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Dao70.0Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)RaminHonary
Deadpan-DDP190.0Write clients for Meteor's DDP Protocol (library, mit, program, unclassified)LyndonMaydwell
Extra (deprecated in favor of sr-extra, extra)250.0A grab bag of modules. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)DavidFox, JeremyShaw
FastxPipe (deprecated in favor of pipes-fastx)10.0Fasta and Fastq streaming (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)rcallahan
Grafos30.0Grafos Haskell (bsd3, library, unclassified)jppianta83
LRU (deprecated)40.0Implements an LRU data structure (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)AdamLangley
MTGBuilder50.0Builds decks out of a meta (mit, program, unclassified)willfancher
MissingH1542.5Large utility library (bsd3, library, unclassified)JohnGoerzen, davean
MissingPy170.0Haskell interface to Python (library, mit, unclassified)JohnGoerzen, MattBrown
ObjectIO30.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)
OneTuple3720.0Singleton Tuple (bsd3, library, unclassified)JohnDorsey
Proper80.0An implementation of propositional logic in Haskell (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)dillonhuff
Safe (deprecated in favor of safe)50.0Library for safe (pattern match free) functions (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
SeqAlign (deprecated in favor of seqalign)20.0Sequence Alignment (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)rcallahan
Shrub20.04-way trie fuzzy search (bsd3, library, unclassified)rcallahan
Theora30.0 (gpl, library, unclassified)PierreEtienneMeunier
Useful130.0Some useful functions and shorthands. (bsd3, library, unclassified)DanielHolden
Zora180.0Graphing library wrapper + assorted useful functions (bsd3, library, unclassified)bgwines
aeson-json-ast50.0Integration layer for "json-ast" and "aeson" (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
aeson-serialize30.0Simple serialization functions for aeson types (bsd3, library, unclassified)KevinCotrone
almost-fix50.0Recurse while a predicate is satisfied (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
argon250.0Haskell bindings to libargon2 - the reference implementation of the Argon2 password-hashing function (bsd3, library, unclassified)JoeyHess, OliverCharles
ascii-art-to-unicode70.0ASCII Art to Unicode Box Drawing converter (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)fmthoma
average40.0An average (arithmetic mean) monoid. (bsd3, library, unclassified)HansHoglund
backdropper40.0Rotates backdrops for X11 displays using Imagemagic. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)YannGolanski
base-unicode-symbols5302.25Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators (bsd3, library, unclassified)RoelVanDijk
bit-stream100.0Lazy, infinite, compact stream of Bool with O(1) indexing. (benchmark, bsd3, library, unclassified)Bodigrim
blaze (deprecated)50.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
blazeMarker30.0... (library, mit, unclassified)faleidel
ble410.0Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)jkarni, scottmurphy09
bools (deprecated)50.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
cabalg140.0alias for cabal install from given git repo (library, mit, program, unclassified)DmitryMalikov
calc30.0A small compiler for arithmetic expressions. (bsd3, program, unclassified)AustinSeipp
canteven-config30.0A pattern for configuring programs. (apache, library, unclassified)pjrt, taphu, potomak, glasserc, mhova
canteven-http250.0Utilities for HTTP programming. (library, mit, unclassified)taphu, potomak, glasserc
canteven-parsedate10.0Date / time parsing utilities that try to guess the date / time format. (apache, library, unclassified)taphu
cgi-undecidable30.0Undecidable instances for the cgi package. (bsd3, library, unclassified)BjornBringert
codeworld-api150.0Graphics library for CodeWorld (apache, library, unclassified)ChrisSmith, JoachimBreitner
cognimeta-utils40.0Utilities for Cognimeta products (such as perdure). API may change often. (library, program, unclassified)PatrickPremont
constraint-classes110.0Various typeclasses using ConstraintKinds (bsd3, library, unclassified)guaraqe
containers-unicode-symbols300.0Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators (bsd3, library, unclassified)RoelVanDijk
continuum130.0 (library, mit, unclassified)ifesdjeen
continuum-client20.0 (library, mit, unclassified)ifesdjeen
craft20.0A UNIX configuration management library in Haskell (apache, library, unclassified)joehillen
dag80.0Compile-time, type-safe directed acyclic graphs. (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
dao30.0Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind. (gpl, library, program, unclassified)RaminHonary
data-extra (deprecated)150.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
definitive-sound10.0A definitive package to handle sound and play it back (library, unclassified)MarcCoiffier
