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Blueprint90.0Preview of a new build system. (bsd3, distribution, library)GregoryCrosswhite
Cabal20892.5A framework for packaging Haskell software (bsd3, distribution, library)DuncanCoutts, IanLynagh, JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov, ryant
Cabal-ide-backend60.0A framework for packaging Haskell software (bsd3, distribution, library)MichaelSnoyman
archlinux (deprecated)730.0Support for working with Arch Linux packages. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library)DonaldStewart, MagnusTherning, PeterSimons
archlinux-web50.0Website maintenance for Arch Linux packages (bsd3, distribution, library, program)MagnusTherning
archnews50.0Convert Arch Linux package updates in RSS to pretty markdown (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
binembed110.0Embed data into object files. (bsd3, distribution, library, program)ClaudeHeilandAllen
binembed-example80.0Example project using binembed to embed data in object files. (bsd3, distribution, program)ClaudeHeilandAllen
cab1240.0A maintenance command of Haskell cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, library, program)KazuYamamoto
cabal-audit90.0Check how up-to-date your .cabal dependencies are. (distribution, mit, program)JoelTaylor
cabal-constraints30.0Repeatable builds for cabalized Haskell projects. (development, distribution, mit, program)BenArmston
cabal-debian2420.0Create a Debianization for a Cabal package (bsd3, debian, distribution, library, program, system)DavidFox
cabal-dependency-licenses260.0Compose a list of a project's transitive dependencies with their licenses (bsd3, distribution, program)JasperVanDerJeugt
cabal-dir180.0show dist dir of 'cabal copy/install' (bsd3, distribution, program)YoshikuniJujo
cabal-doctest19532.0A Setup.hs helper for doctests running (bsd3, distribution, library)phadej
cabal-helper2690.0Simple interface to some of Cabal's configuration state used by ghc-mod (agpl, distribution, library, program)DanielG
cabal-install8052.5The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage. (bsd3, distribution, program)AndresLoeh, DuncanCoutts, JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov, ryant
cabal-install-bundle250.0The (bundled) command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage. (bsd3, distribution, program)BartoszCwiklowski
cabal-install-ghc7270.0Temporary version of cabal-install for ghc-7.2 (bsd3, distribution, program)TonyHannan
cabal-install-ghc7430.0Temporary version of cabal-install for ghc-7.4 (bsd3, distribution, program)AndreasAbel
cabal-macosx652.0Cabal support for creating Mac OSX application bundles. (bsd3, distribution, library, program)EricKow, dfrancesconi
cabal-nirvana (deprecated)180.0Avoid Cabal dependency hell by constraining to known good versions. (deprecated) (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)MichaelSnoyman
cabal-progdeps30.0Show dependencies of program being built in current directory (bsd3, distribution, program)KevinQuick
cabal-rpm1992.0RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages (distribution, gpl, program)BryanOSullivan, JensPetersen
cabal-setup70.0The user interface for building and installing Cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, program)DuncanCoutts
cabal-sort420.0Topologically sort cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, program)HenningThielemann
cabal-src (deprecated in favor of stack)420.0Alternative install procedure to avoid the diamond dependency issue. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)MichaelSnoyman
cabal-uninstall350.0Uninstall cabal packages (bsd3, distribution, program)JanChristiansen
cabal-upload180.0Command-line tool for uploading packages to Hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)BjornBringert
cabal2arch (deprecated)1500.0Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages. (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, program)DonaldStewart, MagnusTherning, PeterSimons
cabal2doap90.0Cabal to Description-of-a-Project (DOAP) (bsd3, distribution, program)GregHeartsfield
cabal2ebuild200.0make gentoo's .ebuild file from .cabal file (bsd3, distribution, library, program)YoshikuniJujo
cabal2nix3270.0Convert Cabal files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)PeterSimons
cabalgraph100.0Generate pretty graphs of module trees from cabal files (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
cabalmdvrpm50.0Create mandriva rpm from cabal package (distribution, gpl, library, program)OlivierThauvin
cabalrpmdeps90.0Autogenerate rpm dependencies from cabal files (distribution, gpl, library, program)OlivierThauvin
