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AFSM172.0Arrowized functional state machines (frp, library, mit)hanzhxu
Animas70.0Updated version of Yampa: a library for programming hybrid systems. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)EdwardAmsden
DefendTheKing70.0A simple RTS game (frp, game, gpl, program)YairChuchem
DysFRP50.0dysFunctional Reactive Programming (bsd3, frp, library)MarekMaterzok
DysFRP-Cairo30.0dysFunctional Reactive Programming on Cairo (bsd3, frp, library)MarekMaterzok
DysFRP-Craftwerk10.0dysFunctional Reactive Programming on Craftwerk (bsd3, frp, library)MarekMaterzok
Moe70.0A FRP library based on signal functions. (bsd3, frp, library, program)XinyuJiang
RxHaskell80.0Reactive Extensions for Haskell (frp, library, mit)JustinSpahrSummers
Updater100.0Monadic FRP library based on stm (apache, frp, library)yokto
YFrob30.0Yampa-based library for programming robots (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity, yampa)TristanSkudlik
Yampa732.5Library for programming hybrid systems. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)GeorgeGiorgidze, IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
Yampa-core70.0Library for programming hybrid systems. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)NikolayOrlyuk
artery30.0A simple, arrow-based reactive programming (bsd3, control, frp, library)FumiakiKinoshita
bearriver40.0A replacement of Yampa based on Monadic Stream Functions. (bsd3, frp, library)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
bot60.0bots for functional reactive programming (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)ConalElliott
broccoli60.0Small library for interactive functional programs. (bsd3, frp, library)evanrinehart
buster170.0Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP (bsd3, frp, library)JeffersonHeard
buster-gtk20.0Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP (bsd3, frp, library)JeffersonHeard
buster-network40.0Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP (bsd3, frp, library)JeffersonHeard
dow160.0Dungeons of Wor (bsd3, frp, game, program, reactivity)GergelyPatai
drClickOn50.0Monadic FRP (frp, library, public-domain)AtzeVanDerPloeg
dunai230.0Generalised reactive framework supporting classic, arrowized and monadic FRP. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
elerea572.0A minimalistic FRP library (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)GergelyPatai
elerea-examples260.0Example applications for Elerea (bsd3, frp, program, reactivity)GergelyPatai
euphoria80.0Dynamic network FRP with events and continuous values (benchmark, frp, library, public-domain)AkioTakano, LiyangHu, MitsutoshiAoe, asayers
glazier250.0Composable widgets framework with enhanced with transformers and lens. (bsd3, frp, gui, library)louispan
glazier-pipes200.0A threaded rendering framework using glaizer and pipes (bsd3, frp, library)louispan
grapefruit-examples230.0Examples using the Grapefruit library (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-frp170.0Functional Reactive Programming core (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-records200.0A record system for Functional Reactive Programming (bsd3, data, frp, library, reactivity)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-ui160.0Declarative user interface programming (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
grapefruit-ui-gtk210.0GTK+-based backend for declarative user interface programming (bsd3, frp, gui, library, reactivity, user-interfaces)WolfgangJeltsch
haskanoid172.25A breakout game written in Yampa using SDL (frp, game, program, reactivity)IvanPerez, keera_studios_ci
helm292.25A functionally reactive game engine. (frp, game-engine, library, mit, program)ZackCorr, kasbah
machinecell300.0Arrow based stream transducers (bsd3, control, frp, library, reactivity)HidenoriAzuma
midair60.0Hot-swappable FRP (concurrency, control, frp, gpl, interaction, library, music, reactive, reactivity, user-interfaces)TomMurphy
netwire502.5Functional reactive programming library (bsd3, frp, library)ErtugrulSoeylemez, esz
ordrea70.0Push-pull implementation of discrete-time FRP (frp, library, public-domain)AkioTakano
peakachu80.0Experiemental library for composable interactive programs (bsd3, frp, library)YairChuchem
pipes-fluid470.0Reactively combines Producers so that a value is yielded as soon as possible. (bsd3, control, frp, library, pipes)louispan
reactive450.0Push-pull functional reactive programming (frp, reactivity)ConalElliott, RussellOConnor
reactive-bacon120.0FRP (functional reactive programming) framework (bsd3, frp, library)JuhaPaananen
reactive-banana652.75Library for functional reactive programming (FRP). (bsd3, frp, library)HeinrichApfelmus, OliverCharles
reactive-banana-bunch150.0Extend reactive-banana to multiple events per time point (bsd3, frp, library)HenningThielemann
reactive-banana-sdl220.0Reactive Banana integration with SDL2 (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)cies
reactive-banana-threepenny (deprecated in favor of threepenny-gui)10.0Examples for the reactive-banana library, using threepenny-gui. (bsd3, deprecated, frp, gui, library)HeinrichApfelmus
reactive-banana-wx400.0Examples for the reactive-banana library, using wxHaskell. (bsd3, frp, gui, library)HeinrichApfelmus, OliverCharles
reactive-fieldtrip140.0Connect Reactive and FieldTrip (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)ConalElliott
reactive-glut180.0Connects Reactive and GLUT (bsd3, frp, graphics, library)ConalElliott
reactive-thread40.0Reactive programming via imperative threads (bsd3, frp, library, program)MattGlazar
reactivity100.0An alternate implementation of push-pull FRP. (frp, gpl, reactivity)JamesCandy
reenact100.0A reimplementation of the Reactive library. (bsd3, frp, library, reactivity)HansHoglund
reflex222.75Higher-order Functional Reactive Programming (benchmark, bsd3, frp, library)RyanTrinkle, abrar, sidraval
reflex-animation90.0Continuous animations support for reflex (bsd3, frp, library)saulzar
reflex-dom82.5Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, html, javascript, library, reactive, reactivity, user-interface, user-interfaces, web)RyanTrinkle, abrar, sidraval
reflex-dom-contrib92.0A playground for experimenting with infrastructure and common code for reflex applications (bsd3, frp, library)DougBeardsley
reflex-gloss-scene30.0A simple scene-graph using reflex and gloss (bsd3, frp, library, program)saulzar
reflex-jsx12.0Use jsx-like syntax in Reflex (bsd3, frp, gui, jsx, language, library, web)dackerman
reflex-orphans (deprecated in favor of reflex)32.0Useful missing instances for Reflex (bsd3, deprecated, frp, library)davean
reflex-transformers30.0Collections and switchable Monad transformers for Reflex (bsd3, frp, library)saulzar
rhine270.0Functional Reactive Programming with type-level clocks (bsd3, frp, library, program)turion
rsagl-frp20.0The RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library: Functional Reactive Programming (bsd3, frp, library)ChristopherLaneHinson
shine-varying32.0FRP interface for shine using the varying package (frp, graphics, javascript, library, mit, web)fgaz
sodium290.0Sodium Reactive Programming (FRP) System (bsd3, frp, library)StephenBlackheath
spice160.0An FRP-based game engine written in Haskell. (frp, library, mit)Crockeo
tempus10.0Interpreter for the FRP language Tempus (bsd3, compilers-interpreters, frp, language, program)MatthiasReisner
varying392.0FRP through value streams and monadic splines. (benchmark, control, frp, library, mit, program)SchellScivally
wires60.0Functional reactive programming library (bsd3, control, frp, library)esz
wxFruit60.0An implementation of Fruit using wxHaskell. (bsd3, frp, gui, library, program, reactivity)HenkJanVanTuyl, KidoTakahiro
yampa-glut50.0Connects Yampa and GLUT (frp, gpl, graphics, library)NikolayOrlyuk