dependent-sum-template140.0Template Haskell code to generate instances of classes in dependent-sum package (library, public-domain, unclassified)JamesCook, RyanTrinkle
deque142.0Double-ended queue (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
derangement40.0Find derangements of lists (gpl, library, unclassified)DennisGriffith
diplomacy10.0The board game Diplomacy, spoken in Haskell (bsd3, library, unclassified)alexvieth
diplomacy-server10.0Play Diplomacy over HTTP (bsd3, program, unclassified)alexvieth
eithers (deprecated in favor of either)50.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
ekg-carbon170.0An EKG backend to send statistics to Carbon (part of Graphite monitoring tools) (bsd3, library, unclassified)OliverCharles
ekg-influxdb30.0An EKG backend to send statistics to influxdb (bsd3, library, unclassified)angerman
engine-io-snap120.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)OliverCharles
entangle50.0An application (and library) to convert quipper circuits into Qpmc models. (library, mit, program, unclassified)miniBill
exif60.0A Haskell binding to a subset of libexif (bsd3, library, unclassified)BjornBringert
feed2lj (deprecated)60.0(unsupported) (bsd3, deprecated, program, unclassified)SergeyAstanin
fences20.0To be written (gpl, library, unclassified)HansHoglund
final20.0utility to add extra safety to monadic returns (bsd3, library, unclassified)GergelyRisko
format-status50.0A utility for writing the date to dzen2. (mit, program, unclassified)georgerogers42
fpipe40.0F#-style composition and application (bsd3, library, unclassified)BenSchulz
frown80.0LALR(k) parser generator (gpl, program, unclassified)MatthewFarkasDyck
fx50.0Horizontally composable effects (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
game-of-life90.0Conway's Game of Life (mit, program, unclassified)marcusbuffett
generic-enum60.0An Enum class that fixes some deficiences with Prelude's Enum (library, mit, unclassified)clinton
generic-lucid-scaffold (deprecated in favor of webpage)20.0General-purpose web page scaffold for Lucid. (deprecated, library, mit, unclassified)athanclark
ghc-server40.0None (bsd3, library, unclassified)
git-freq50.0A Git subcommand to show total addition, deletion per file (bsd3, program, unclassified)DaisukeFujimura
gitdo10.0Create Github issues out of TODO comments in code (mit, program, unclassified)MatthewHall
google-drive90.0Google Drive API access (library, mit, unclassified)PatrickBrisbin
google-oauth260.0Google OAuth2 token negotiation (library, mit, unclassified)PatrickBrisbin
gravatar230.0Generate Gravatar image URLs (library, mit, unclassified)DonaldStewart, PatrickBrisbin
happs-hsp30.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)DavidHimmelstrup
hask-home60.0Generate homepages for cabal packages (bsd3, program, unclassified)BjornBringert, IsaacJones, SimonHengel
haskell-course-preludes50.0Small modules for a Haskell course in which Haskell is taught by implementing Prelude functionality. (library, mit, unclassified)gibiansky
haxr-th50.0Automatic deriving of XML-RPC structs for Haskell records. (bsd3, library, unclassified)BjornBringert, GracjanPolak
heroku-persistent40.0Parse DATABASE_URL into configuration types for Persistent (library, mit, unclassified)PatrickBrisbin, jferris
hmarkup50.0Simple wikitext-like markup format implementation. (bsd3, library, unclassified)BjornBringert
hnop30.0 (program, unclassified)IsaacJones
holey-format (deprecated in favor of formatting)60.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
hs-re10.0Easy to use Regex (library, mit, unclassified)SKAhack
hsConfigure50.0By using this package, you can make application configurable. (lgpl, library, unclassified)YoshikuniJujo
hsbencher-codespeed20.0Backend for uploading benchmark data to CodeSpeed (bsd3, library, unclassified)RyanNewton
hsbencher-fusion90.0Backend for uploading benchmark data to Google Fusion Tables. (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)RyanNewton
http-response-decoder50.0Declarative DSL for parsing an HTTP response (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
huzzy40.0Fuzzy logic library with support for T1, IT2, GT2. (library, mit, unclassified)jna_sh
hworker52.0A reliable at-least-once job queue built on top of redis. (library, unclassified)DanielPatterson, LibbyHoracek
ihaskell-widgets50.0IPython standard widgets for IHaskell. (library, mit, unclassified)gibiansky
infernu40.0Type inference and checker for JavaScript (experimental) (gpl, library, program, unclassified)NoamLewis
infinity40.0 (bsd3, program, unclassified)AustinSeipp
integer-simple120.0Simple Integer library (bsd3, library, unclassified)HerbertValerioRiedel
ircbouncer (deprecated)70.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
ispositive42.0Positive integers test. (bsd3, library, unclassified)stettberger
json-ast90.0Universal JSON AST datastructure (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