cabalvchk80.0Verify installed package version against user-specified constraints. (bsd3, distribution, program)KevinQuick
cabin80.0Cabal binary sandboxes. (bsd3, distribution, program)nclarke
capri60.0A simple wrapper over cabal-install to operate in project-private mode. (bsd3, distribution, program)DmitryGolubovsky
cartel600.0Specify Cabal files in Haskell (bsd3, distribution, library, program)OmariNorman
cblrepo1520.0Tool to maintain a database of CABAL packages and their dependencies (distribution, program, utils)MagnusTherning
check-pvp72.0Check whether module and package imports conform to the PVP (bsd3, distribution, program)HenningThielemann
codec-rpm420.0A library for manipulating RPM files (distribution, lgpl, library)clumens
darcs-graph260.0Generate graphs of darcs repository activity (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart, IsaacJones
darcs-monitor340.0Darcs repository monitor (sends email) (distribution, gpl, program)AnttiJuhaniKaijanaho, MarcoSilva
darcsden230.0Darcs repository UI and hosting/collaboration app ( branch). (development, distribution, gpl, program, web)AlexSuraci, SimonMichael
darcswatch330.0Track application of Darcs patches (distribution, gpl, program)JoachimBreitner
delude140.0Generalized the Prelude more functionally. (distribution, library, mit)sgschlesinger
depends (deprecated in favor of cabal-install)80.0A simple configuration management tool for Haskell (deprecated, distribution, mit, program)SimonHengel
diffcabal90.0Diff two .cabal files syntactically (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
dist-upload180.0Generate/Upload cabal package to Hackage. (distribution, gpl, library, program)AndyStewart
distribution-nixpkgs180.0Types and functions to manipulate the Nixpkgs distribution (bsd3, distribution, library, nix)PeterSimons
dynamic-cabal370.0Access the functions from the Cabal library without depending on it (bsd3, distribution, library)BennoFuenfstueck
ekg-json5250.0JSON encoding of ekg metrics (bsd3, distribution, library)JohanTibell, MikhailGlushenkov
executor700.0Shell helpers (distribution, library, mit)gianlucaguarini
exherbo-cabal250.0Exheres generator for cabal packages (distribution, gpl, library, program)NikolayOrlyuk
franchise290.0A package for configuring and building Haskell software (bsd3, distribution, library)DavidRoundy
fsh-csv100.0csv parser for fsh (distribution, library, mit)iostreamer
gdo220.0recursive atomic build system (distribution, gpl, program)seppeljordan
hackage-db470.0Access Hackage's package database via Data.Map (bsd3, distribution, library, program)PeterSimons
hackage-diff72.0Compare the public API of different versions of a Hackage library (distribution, mit, program)blitzcode
hackage-mirror70.0Simple mirroring utility for Hackage (distribution, library, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman, dysinger
hackage-plot80.0Generate cumulative graphs of hackage uploads (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
hackage-processing80.0Process 00-index.tar.gz from Hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)HenningThielemann
hackage-repo-tool182.0Utility to manage secure file-based package repositories (bsd3, distribution, program)DuncanCoutts, EdskoDeVries
hackage-security5490.0Hackage security library (bsd3, distribution, library)DuncanCoutts, EdskoDeVries, HerbertValerioRiedel
hackage-security-HTTP260.0Hackage security bindings against the HTTP library (bsd3, distribution, library)DuncanCoutts, EdskoDeVries
hackage-server72.0The Hackage web server (bsd3, distribution)DuncanCoutts
hackage-sparks230.0Generate sparkline graphs of hackage statistics (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
hackage-whatsnew70.0Check for differences between working directory and hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)JeremyShaw
hackage2hwn350.0Convert Hackage RSS feeds to wiki format for publishing on (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
hackage2twitter40.0Send new Hackage releases to Twitter (bsd3, distribution, program, web)TomLokhorst
hackport1220.0Hackage and Portage integration tool (distribution, gpl, program)LennartKolmodin, SergeiTrofimovich
haddocset350.0Generate docset of Dash by Haddock haskell documentation tool (bsd3, distribution, program)HirotomoMoriwaki
haskell-packages650.0Haskell suite library for package management and integration with Cabal (distribution, library, mit)AdamBergmark, DavidHimmelstrup, RomanCheplyaka, PhilippSchuster, niteria
haskell-platform-test40.0A test system for the Haskell Platform environment (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
