsd3, library, time)cohei
leapseconds30.0 (bsd3, library, time)AshleyYakeley
ntp-control10.0Client library for NTP control messaging (bsd3, library, network, time)GracjanPolak, MagnusCarlsson
rdtsc-enolan30.0Binding to sources of high-efficiency, high-precision, monotonically increasing relative time. (bsd3, foreign-binding, library, time)EchoNolan
rfc3339130.0Parse and display time according to RFC3339 (deprecated) (bsd3, library, time, web)HugoGomes
scalendar321.75This is a library for handling calendars and resource availability based on the "top-nodes algorithm" and set operations. (library, mit, time)sebasHack
tai40.0Support library to enable TAI usage on systems with time kept in UTC. (bsd3, library, system, time)davean
tiempo30.0Specify time intervals in different units (secs, mins, hours, etc.) (data, library, mit, time)RomanGonzalez
time8730.0A time library (bsd3, library, time)AshleyYakeley, DonaldStewart, IanLynagh
time-cache40.0Cache current time and formatted time text (library, public-domain, system, time)akrasner
time-exts230.0Yet another time library (bsd3, library, time)EnzoHaussecker
time-http90.0Parse and format HTTP/1.1 Date and Time strings (library, public-domain, time, web)MasatakeDaimon
time-out40.0Timers, timeouts, alarms, monadic wrappers (control, library, monad, public-domain, time, timeout)akrasner
time-patterns140.0Patterns for recurring events. (bsd3, data, library, time)jfmueller
time-qq70.0Quasi-quoter for UTCTime times (bsd3, library, quasiquotes, time)ChristianMarie
timemap110.0A mutable hashmap, implicitly indexed by UTCTime. (benchmark, bsd3, data, library, time)athanclark
timerep100.0Parse and display time according to some RFCs (RFC3339, RFC2822, RFC822) (bsd3, library, parser, text, time, web)HugoGomes, koral
timezone-unix20.0 (bsd3, library, time)AshleyYakeley
utc60.0A pragmatic time and date library. (data, library, mit, parsing, time)LarsPetersen
workdays50.0Workday calculations (library, mit, time)jsl, jpvillaisaza, stackbuilders