json-ast-json-encoder70.0Encoders of JSON AST (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
json-ast-quickcheck20.0Compatibility layer for "json-ast" and "QuickCheck" (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
json-pointer-aeson60.0Integration layer for "json-pointer" and "aeson" (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
kibro (deprecated)160.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
laika50.0Minimalistic type-checked compile-time template engine (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
lazy-io-streams40.0Get lazy with your io-streams (bsd3, library, unclassified)lukec
lhslatex10.0Tool for using pdflatex with .lhs files (bsd3, program, unclassified)TvH
ll-picosat20.0 (library, mit, unclassified)DanielWaterworth
load-balancing30.0Client-side load balancing utilities. (apache, library, unclassified)taphu
locked-poll20.0Very simple poll lock (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)scottmurphy09
logging-effect382.25A mtl-style monad transformer for general purpose & compositional logging (bsd3, library, unclassified)OliverCharles
loopy50.0Find all biological feedback loops within an ecosystem graph. (bsd3, program, unclassified)EmilyMitchell
lucid-foundation40.0Basic Zurb Foundation API in Lucid (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
matcher40.0A composable abstraction for checking or converting a context value (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
metaplug (deprecated in favor of hint)40.0a tiny ghc api wrapper (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)AustinSeipp
monad-classes-logging40.0monad-classes based typeclass for Ollie's logging-effect LoggingT (bsd3, library, unclassified)edwardgeorge
monadoid50.0A monoid for monads (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
morph52.0A simple database migrator for PostgreSQL (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)thoferon
msu40.0Monitor Setup Utility (mit, program, unclassified)PatrickBrisbin
mud20.0Multi-version deployer for web applications (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)thoferon
music-util190.0Utility for developing the Music Suite. (bsd3, program, unclassified)HansHoglund
myTestlll (deprecated)20.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)MarkSantolucito
network-carbon160.0A Haskell implementation of the Carbon protocol (part of the Graphite monitoring tools) (bsd3, library, unclassified)OliverCharles
nums (deprecated)50.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
orgstat120.0Statistics visualizer for org-mode (gpl, library, program, unclassified)volhovm
packedstring (deprecated in favor of bytestring)60.0(Deprecated) Packed Strings. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)IanLynagh
padKONTROL10.0Controlling padKONTROL native mode (bsd3, library, unclassified)FumiakiKinoshita
parallel-tasks30.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)NeilBrown
parsedate70.0Data and time parsing for CalendarTime (bsd3, library, unclassified)BjornBringert, IsaacJones
path-extra360.0Chris Done's path library, enriched with URL-related goodies. (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
paymill20.0This is an unofficial client for the Paymill API (bsd3, library, unclassified)darthdeus
penrose80.0A system that automatically visualize mathematics (mit, program, unclassified)wodeni
positive60.0Positive integers. (bsd3, library, unclassified)HansHoglund
postgresql-simple-sop120.0Generic functions for postgresql-simple (library, mit, unclassified)glutamate
progressive20.0Multilabel classification model which learns sequentially (online). (bsd3, program, unclassified)GrzegorzChrupala
pseudo-trie90.0A tagged rose-tree with short circuited unique leaves (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
pushbullet30.0Simple push support for pushbullet (bsd3, library, unclassified)KevinCotrone
quipper110.0An embedded, scalable functional programming language for quantum computing. (bsd3, library, unclassified)miniBill
quipper-core60.0An embedded, scalable functional programming language for quantum computing. (bsd3, library, unclassified)miniBill
quipper-rendering30.0An embedded, scalable functional programming language for quantum computing. (bsd3, library, unclassified)miniBill
rebase600.0A more progressive alternative to the "base" package (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
refh20.0A command-line tool for pasting to (mit, program, unclassified)AnthonyGrimes
rerebase280.0Reexports from "base" with a bunch of other standard libraries (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
rivet (deprecated)10.0A project management tool for Haskell applications. (bsd3, deprecated, program, unclassified)DanielPatterson
rivet-migration30.0Postgresql migration support for project management tool. (bsd3, library, unclassified)DanielPatterson
rivet-simple-deploy20.0Basic deployment support for project management tool. (bsd3, library, unclassified)DanielPatterson