haskell-updater950.0Rebuild Haskell dependencies in Gentoo (distribution, gpl, program)AlexanderVershilov, IvanMiljenovic, SergeiTrofimovich
hellage80.0Distributed hackage mirror (bsd3, distribution, network, program)JaroslavGridin
hi220.0Generate scaffold for cabal project (bsd3, distribution, library, program)DaisukeFujimura
highlight-versions180.0Highlight package versions which differ from the latest version on Hackage (bsd3, distribution, program)BrentYorgey
hmk250.0A make alternative based on Plan9's mk. (control, development, distribution, gpl, library, program)MathieuBoespflug
hslackbuilder60.0HSlackBuilder automatically generates slackBuild scripts from a cabal package (bsd3, distribution, program)AndreaRossato
hub90.0For multiplexing GHC installations and providing development sandboxes (bsd3, development, distribution, program)ChrisDornan
hup40.0Upload packages or documentation to a hackage server (bsd2, distribution, documentation, library, program, web)phlummox
jailbreak-cabal4710.0Strip version restrictions from build dependencies in Cabal files. (bsd3, distribution, program)PeterSimons
kif-parser10.0Process KIF iOS test logs (bsd3, distribution, program)JanChristiansen
language-nix90.0Data types and useful functions to represent and manipulate the Nix language. (bsd3, distribution, language, library, nix)PeterSimons
licensor100.0A license compatibility helper (distribution, library, mit, program)jpvillaisaza
lscabal60.0List exported modules from a set of .cabal files (bsd3, distribution, program)DonaldStewart
mega-sdist240.0Handles uploading to Hackage from mega repos (distribution, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman
mkbndl40.0Makes an OS X .app bundle from a binary. (distribution, gpl, program)ThomasDavie
mkcabal170.0Generate cabal files for a Haskell project (distribution, gpl, program)DonaldStewart
nix-paths50.0Knowledge of Nix's installation directories. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix)PeterSimons
nixos-types (deprecated in favor of language-nix)90.0this package is obsolete; see cabal2nix instead (bsd3, deprecated, distribution, library)PeterSimons
packdeps340.0Check your cabal packages for lagging dependencies. (bsd3, distribution, library, program)MichaelSnoyman
packunused220.0Tool for detecting redundant Cabal package dependencies (bsd3, distribution, program)HerbertValerioRiedel
populate-setup-exe-cache40.0Empty Cabal package (distribution, library, mit)mietek
precis60.0Diff Cabal packages. (distribution, library, program)StephenTetley
redo30.0software build system, make replacement, implementation of djb's redo (distribution, program, public-domain)ChrisForno
rts-loader (deprecated)60.0Dynamically load Haskell libraries (deprecated, distribution, gpl, library, program)DanielG
salve1002.0Semantic version numbers and constraints. (distribution, library, mit)fozworth
stack2nix110.0Convert stack.yaml files into Nix build instructions. (distribution, library, mit, nix, program)jmitchell_iohk
stackage-build-plan (deprecated in favor of stackage-curator)40.0Calculate and print (in different formats) Stackage build plans (deprecated, distribution, library, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman
stackage-curator670.0Tools for curating Stackage bundles (distribution, library, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman
stackage-install90.0Secure download of packages for cabal-install (distribution, library, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman
stackage-metadata40.0Grab current metadata for all packages (distribution, library, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman
stackage-query61.75Stackage package query (distribution, mit, program)JensPetersen
stackage-update120.0Update your package index incrementally (requires git) (distribution, library, mit, program)ChrisDone, MichaelSnoyman
stackage-upload (deprecated in favor of stack)80.0A more secure version of cabal upload which uses HTTPS (deprecated, distribution, library, mit, program)MichaelSnoyman, lehins
stackage2nix130.0Convert Stack files into Nix build instructions. (bsd3, distribution, library, nix, program)typeable, dbushev
standalone-haddock130.0Generate standalone haddock documentation for a set of packages (distribution, mit, program)KarlVoelker, RomanCheplyaka
superdoc190.0Additional documentation markup and Unicode support (bsd3, distribution, library, program)PeterSelinger
yackage440.0Personal Hackage replacement for testing new packages. (bsd3, distribution, program, web, yesod)MichaelSnoyman
zoom40.0A rake/thor-like task runner written in Haskell (bsd3, distribution, library, program)IanDuncan