rlist30.0Lists with cheap snocs (bsd3, library, unclassified)guaraqe
rss180.0A library for generating RSS 2.0 feeds. (library, public-domain, unclassified)BasVanDijk, BjornBringert
safe16882.0Library of safe (exception free) functions (bsd3, library, unclassified)NeilMitchell
satchmo-minisat40.0minisat driver as backend for satchmo (gpl, library, unclassified)JohannesWaldmann
selfrestart30.0Restarts the current executable (on binary change) (library, mit, unclassified)NiklasHambuechen, PatrickChilton
semver-range50.0An implementation of semver and semantic version ranges. (library, mit, unclassified)thinkpad20
sensenet10.0Distributed sensor network for the raspberry pi (mit, program, unclassified)rossdylan
senza (deprecated in favor of lucid)30.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
servant-db30.0Servant types for defining API with relational DBs (bsd3, library, unclassified)NCrashed
set-with (deprecated in favor of sets)30.0Set of elements sorted by a different data type. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)athanclark
setdown70.0Treating files as sets to perform rapid set manipulation. (bsd3, program, unclassified)RobertMassaioli
shared-memory30.0POSIX shared memory (library, mit, unclassified)NiklasHambuechen
smerdyakov10.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)jkarni
snap-app (deprecated)170.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
socket-io3720.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)OliverCharles, TimBaumann
solr170.0A minimal Solr client library (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
sparser40.0Lightweight parsing library based on partial functions. (bsd3, library, unclassified)HansHoglund
sr-extra200.0A grab bag of modules. (bsd3, library, unclassified)DavidFox
stash20.0To be written (bsd3, library, unclassified)HansHoglund
streaming-histogram40.0 (apache, benchmark, library, unclassified)teh
strelka-core70.0Core components of "strelka" (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
strelka-wai80.0WAI compatibility layer for "strelka" (library, mit, unclassified)NikitaVolkov
strict-types1090.0A type level predicate ranging over strict types (bsd3, library, unclassified)
strictify30.0Find a local optimum of strictness annotations. (bsd3, program, unclassified)SterlingClover
string (deprecated in favor of text)80.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
testPkg10.0Small test package (program, unclassified)Stephen_E_A_Britton
texts (deprecated in favor of formatting)100.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
throttle (deprecated)90.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
timberc60.0The Timber Compiler. (bsd3, program, unclassified)PeterJonsson
toml20.0 (bsd3, library, unclassified)seliopou
total-alternative70.0Alternative interface for total versions of partial function on the Prelude. (bsd3, library, unclassified)guaraqe
twentefp-eventloop-trees90.0Tree type and show functions for lab assignment of University of Twente. Contains RoseTree and RedBlackTree (bsd3, library, unclassified)sebaslafleur
twentefp-rosetree (deprecated in favor of twentefp-trees)30.0RoseTree type and show functions for lab assignment of University of Twente. (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)sebaslafleur
twentefp-trees (deprecated in favor of twentefp-eventloop-trees)40.0Tree type and show functions for lab assignment of University of Twente. Contains RoseTree and ParseTree (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)sebaslafleur
unbounded-delays-units10.0Thread delays and timeouts using proper time units (bsd3, library, unclassified)jcristovao
unfoldable-restricted80.0An alternative to the Unfoldable typeclass (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
unicode-symbols (deprecated in favor of base-unicode-symbols)60.0Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)RoelVanDijk
unit-constraint50.0Extremely simple typeclass (bsd3, library, unclassified)athanclark
validate (deprecated in favor of digestive-functors)100.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
verdict30.0Validation framework (bsd3, library, program, unclassified)jkarni
verdict-json20.0JSON instances and JSON Schema for verdict (bsd3, library, unclassified)jkarni
webkit-javascriptcore170.0JavaScriptCore FFI from webkitgtk (bsd3, library, unclassified)HamishMackenzie
webkit2gtk3-javascriptcore110.0JavaScriptCore FFI from webkitgtk (bsd3, library, unclassified)HamishMackenzie
webkitgtk3-javascriptcore200.0JavaScriptCore FFI from webkitgtk (bsd3, library, unclassified)HamishMackenzie
webpage110.0Organized and simple web page scaffold for blaze and lucid (library, mit, unclassified)athanclark
wordcloud (deprecated)60.0None (bsd3, deprecated, library, unclassified)
yesod-gitrev40.0A subsite for displaying git information. (bsd3, library, unclassified)DanBurton
yjtools350.0some tools for Monad, List, Tuple and so on. (lgpl, library, unclassified)YoshikuniJujo